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Listen to Bette Midler sing TLC's 'Waterfalls'

If you have ever longed to hear Bette Midler sing TLC (and if you haven’t, you should), now is your chance. For her new album, It’s The Girls, Midler sings TLC’s “Waterfalls,” slowing it down, honing in on the sadness of the song. And no, alas, she doesn’t do the Left Eye rap.

Bob Seger, Ne-Yo, Bette Midler honored by Songwriters Hall of Fame

Stevie Nicks prefers writing a song over meeting a handsome prince. Ne-Yo claimed songwriting saved his life. And Bob Seger said writing a song is the hardest, yet most rewarding thing that he does. Converging opinions thrived at the 43rd annual Songwriters Hall of Fame Induction ceremony in New York where Seger, along with Canadian folk rocker Gordon Lightfoot, “Gambler” songwriter Don Schlitz, and Jim Steinman of “Bat Out of Hell” fame became the latest members of the prestigious club. The writers of the long-running musical, The Fantastick’s were also inducted.

Seger opened the show with a spirited version of his 1973 classic, “Turn the Page.” He was then inducted by Valerie Simpson who performed “We’ve Got Tonight” in his honor. On the red carpet before the performance, Simpson said that steamy track has a very special power. “It’s one of the sexiest songs I know, it put more people in bed than I can imagine,” Simpson said. READ FULL STORY

Lady Gaga and Bette Midler's mermaid-wheelchair beef: Over before it began?

Lady Gaga has had some well-documented ups and downs since the release of Born This Way, and for every victory (one million sold!) there seems to be a half dozen slights (Rihanna is now more popular than Gaga on Facebook).

Gaga’s latest opponent? None other than Bette Midler, who saw her Ladyship take the stage in Australia in a wheelchair while dressed like a mermaid and thought it looked awfully familiar.

It turns out Midler crafted just such a character way back in the ’80s, and she named her Delores DeLago (who sounds less like a handicapped fish-woman and more like a broadly drawn John Leguizamo character, but we’ll let that slide for now).

To drive her point home, Midler took to Twitter to let Ms. Gaga know that she felt slighted: READ FULL STORY

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