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You can (and should) stream the platinum edition of 'Beyonce' on Spotify

From the surprise release of her self-titled album just before the year started through her On the Run Tour to the various zeitgeist-shattering videos, remixes, and awards show ceremonies (not to mention a notorious example of shit going down in an elevator), pantsless superhero Beyonce has had 2014 steady on lock. Just to make sure we somehow don’t forget about her and her flawless (pretty much) album between now and Dec. 31, she’s about to release a “platinum edition” of it that includes a couple new tracks and a few remixes, plus a DVD, photo books, and a 2015 calendar (because she apparently plans on owning 2015 as well). It doesn’t come out until next Monday, but the new tracks–including the Nicki Minaj-enhanced “Flawless” remix and a “Drunk in Love” remix with Kanye–are already on Spotify. Get to streaming.


Watch Beyonce's no-frills, no-pants video for '7/11'


In case you somehow didn’t hear, Beyonce, the woman who managed to keep an entire album and its 17 videos under lock and key last year, had two songs—”7/11″ and “Ring Off”—leak in one week. But instead of throwing a fit, she’s handed us a video for “7/11″ early. It’s not exactly the glossy, Beyonce-esque production we’ve come to expect, but it’s just as fun to watch.


Beyonce's new songs '7/11' and 'Ring Off' arrive

It was a little disappointing to learn that the deluxe edition of Beyoncé’s self-titled album would only feature two new songs, but now those songs are here.  READ FULL STORY

Could you win this Beyonce 'Jeopardy!' category?

Tuesday’s Jeopardy! categories included U.S. city nicknames, literary awards, weights & measures, and… Beyoncé.

The questions aren’t too tougheven a casual Bey fan could probably get all the answers correct — but it’s entertaining watching the evening’s players very seriously answer questions like, “In an SNL skit, Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg, in leotards and heels, replaced Bey’s female dancers in this video.” (What is “Single Ladies”?) READ FULL STORY

That 'leaked' Beyonce track list was fake

Beyoncé fans momentarily freaked this weekend when a document containing details about a new Beyoncé album began circulating online. It seemed fake, and as it turns out, it was.

The document in question was a piece of paper that included a track listing and release dates for both Beyonce— Self Titled—Volume 2 and Beyonce—The Complete Edition. But, alas, it didn’t actually come from Beyoncé’s team. “It’s completely made up,” Lee Anne Callahan-Longo, the general manager of Beyoncé’s Parkwood Entertainment, told Billboard. READ FULL STORY

Beyonce to release 'platinum edition' of self-titled album

This morning Columbia Records announced that Beyoncé does have something in the works, but it’s not exactly what a mysterious document circulated around the internet had foretoldREAD FULL STORY

Beyonce could have another surprise album in the works

Beyoncé might have another surprise album coming out — but if so, it’s not so much of a surprise anymore.

Somewhere out there, there’s a document with Columbia (Beyoncé’s label) and Parkwood Entertainment (Beyoncé’s management company) logos at the top. The document includes the words “Release Confirmation” and, more importantly, “BEYONCE – Self Titled – Volume 2.” Then there are release dates, one for iTunes (Nov. 14) and one for physical copies (Nov. 25). This document definitely exists, confirmed by the photo of it floating around on the internet. But whether this document is a fraud or not remains a mystery. READ FULL STORY

Here's what happens when Taylor Swift's 'Out of the Woods' meets Beyonce's 'XO'

Beyoncé and Taylor Swift are likely the world’s two most zeitgeist-y and powerful pop stars right now. So, naturally, someone saw an opportunity. READ FULL STORY

Meghan Trainor talks 'All About That Bass' (and all about Beyonce, Swift, and Bieber)

By now you probably know that Meghan Trainor is “All About That Bass.” The irresistible hit single, a body-positive polemic dolled up in a poodle skirt, has turned the Nashville wannabe into a pop star in four months flat: It’s notched more than 120 million views on YouTube, and has spent five weeks and counting perched atop the Billboard Hot 100. Not bad for a 20-year-old from Nantucket, Mass., who moved south to write songs. “I don’t feel like a famous pop star yet,” she tells EW. “I still get super nervous. I’m like, ‘Fake it till you make it!’ Or ‘Pretend you’re Beyoncé right now!’ That almost works.”

If she keeps this up, it won’t be long before up-and-comers are pretending they’re Meghan Trainor. But until then, the singer has a simple request: Can she please get paid now?

EW: “All About That Bass” is No. 1 in 25 countries. Have you splurged on anything yet?
MEGHAN TRAINOR: I mean, you don’t see money at first. I’m like, “Where the money is?” I still have the same exact bank account.

How did the line “I’m all about that bass, no treble” originally come about?
[Producer Kevin Kadish] had written “Bass, no treble,” and I was in my phase of saying, “I’m all about that Mexican food!” [Laughs] That was my slang. So I was like, “I’m all about that bass, no treble.” He said, “I can’t figure out what to relate it with.” And I was like, “Booty!” Once we started writing it, I remember his smile when he said “skinny bitches.” That’s when we looked at each other like, “We’ll never make a dime off this, but I’m fine with that.”

You wanted to sell it to another artist?
We pitched it as songwriters, and no one wanted it. The only one who liked it, I think, was a person on Beyoncé’s team. But it couldn’t work for her, because… obvious reasons.

What do you mean?

'Billboard' Hot 100 recap: Beyonce's 'Flawless' finally hits the chart

In the nine months since Beyoncé dropped her self-titled album on an unsuspecting world, the track “Flawless” has grown from one of the more enjoyable surprises in a thoroughly surprising album–a quasi-manifesto that synthesizes diva-level self-appreciation and blunt real talk about female existence in a patriarchal world, delivered with an instantly memorable hook–into a cultural behemoth. The word “flawless” (or, better yet, “#flawless”) condenses everything that Beyoncé and her featured guest, award-winning Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, talks about in the song down into two syllables that somehow contain an entire philosophy of self-love and self-actualization. No wonder it’s been inescapable all year.

Despite the song’s popularity, Bey and her label haven’t released it as an official single. Or maybe it’s because of that popularity–when something grows so big in such an organic way, giving it a traditional professional marketing push could end up ruining a good thing. Either way, the song whose title is emblazoned on most Beyoncé merch is officially just an album cut.


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