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The Grammy Nomination Rules: An Idiot's Guide

The nominations for the 2010 Grammy awards are announced tonight and CBS is broadcasting a special noms TV special featuring performances from the Black Eyed Peas and Nick Jonas at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The Music Mix will be covering, and ruminating on, the whole shebang. But to forestall unnecessary “Why did my favorite artist not get nominated for Song of the Year/Album of the Year/Best Polka Album?”-style headscratching, we thought it would be worth reminding everyone of some important Grammy rules.

Of course, one of the reasons your favorite artist may not get nominated for Song of the Year/Album of the Year/Best Polka Album is because the 12,000 voting members of the Recording Academy do not believe said artist’s output to be up to snuff. However, it is also worth remembering that the eligibility period for the 52nd Grammy Awards—which you can watch on Sunday, January 31 from 8pm ET/PT—was between October 1, 2008 and August 31, 2009. So if you’re one of the 700,000 people who bought Susan Boyle’s CD last week and are hoping it will be nominated,  you’re going to be sorely disappointed. On the other hand, the rules state that if an individual track “first achieved prominence during the Eligibility Year,” then it can be nominated for categories like Song of the Year and Record of the Year, even if the parent album as released outside the period of eligibility.

Confused? Hopefully not. Oh, one more thing: if you do find yourself wondering why your favorite artist hasn’t been nominated for Best Polka Album, it’s because that category has been discontinued, probably due to the fact that it was always won by Jimmy Sturr (who expressed his displeasure about that state of affairs to the Music Mix earlier this year).

Will you be watching the Grammy nominations show tonight? Who would you like to see get nominated?

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Michael Buble tops the albums chart again; 'New Moon' soundtrack sees strong early sales

Is there any pop-culture entity that’s hotter right now than The Twilight Saga: New Moon? Ladies and gents, there is, and his name is Michael Bublé. The Canadian crooner topped the Billboard 200 albums chart last week with just three days’ sales. This week Bublé has done it again, extending his stay at No. 1 after shifting another 203,000 units in his first full week on shelves, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

That means a No. 2 finish for the New Moon soundtrack, which bows with 115,000 copies sold. But wait! To be fair, the soundtrack was was only on sale for three days of last week after its rush release. Selling 115,000 copies in that compressed period is actually pretty impressive — slightly less than the first Twilight soundtrack sold in its entire first week last year. I hope this heralds many more thousands of teen vampire fanatics who will be listening to Grizzly Bear and St. Vincent by Halloween. (Even so, Bublé sold 17,000 more copies than New Moon in his three-day frame the previous week. Just saying.)


Jay Sean's 'Down' dethrones the Black Eyed Peas at last on the singles chart

And they said it couldn’t be done! The Black Eyed Peas’ record-breaking 26-week consecutive stay at the top of Billboard‘s Hot 100 singles chart — first with “Boom Boom Pow,” then with “I Gotta Feeling” — has come to an end at last. Say hello to the new No. 1 song in the country: Jay Sean’s “Down.”

The British singer‘s dance-pop single, which features a guest shot from his Cash Money labelmate Lil Wayne, has been climbing the charts since this summer, but I never expected it could pull this off. Hey, after the year they’ve had, I’m not sure I expected anyone to dethrone the Peas, ever.

Did you? What do you think of “Down,” anyway? Would you say it deserves to replace “Boom Boom Pow”/”I Gotta Feeling” as the biggest Auto-Tune jam of the moment? Check out Jay Sean’s smash after the jump to refresh your memory, then let us know.


Black Eyed Peas: Watch your back, Mariah

Another day, another Billboard record smooshed by the Black Eyed Peas. This week, the BEPs’ “I Gotta Feeling” has matched Mariah Carey’s  “We Belong Together” for longest No. 1 stay this decade (Mimi’s 2005 smash spent 14 non-consecutive weeks on the charts).

If you’re keeping track at home, that’s 26 weeks straight at No. 1 including “Boom Boom Pow”‘s 12-week run, making them the second act ever in the 51-year history of the Hot 100 to remain at No. 1 for more than six months in a one-year period.

Usher, the other member of their Very Special Persons’ Club, achieved his record in a more diffuse, if not equally impressive way, spending 28 non-consecutive weeks at No. 1 in 2004 with four songs (“Yeah!,” “Burn,” “Confessions Part II,” and the Alicia Keys duet “My Boo”).

If they do break the record next week — which looks likely — 2009 will officially be the Year of the Pea. And this is, of course, only the second track to be released from their June album, The E.N.D. Which song would you choose for the next single: “Meet Me Halfway”? “Imma Be”?

Or do you wish that all this too, would Boom Boom Pass?

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Black Eyed Peas: biggest pop artists ever?

According to a press release today, the Black Eyed Peas are on the cusp of breaking the all-time record for the longest successive stay at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Thanks to the overlapping runs of  “Boom Boom Pow” (12 weeks at no. 1) and “I’ve Gotta Feeling,” (still holding the spot at seven weeks) they’ve already matched Usher’s record of 19 weeks (he did it with “Yeah” and “Burn”), and bypassed the 17-week record Boyz II Men have held since 1994 (it is hard to say goodbye to yesterday, isn’t it, Boyz?).

There are, of course, a thousand ways to slice the Billboard pie — most number-one albums, most number-one songs, longest chart runs, cumulative weeks on the Hot 100, etc. — but either way you cut it, the Peas can now claim a big ole piece.

Do you think they’ve earned the superlative, Music Mixers? Where do they stand for you amidst contemporary Hot 100 hoggers like Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift — and among classic chart busters like (sacrilege? Perhaps! But we have to ask) the Beatles, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mariah, and Madonna?

Will history judge them they same way it does now-defunct multi-platinum acts like the Boyz, the Carpenters and the Bee Gees? Tell us below.

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Black Eyed Peas top the albums chart despite big Michael Jackson sales

Album-charts_l When news of Michael Jackson's untimely passing broke late last week, many fans' reaction — after the initial shock and sadness — was to celebrate the man by purchasing or re-purchasing some of his music. I personally stopped by not one but two brick-and-mortar CD retailers to fill some gaps in my MJ collection recently, only to find that each location was completely or nearly sold out.

Yet you'd have no idea of this mini-sales boom if you only looked at the new Billboard 200 albums chart. The Black Eyed Peas return to the top spot there after selling an okay-not-great 88,000 copies of The E.N.D. in its third week, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Three Michael Jackson sets actually did substantially better business than the Peas this past week: Number Ones moved 108,000 units, The Essential Michael Jackson notched 102,000, and Thriller scored 101,000. But due to Billboard rules barring old albums from the main sales chart, what would have been this week's No. 1-3 by a healthy margin ended up getting relegated to the TopPop Catalog Albums chart instead — hence the Peas' misleading victory.

This is the first time that any catalog album (let alone three) has sold more than the Billboard 200's No. 1 in a given week. Chalk it up as one final chart record for a man who broke plenty of 'em over the decades. Jackson's overall sales this week totaled a whopping 415,000 copies, which is over 40 times the amount his catalog sold the previous week: Not a bad testament to how much he meant to so many.

What do you think of those numbers? And did you buy any of Michael Jackson's albums this week?

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Black Eyed Peas take the No.1 album spot

BEP_dl The E.N.D. is nigh! No, don't start stocking up on canned goods and drinking water. We just mean that the Black Eyed Peas are occupying pole position on the Billboard 200 albums chart with their CD of that name, thanks to first week sales of 304,000.

Amazingly, this is Fergie and crew's first No.1 collection. Their last album, 2005's Monkey Business, was held off the top spot by Coldplay's X&Y. In other chart news, Aventura's CD Last debuted at No. 5, while Mos Def's latest collection, The Ecstatic, hit No.9.

Pleasure P rounded out the Top Ten with The Introduction of Marcus Cooper. It was also a good week for Sammy Hagar's supergroup Chickenfoot, whose eponymous album is at No. 4.

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Black Eyed Peas, "I Gotta Feeling": Does it have that boom boom pow?

BEP_dl By now, if you have not been inundated by the robot-thunder thump of "Boom Boom Pow" a good 9048567 or so times, you are probably still in the dark about Susan Boyle, and also wondering who this mysterious Oprah person is that people are always talking about.

Which is to say, the single has been inescapable lo these many months (in fact, the Black Eyed Peas' biggest hit to date), and the only possible way to remove it from the airwaves would seem to be a physical restraining order by the FCC — or another single from the BEPs: Hence, the official video for followup "I Gotta Feeling." Tell us, Mixers, does it "Boom"'s boom? Or is it a bust?

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What are your picks for the song of the summer? We've got a few ideas...

Katyperrykidcupi_lThink lazy, heat-rippled days at the beach; bright sticky popsicles melting in sugar-stained fists; the unmistakable smell of charcoal burning on the grill… ’tis the season, Music Mixers, and that can only mean one thing: Summer singles. Whether they’ll be bumping from passing car windows, strobe-lit clubs, or the house party down the block, the following tracks seem destined to to own the sunniest months of 2009.

Black Eyed Peas: "I Got a Feeling"
This Euro-style electro banger promises even bolder body-moving than lead single ”Boom Boom Pow,” already a No. 1 smash. (Note: you’ll have to wait until their new album, The E.N.D., hits stores June 9.)

Katy Perry: "Waking Up in Vegas"
What happens in Vegas… apparently stays on the pop charts. The ”I Kissed a Girl” singer’s glitter-bombs-and-guitars ode to Sin City hedonism is her fourth single from 2008’s multiplatinum One of the Boys, and already climbing the top-40 charts.

Lil Wayne Feat. Kevin Rudolf: "In Your Face"
Wayne forsakes his misguided sidetrack into singing on his latest track, spitting clever rhymes alongside a preening hair-metal hook from Rudolf. (His new album, Rebirth, hit stores June 23.)

Kid Cudi: "Day ‘N’ Nite"
It’s been floating around the blogosphere for nearly a year and a half, but the Ohio-born MC’s hypnotic insomniac’s tale is finally, deservedly, finding mainstream success.

3OH!3: ”Don’t Trust Me”
Another grassroots grower, this Colorado joke-hop duo’s gleefully misogynistic anthem tempers cringe-y couplets (”Don’t trust a ho/Never trust a ho”) with a soaring ”woo woo” chorus.

Kristinia DeBarge: "Goodbye"
Dad James danced to the beat of the rhythm of the night as a member of ’80s R&B family DeBarge, but 19-year-old Kristinia reaches further back — to sports-stadium staple ”Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” — in her stomping pop smooch-off.

The Gossip: "Heavy Cross"
Überproducer Rick Rubin helms the triumphant return of Portland’s cultishly adored blues-punk trio; a thumping ”Edge of Seventeen” bass line explodes into a fierce dancefloor banger.

Shinedown: "Second Chance"
Every summer needs its shamelessly histrionic, big-blast-chorus crossover from the modern-rock charts; Shinedown win this year’s (booby?) prize.

Phoenix: "1901"
Ultrasmooth Parisian pop-disco — le synth, c’est chic! — that in a perfect alternate universe would share the airwaves with the likes of Flo Rida, Wayne, et al.

Lady GaGa: "LoveGame"
She commanded us to ”Just Dance,” then showed her ”Poker Face.” Now the outré club diva aims for a third No. 1 with her selfless offer to ”take a ride on your disco stick.” Will you let her?

Listen to each song after the jump and hit up the comments: What will be the breakout tune of summer ’09?


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