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Oscars won't invite Best Song nominees to perform: Will you miss them?

Oscar producers announced this week that none of the Best Original Song nominees will be invited to perform at the Mar. 7 Academy Awards. Given that we recently dubbed this year’s crop of music-Oscar contenders the “worst nominations ever,” I suppose it would be hypocritical to get too upset at this news. Will anyone really miss seeing Nine‘s “Take It All” or Paris 36‘s “Loin de Paname” performed live? It would have been nice to see Crazy Heart‘s “The Weary Kind,” maybe, but that’s about it.

Still, Best Original Song performances have yielded some very worthy Oscar moments in years past. I’m thinking of the late, great Elliott Smith’s shy “Miss Misery” in 1998 (below), or Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová’s awwww-inspiring “Falling Slowly” ten years later, or Bruce Springsteen’s moving (and excellently goateed) “Streets of Philadelphia” in 1994. Even if I won’t miss this year’s nominees, I certainly hope this isn’t a permanent decision to exclude music performances from future award ceremonies.

What do you think of this move? Were you looking forward to seeing any of this year’s Best Original Songs performed? What are some of your favorite Oscar music moments from the past?

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Bruce Springsteen and Elvis Costello on Bob Dylan: Exclusive 'Spectacle' clip

Last September, I was among the lucky few crowded into Harlem’s historic Apollo Theater for a taping of Elvis Costello’s Sundance Channel music/talk show, Spectacle. His guest that night was Bruce Springsteen. Elvis and the Boss proceeded to trade stories, joke around, and perform for nearly four hours, all told — enough to make two episodes of Spectacle where they’d only planned on recording one.

Part 1 of Springsteen’s Spectacle visit aired on the Sundance Channel last week. Part 2 is on tonight at 10 P.M., and we’ve got an exclusive clip from tonight’s episode right here on the Music Mix. As you’ll see, it’s a conversation between Springsteen and Costello on topics including the influence of Bob Dylan on both of their work. “He’s the father of the country that I recognize,” Springsteen says. “He’s the father of my country.” Albums like Highway 61 Revisited, he adds, “opened up your vision in a way that, for me at the time, school didn’t do.”

Check out the clip below. I’m not sure anything tonight can top the solo acoustic performance of “American Skin (41 Shots)” that Springsteen gave on last week’s episode — that was surely one of the most moving musical performances I’ve ever witnessed — but I’ll be tuning in at 10 anyway. How about you?

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Little Steven defends his 'coolest garage rock of the last decade' picks. 'Bruce Springsteen? Call it employment insurance'

Steven Van Zandt recently counted down what he believes to be the coolest garage rock songs and albums of the decade on his Undergound Garage radio show. There’s a lot of great music on both lists. But there’s also some eyebrow-raising choices. For example, several of the acts Little Steven recommends are on the guitarist’s own Wicked Cool label. It also transpires that Steven is a huuuuuge fan of the CD Magic by Bruce Springsteen, who really is Van Zandt’s “Boss” when he’s playing with the E Street Band. We asked Van Zandt to defend five of his more “interesting” picks.

And he agreed!

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band: Magic
Van Zandt-featuring 2007 collection, widely regarded as being inferior to 2002’s The Rising
“Call it employment insurance [laughs]. I do have to occasionally see the man, you know! Obviously I can’t be too objective about it. But I honestly believe that was a terrific album. I think it’s a great statement that at this stage of his career my friend is continuing to write songs that are vital and serious. I looked at the three records we did in the last ten years (The Rising, Magic and last year’s Working on a Dream) and that one had the most resonance for me. It just seemed to be the one that was the most consistent. But it was a close call. It could have been any three of them. They’re all quite good, I think!”


Elvis Costello to spin a Bruce Springsteen set on Sirius XM Radio: We've got his playlist

Elvis Costello will take over Sirius XM’s all-Springsteen, all-the-time E Street Radio station next Friday to spin a few of his favorite Boss-related tunes. A rep for the satellite radio service has provided the Music Mix with a list of the songs the seasoned singer-songwriter chose, and it’s a nice little selection. Check it out after the jump: You’ve got a few early-to-mid-era Springsteen classics; Costello covering Springsteen’s “Brilliant Disguise” (hear it below); a song from Springsteen spouse and backup singer Patti Scialfa‘s most recent solo album; and a live cover of Jackie Wilson’s “(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher” from the E Street Band’s Nov. 7 concert in NYC, where they were joined on stage by Costello.

The guest DJ set will air at 4 P.M. EST on Sirius XM’s E Street Radio next Friday, Dec. 11. If that’s not enough crossover for you, start getting excited for Springsteen’s upcoming appearances on Costello’s Sundance Channel interview/performance series Spectacle, airing Jan. 20 and 27. I attended the taping of those shows earlier this fall, and fans of either artist are in for a special treat — more on that soon. Will you be tuning in to either or both?


HBO airs Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concerts: Your favorite moments?

Yesterday evening at 8 P.M. Eastern, HBO began airing the two-night all-star concert that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame put on in NYC a few weeks back. To give you a sense of the material they were working with here, if the network had shown the entirety of both October dates, that broadcast would have just finally wrapped up around six this morning. Instead, HBO selected a representative sampling of the concerts’ most awesome moments — which, given the lengthy and generally unbelievable nature of the original set lists, added up to a four-hour extravaganza anyway.


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th anniversary concert: Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Simon and Garfunkel, Crosby, Stills and Nash and so many more

The listed headliners alone were enough to justify outrageous ticket prices for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s first 25th anniversary concert at NYC’s Madison Square Garden last night: Crosby, Stills & Nash, Simon & Garfunkel, Paul Simon solo, Stevie Wonder, and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band can all fill arenas by themselves. Yet they weren’t even half the talent in the room. As each of those top-billed acts brought out one legendary friend or forebear after another to jam on stage, a truly epic event took form. (Check out a full set list after the jump.) By the end of the night — which was actually 1:30 this morning — the performers had succeeded at a goal that the Hall of Fame itself only sometimes reaches: They had presented a convincing rock canon, a rich history that’s still living and breathing in the present tense.


'Glee' wants Bruce Springsteen: Which Boss tunes should they cover?

If you’ve read the Glee cover story in the latest issue of EW, you know there’s one artist above all whose music the Fox series’ brain trust is aching to take on: Bruce Springsteen. “I think Bruce is our next holy grail,” Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy told EW. “My musical tastes begin and end with him basically,” added co-creator Brad Falchuk.

This is all strictly hypothetical for now. Springsteen’s camp had no comment when asked if he’d be interested in licensing his music to Glee. But hey, that’s no reason not to get some early speculation going — because this is an awesome idea.

Okay, sure, so Springsteen doesn’t make quite the same kind of campy pop-rock showstoppers as previous Glee inspirations like Journey or Queen. So what? Anyone who’s seen Springsteen in concert knows how great his tunes sound when they’re being belted out to the farthest row. Just imagine the Glee kids going to town on “Born to Run” or “Rosalita” or (wild-card choice here) “Murder Incorporated.” I could even see a slower number like “4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)” or “I’m on Fire” getting the Glee treatment. And that’s not even counting Springsteen’s actual singalong-ready pop hits like “Dancing in the Dark” and “Hungry Heart.”

What do you say? How cool would it be to see the Glee cast cover Springsteen? Which of his songs would you like them to tackle? Make your suggestions below — who knows, Fox and/or the Boss himself might be reading…

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Photo credit: Glee: Fox

Coming soon to 'Glee': Van Halen, John Lennon, and more!

Glee-cast-dumpster_dlWhile we won’t be seeing a new Glee episode until Nov. 11 due to Fox’s coverage of the World Series, we have a peek at some of the cover tunes you’ll be hearing in upcoming episodes. The Nov. 11 episode “Wheels” features a soaring “diva-off” between Rachel (Lea Michele) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) over Wicked‘s “Defying Gravity”—be prepared to get misty. Also, Artie (Kevin McHale) and the club do a wheelchair number set to Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary.” In the coming weeks, look for group versions of Van Halen’s “Jump” and John Lennon’s “Imagine,” which the glee club performs with a rival deaf choir. Says co-creator Ryan Murphy, “Everyone who sees it sheds a tear.” Also, Finn (Cory Monteith) does Paul Anka’s “You’re Having My Baby” and Rachel will tackle the Barbara Streisand/Funny Girl classic “Don’t Rain on My Parade”. “It was my dream and I could not believe that I got to do that song,” says Michele.

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Bruce Springsteen's Hall of Fame performance still on after tragedy causes Kansas City cancellation

The Music Mix has learned that Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will perform as planned at the first of two Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary concerts in NYC this Thursday.

The band cancelled its Kansas City tour stop last night on short notice due to a death in the family. Later reports explained that Lenny Sullivan, Springsteen’s cousin and an assistant road manager for the band, had died unexpectedly at age 34 before the show. News of this sad loss traveled quickly through the Springsteen fan community; we at the Music Mix join in sending our most heartfelt condolences to the Boss.

Many wondered last night whether or not the band would play their next scheduled date, the Hall of Fame show. A spokesperson for the concerts tells the Music Mix that Springsteen and the E Street Band are, indeed, still set to perform. Surely no one would have blamed them if they’d wanted to take another night off, but it’s good to know they’re able to go on in the face of tragedy.

Were you planning to attend the Kansas City show, or will you be there at the Hall of Fame performance? Share your thoughts below.

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Photo credit: Brian Hineline/Retna

Bruce Springsteen debuts new song, 'Wrecking Ball,' at Giants Stadium

There’s a certain magic in the night whenever Bruce Springsteen plays in his home state of New Jersey, but his concert with the E Street Band yesterday was bound to be extra special. The first of five Giants Stadium dates they booked for this week and the next — the final performances by anyone at the soon-to-be-demolished arena — would include a run through the entirety of 1975’s masterful Born to Run, as we learned earlier this week.

That’s not the only treat Springsteen gave me and tens of thousands of other fans last night (pictured), though. He opened the show with a brand-new song, “Wrecking Ball,” penned in tribute to Giants Stadium. “I was raised out of steel here in the swamps of Jersey, some misty years ago,” he began, eliciting loud cheers while strumming an electric guitar alone. As he reached the chorus, Springsteen seemed to be taunting the eroding force of time itself: “Bring on your wrecking ball/Come on, take your best shot/Let me see what you got/Bring on your wrecking ball.” (And was he really just talking about the stadium, or did I detect a more personal note of 60-year-old rock’n’roll defiance in there too?) When the full band kicked in a few moments later, Giants Stadium went wild for one of the last times ever. It was an inspiring start to another of the marathon three-hour shows Springsteen still manages to put on night after night.

The Boss’ camp tells me they have no information on whether “Wrecking Ball” will see a proper release, but it’s a pretty great song regardless. Check out‘s high-quality clip of the first part of “Wrecking Ball” after the jump (h/t), followed by grainy fan footage of the full song. Then speak up: Were you at Springsteen’s show last night, or are you heading to any of his other Giants Stadium dates? What do you think of “Wrecking Ball”?


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