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Icona Pop announce fall album date, release new single 'All Night'


The Swedish electro-pop breakout Icona Pop has had a good run in the States despite the fact that they never released an album here. But hey, who needs something as old-fashioned as an LP when you’ve got Robin Thicke give your songs sexy makeovers?

Well, apparently Icona Pop still do: the duo has announced a date for their first U.S. album. Titled This Is…, the group’s American debut will hit streets Sept. 24. And as a preview, they’ve already released the album’s cover art (above) and a Soundcloud of their next Stateside single “All Night,” which you can hear below:


An acoustic summer jam by... the Backstreet Boys? Hear it here first!


“Trust Me” has a laid-back vibe that feels very Jack Johnson. Its gentle guitar brings Jason Mraz to mind. Sultry lyrics like “Oh love/You and me/Underneath the willow tree/Kissin’, lovin’/Makin’ sweet sexy babies” sound like they could be a PG-13 version of Robin Thicke.

But listen closer to the distinctive voices crooning each verse — not to mention the occasional tight harmony — and you’ll realize that this sweet, acoustic earworm actually comes from the last source you’d expect: the Backstreet Boys, all grown up and unplugged.

“Trust Me” is a new song off their upcoming album, In a World Like This. Get an exclusive preview below — for maximum effect, listen while swinging in a hammock and sipping something cold.


Zendaya's 'Replay' turns the heat back up on Song of the Summer race

When you’re making a bid for song of the summer this deep into the season, you can’t afford to be coy.

With the release of “Replay” earlier this week, Zendaya—a 16-year-old who has worked in the trenches at the Disney Channel and Dancing With the Stars, where she finished second this past season—has created a seamlessly self-promoting ode to putting a good song on repeat: She kicks the chorus off by singing, “I wanna put this song on replay/I can listen to it all day.”

But because every song that’s about a song is actually about infatuation, she has to  tweak the lyrical conceit, making it, “I can listen to you all day…I’m so lost in your sound.” And it only works, of course, because the (non-metaphorical sound) of the song is so great, with breathy vocals and a slow-bubbling groove building to a chorus you only need to hear shouted once to make it seem like you’ve known it forever.

If something else seems vaguely familiar about Zendaya, it may be that she’s the second contestant to emerge in the Song of the Summer races, apparently fully-formed, from teen-TV land. Ariana Grande, the Nickelodeon star who just turned 20 last month, broke into the top 10 with “The Way,” a flirty single that borrows a hook from Big Pun’s “Still Not a Player” and features a verse from Mac Miller.

If Grande—a talented singer with Broadway credits—is filling in on the charts for Mariah Carey (whose sound hers has been compared to endlessly), then Zendaya’s holding edgy R&B down for Rihanna. And yes, Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus should probably watch their backs.

More importantly, though, a hit-about-a-hit-about-a-boy by a fresh face with a fondness for adventurous beats is exactly the shot in the arm summer music needs. It’s garnered the requisite nearly-million YouTube views in its first few days of release. Watch it here: READ FULL STORY

Justin Timberlake will 'Take Back the Night' with upcoming single -- VIDEO

Pop quiz time! “Take Back the Night” is:

a) an internationally held event that aims to help end sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and sexual abuse

b) the name of the foundation that oversees Take Back the Night events

c) the name, apparently, of a Justin Timberlake song

d) all of the above

(Do you need me to tell you the answer?)

Colbie Caillat's new song for 'The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones' soundtrack: Hear it here -- EXCLUSIVE


Demons! Shadowhunters! Lily Collins’ eyebrows!

There’s a lot to get excited about when The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, based on the bestselling adventure-fantasy YA book series, comes to theaters August 21 — including the soundtrack, which features contributions from Zedd, Jessie J, AFI, and more (you can preorder it here).

And for you, dear mundanes, EW has an exclusive stream of one of the film’s centerpiece songs, Colbie Caillat’s haunting, atmospheric “When the Darkness Comes.” Listen to it exclusively below, and find the full tracklisting after the jump: READ FULL STORY

Regina Spektor's original theme song for the Netflix dramedy 'Orange Is the New Black' -- hear it here and see the credits sequence EXCLUSIVE

What goes best with a prison-issue jumpsuit and fifteen-month sentence for narcotics possession? A new Regina Spektor song! Of course.

That, at least, was Jenji Kohan’s idea. Kohan is the Emmy-winning creator of Weeds and the new Netflix comedy-drama Orange Is The New Black – based on the memoir of Piper Kerman, a privileged young liberal-arts undergrad who became entangled in a drug trafficking ring and nearly a decade  later, ended up serving time for her crimes.

So how did Spektor get involved? Kohan tells EW, “I listened to Regina’s albums obsessively while writing the series, so I immediately thought of her for our theme song … I had total faith in her and she nailed it.” Listen to it exclusively below, and watch the full credits sequence: READ FULL STORY

Tuesday roundup: Beck debuts single, Janelle Monae drops new video


If you haven’t noticed, it’s been a pretty good day for new music.

In addition to a new single from Robin “I Know You Want It” Thicke, a snazzy music video from Les Phoenix, and a deep dive into Ciara’s shower-dancing technique, the ‘nets have yielded two more goodies thanks to Beck and Janelle Monae.

Titled “I Won’t Be Long,” Beck’s new track is his second standalone single of the summer and, like it’s predecessor “Defriended,” has an interestingly low-key but spacey Beta Band-ish vibe,  with a dash of Spoon thrown into the mix.

Which, perhaps, is a long way of saying it’s very Beck; take a listen below:


The Pixies sweeten your Friday with new song 'Bagboy': Hear it here

Sometimes, when you don’t expect it, good things just happen without warning. One of those things happened this morning when indie-rock heroes the Pixies debuted a new song on their Facebook page.

Titled “Bagboy” and produced by Gil Norton, the band’s first new track in nine years is very much in line with the Pixies we’ve come to know and love (even if it was recorded without longtime bassist Kim Deal). If you had to place it on one of their albums, it’d probably be Doolittle or Trompe Le Monde.

Take a listen (and a look) at the song and its accompanying visual here:


Beyonce is 'Standing on the Sun' again: Hear the leaked version here


In the two months since Beyoncé debuted a chunk of her new song “Standing on the Sun” in an H&M ad, much has happened: Kanye West released an album, Jay-Z announced a new one of his own, and Kim Kardashian gave birth to two directions. One thing that didn’t happen, though? A full version of “Standing on the Sun” — until today, according to reports.

Full of tropical-island vibes and lazy-summer swagger, this newly leaked (and perhaps unofficial and unsanctioned) version of the song seems strategically timed to soundtrack that beach/lake/Ecuadorian getaway you’ve been planning for Fourth of July weekend.

But will it? Take a listen below and find out:


Daft Punk remix their summer smash 'Get Lucky' -- hear it here


Were you up all night to get lucky? Well, let’s raise the bar.

Or let Daft Punk do it for you: France’s robot-pop overlords have doubled down on Random Access Memories‘ breakout four-minute hit “Get Lucky” with a ten-minute remix, released today.

It’s not drastically different, really, but it does mean you’ll have to reach for the repeat button half as much, so less stressful finger cardio for you, friend! Listen below:


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