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Hip-hop-loving soul group the O'My's share 'Rise Up Singing (A Beautiful Thing)' -- exclusive


The O’My’s occupy an interesting place in Chicago music. They’re deep into the city’s thriving soul scene, but they’re also tightly woven into its hip-hop community, where the chilly electronics of the drill sound have started to give way to a warmer, more organic live-band approach championed by local hero Chance the Rapper, one of several MCs with whom the group has collaborated.

Last year, the O’My’s suffered a serious trauma when their tour van flipped. Fortunately, all of the members survived, and they’ve channeled the experience into their upcoming album Keeping the Faith, due out in February, which seems likely to find the group an enthusiastic audience outside of Cook county. Its lead single “Rise Up Singing (A Beautiful Thing)” reflects the group’s irrepressibly optimistic philosophy in a funky psychedelic groove reminiscent of Sly’s There’s a Riot Goin’ On. If you need a song to help ease you into listening to other music after binging on the new D’Angelo record, here it is.


Madonna bought Chance the Rapper a Razor scooter because it's 2001

Chance the Rapper and Madonna are friends, apparently—such good friends that she bought him a Razor scooter.

Chance posted a photo on his Instagram Tuesday night that featured him, Madonna, and a Razor scooter still in the box. “So grateful for this awesome present!” he wrote in the caption. “You are a true friend.” Are all true friends supposed to gift you with toys popular in 2000?

Stream Chance the Rapper tourmate Sweater Beats's fizzy 'Cloud City' EP


In the two years since his single “MLLN DLLR” put him on the map Brooklyn beat maker Antonio Cuna, a.k.a. Sweater Beats, has accumulated an enviable list of co-signs from important figures in EDM and hip-hop, the two genres that he blends in his music to giddy, effervescent effect. He’s been big-upped by Diplo, performed for Boiler Room, and toured with Chet Faker, Flume, and Chicago star-in-the-making Chance the Rapper, who he’s on the road with right now.

Next Tuesday, Oct. 28, the Huh What & Where label will release a free-to-download EP entitled Cloud City that whips together club rap, trap music, a little electropop, and a touch of ambient atmosphere into four frothy tracks that bang hard but stay airy and light. Until then, you can stream it here.


Governors Ball 2014, Day 2: Jack White, The Strokes, Sleigh Bells go big

At any weekend festival, Saturday is typically the most important day; it also tends to be the best attended. (Friday gets cut off because it’s still a work day; Sunday gets truncated because of exhaustion.)

With that many people going all-in, everything gets heightened: the weather hits harder, the choices made about who to watch and what to skip become more dramatic, and the pressure gets ratcheted up for everybody on stage, especially the closers.

Such was the case on Saturday, the second day of Governors Ball 2014, and luckily, headliner Jack White is no stranger to pressure. White has headlined many a festival before, so he’s an old hand at commanding the whims of tens of thousands at a time, and he stuck to the biggest meat-and-potatoes riffs in his catalog to keep the crowd stirred after a long day of baking in the sun.  READ FULL STORY

SXSW: Jack Antonoff, Vic Mensa shine at Woodie Awards

Since its inception, MTV’s Woodies Festival has acted as one of SXSW’s great clearinghouses of acts who are poised to break. Though the 1975, Childish Gambino, and Iggy Azalea held the headlining slots, the afternoon fest seemed built around only the second live performance for Jack Antonoff’s new band Bleachers.

The fun. guitarist’s side group dropped its first single “I Wanna Get Better” about a month ago, and it has been searching for a momentum push. Perhaps Antonoff should have chosen a better single — the borderline strident “I Wanna Get Better” appeared to be the outlier during Bleachers’ brief set, with the rest of the material made up of the sort of dark, slippery guitar pop that could score the best kind of John Hughes movie. As a band leader, Antonoff’s croon and cadence eerily match those of the Killers’ Brandon Flowers’, though considering Flowers is one of the great frontmen of this generation, that should probably be considered a compliment. Of the songs introduced, the ominous “Shadow” and the anthemic “Wild Heart” both sound like potential breakout hits, though if all else fails, they have a perfectly fine future as a Tom Petty cover band, since their run through “Don’t Come Around Here No More” was the highlight of the entire afternoon.

The other big breakout was Vic Mensa, the Chicago-based rapper who is a member of the Save Money crew alongside Chance the Rapper (among others). READ FULL STORY

Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper drop 'Confident' video

There’s nothing a woman walking around alone at night likes more than being followed intently by a strange man — Justin Bieber knows that much.

So in the new video for his Chance the Rapper collaboration “Confidence,” the not-yet-deported pop singer does just that to his video vixen, creeping up behind her as she strolls around in the darkness.

But don’t worry, they eventually make it to some weird underground Fast and Furious party and end up sharing a kiss, so it worked! Watch the new “Confidence” video below:


Justin Bieber announces compilation album, drops Chance the Rapper collab

So this is what everything was leading up to: Justin Bieber has announced that he’ll be releasing a new compilation album that’ll include all the releases from his weekly #MusicMondays series, as well as five brand new tracks.

Titled Journals, the collection will be released Dec. 16 and available only temporarily on iTunes, Billboard reports. The digital package will also include some music videos and a trailer for his upcoming Believe movie, which is the main big thing he’s been promoting.

But Journals will only be on sale until Jan. 2 — after that, Christmas will be long gone and you’ll have to collect all the individual songs yourself.

Take a look below to see the tracklist — which includes new songs that feature Big Sean, Diplo, Lil Wayne, and more  — and, since it’s Monday, scroll to the bottom for Bieber’s latest #MusicMonday release, “Confident” feat. Chance the Rapper.


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