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'Hope for Haiti Now' benefit expected to top albums chart

They asked, you gave: The all-star Hope for Haiti Now telethon that aired last Friday night has raised more than $61 million in charitable donations, according to a press release sent out yesterday. The benefit album collecting all the telethon performances from Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, Bruce Springsteen, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Bono and the Edge, and everyone else posted very strong digital sales over the weekend, too — so much so that Hope for Haiti Now is already confidently projected to top the Billboard 200 album sales chart with around 150,000 units sold when those results are released tomorrow morning. So long, Susan Boyle. (She would likely have climbed back to the No. 1 spot if not for the Haiti benefit album; she’s now projected to remain at No. 2.)

That’s all the more impressive since the Hope for Haiti Now album can be bought only as a download, not a CD in stores. This will mark the first time that a digital-only album has topped the Billboard 200 in the 54 years since that chart began.

Did you buy the Hope for Haiti Now set online? Are you impressed by how many people bought these tunes for charity? Let us know in the comments.

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Wilco gives away free concert MP3s, asks for Haiti donations

The generous dudes of Wilco are giving away full recordings of two shows they played last year for free download on their website (h/t Pitchfork). In return, they’re encouraging (though not requiring) fans to donate $15 or more for Haiti relief to either Oxfam or Doctors Without Borders.

One of the shows Wilco is offering just so happens to be their July 13, 2009 gig at Brooklyn’s Keyspan Park, which I attended and reviewed for the Music Mix. It was an amazing show, with the band in the tightest live form I’ve ever seen them, plus cool on-stage drop-ins from Feist, Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear, and Yo La Tengo. I’m listening to the 26-track set again right now; it’s just as awesome as I remembered. Thanks are in order to Wilco for letting fans re-live these shows or hear them for the first time — and using those free downloads to help motivate fans to give more to such a deserving humanitarian cause as Haiti strikes me as a way to make a good idea even better.

So what are you waiting for? Download the show(s) at Wilco’s website, donate to one of those Haiti relief organizations if you can, and let us know your favorite parts of the MP3 sets.

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Simon Cowell plans all-star Haiti benefit single

Photo credit: Scott D. Smith/Retna Ltd

Simon Cowell plans all-star Haiti benefit single

Who says Simon Cowell’s an icy-veined grouch? The English impresario has announced plans to put together an all-star charity single to raise funds for the suffering people of Haiti. Details beyond that are scarce: According to a gossipy report in U.K. tabloid The Sun, Cowell protegées Susan Boyle and Leona Lewis have already signed on to the project, but those artists’ reps could not confirm this when contacted by the Music Mix. And it’s unclear what song they’d be singing.

So let the speculation begin: Which artists would you like to hear on a Cowell-orchestrated Haiti benefit single, and what would you have them sing? Suggest away in the comments, below.

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Rihanna covers 'Redemption Song' for Haiti on 'Oprah'

Rihanna stopped by this afternoon’s episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, which was devoted to the disaster in Haiti, to perform a cover of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song.” You can download her live cover now from the iTunes Music Store for $1.29, with proceeds going to the Hope for Haiti Now telethon that she and others will participate in this Friday. So how was it?

Not bad. Rihanna stayed true to the feel of Marley’s original at first, taking the song as an acoustic dirge with a mournful organ part. By the time she got to the second verse (“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery”), though, she had shifted the tempo and arrangement in a more upbeat direction, where they stayed through the song’s conclusion — making “Redemption Song” into a Rihanna tune, in other words. As for Rihanna’s singing, she’s never had the strongest live voice, and her limitations showed here at times. But given the somber context, it felt appropriate for her voice to crack slightly.

Did you watch Rihanna on Oprah? What did you think of her “Redemption Song”? Download it from iTunes, then let us know.

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How Linkin Park put together their Haiti charity album in just one week

It is just a week since the Haiti earthquake. But you can now buy a Haiti-benefiting charity album of previously unreleased material by, amongst others, Dave Matthews Band, the All-American Rejects, Peter Gabriel, Slash, and Alanis Morissette.

The compilation is called Download to Donate and was overseen by Linkin Park, whose non-profit foundation Music for Relief has a history of providing aid to the country.

“Just last Monday, I was saying how I would like to start directing more of Music For Relief’s attention to Haiti and developing some sustainable housing,” says Linkin Park bassist David “Phoenix” Farrell. “Then the earthquake happened Tuesday, and we really started scrambling to figure out a way that we could garner as much support from the music community as we could to hopefully raise a ton of money for the cause.”

Linkin Park’s own musical contribution is a track called “Not Alone,” which they recorded during sessions for the band’s 2007 CD Minutes To Midnight, though the vocal tracks were never finished. “When the opportunity to do this started coming together, Mike [Shinoda] and Chester [Bennington] got back in the studio,” says Phoenix. “I believe they finished the vocals at 3am on Sunday morning.”

Over the past few days Wyclef Jean’s Yéle Haiti charity has come under criticism for alleged mismanagement of funds (the Fugee denies using any of Yéle’s money for his own personal benefit). But Phoenix is adamant that all of the money raised by Download to Donate—which is available for purchase on a pay-what-you-like basis—will go to worthy causes. “It’s a very low cost charity,” he says.”For this, 100% of the money Music For Relief raises is going to a couple of different charities: the UN Foundation and Habitat for Humanity. And Dave Matthews Band brought their BAMA Works relief effort into the mix as well. 100% of what we raise is going towards those different efforts.”

But Phoenix says that at present the band have no plans to play a benefit show. “We couldn’t,” he says. Couldn’t? That sounds ominous. Is a member of Linkin Park in jail somewhere? “We’re in a down cycle right now where we’re writing and recording,” he explains. “So we probably couldn’t get something together quick enough. No, as of an hour ago, everyone is still a free citizen.”

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Wyclef Jean raises over $2 million for Haiti: How you can help

Former Fugee and native Haitian Wyclef Jean has been hard at work since the 7.0 earthquake that rocked Port au Prince on Tuesday, using his Yele Haiti Foundation to raise money for his homeland, and traveling to the area to view the devastation first-hand. (Fox News called him “Haiti’s version of Bono, Haiti’s version of Bruce Springsteen.”) According to MTV News, he’s brought in over $2 million so far, much of it through a text-message donation system similar to the one the Red Cross has used to raise $8 million. (Major cell carriers Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile have waived fees on donation texts.)

He’ll likely raise even more during Hope for Haiti, a multi-network telethon set to air next Friday, with Jean hosting in New York, George Clooney (who will be co-producing) in Los Angeles, and CNN’s Anderson Cooper reporting from Haiti.

Singer Maxwell, whose mother is Haitian, is also using his website to direct donations; Madonna donated $250,000 to Partners in Health and encouraged others to join her in a statement on her website; and Not On Our Watch, a charitable organization founded by Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon (among others) has sent $1 million of their own to Partners in Health.

How can you help? The two easiest ways are as follows:

Text YELE to 501501 to donate $5 on behalf of The Yele Haiti Foundation
Text HAITI to 90999 to donate $10 on behalf of the American Red Cross

Please give what you can, and feel free to use this comment board as an open forum to share thoughts, prayers, and information about the ongoing tragedy in Haiti.

UPDATE 1/18/10: In response to allegations that he has paid himself with money from his Yele Haiti Foundation, Wyclef has posted the following video.

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Joni Mitchell, James Taylor help birth Greenpeace: An EW exclusive stream from a rare 1970 concert

A re-mastered concert featuring folk legends James Taylor and Joni Mitchell is now available for the first time. Amchitka: the 1970 concert that launched Greenpeace captures Mitchell and Taylor and in all their youthful, creative glory. And—holy  patchouli!—they duet on a version of Dylan’s “Mr. Tambourine Man.” I’m quivering in my Birkenstocks!

In all seriousness, though, this is a welcome double-disc dosage of seminal folk-rock from now-classic stars trying to make a political difference during their musical prime. The event’s aim was to raise money to send activists to stop U.S. nuclear tests near the Alaskan island of Amchitka, and it was also Greenpeace’s first campaign.

Phil Ochs—a protest singer whom the FBI once had a nearly-500-page file on—began the set with the type of tunes occasionally referred to as “finger-pointing songs.” Ochs soon passed the baton to James Taylor, just 22 at the time and fresh off the success of his Sweet Baby James album.

The real star of this live set, though, is Joni Mitchell, who was nine months shy of releasing Blue, one of the most acclaimed albums of the rock era. The best moments here are her previews of that material: It’s a thrill to hear her say, “This is a new song” and then launch into a classic like “My Old Man.” Get a taste of this seminal performance after the jump.


Jay-Z's 'Answer the Call' concert: Are you watching the live broadcast?

In just about half an hour, Jay-Z should be taking the stage at New York City’s Madison Square Garden for his “Answer the Call” 9/11 charity concert. Jay invariably brings his A-game to big events like this — and this one’s for a good cause, too, with all proceeds going to the New York Police & Fire Widows’ & Children’s Fund. But don’t despair if you weren’t able to snag a ticket when they sold out in under a minute earlier this week: Fuse TV is broadcasting the whole thing live, starting at 9 P.M. Eastern/8 P.M. Central.

Are you tuning in tonight? Check back on the Music Mix tomorrow for my full on-the-scene review (update: read it here), or post your thoughts during the televised show in the comments section below.

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Radiohead surprises fans with new song, 'Harry Patch (In Memory Of)'

Whoa, whoa, whoa. I go to sleep for one night, and when I wake up I discover that Radiohead, my favorite band of all time, has just put a brand-new song for sale on their website while I was slumbering? They’ve gotta stop surprising me like this. If only I’d known, I would totally have stayed up all night just so I could hear this song that much earlier.

Radiohead’s first officially released song since 2007’s In Rainbows is called “Harry Patch (In Memory Of).” As the title suggests, it’s a tribute to Harry Patch, the last surviving British veteran of World War I, who died recently at age 111. You can probably guess that I love this song. Apparently recorded in the weeks before Patch’s death, it’s a gorgeous anti-war ballad, juxtaposing Thom Yorke’s Wilfred Owen-esque lyrics about the terrors of the trenches against a lush orchestral backdrop arranged by Jonny Greenwood. Radiohead is selling the song for £1, with all proceeds going to the Royal British Legion, a veterans’ charity. Needless to say, it’s very much worth any Radiohead fan’s pound, regardless of the exchange rate.

“Harry Patch” is only the latest Radiohead-related bit of news to creep out lately. We know the band has been working in the studio for some time on new material, and now we’ve heard the first finished product of those sessions. I’m thinking (okay, hoping) that it can only be a matter of time before they surprise us again with an announcement about their next album. Just to be safe, I’m considering not sleeping at all for the next few months, just in case that announcement comes at night. How about you? What do you think of “Harry Patch (In Memory Of)”? Are you as excited as I am by the growing trickle of information about Radiohead’s recent studio activity?

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Live Aid 1985 photo gallery: What's your favorite?

Madonna-live-aid-1985_l Twenty-four years ago today, the original Live Aid concerts brought an impressive lineup of stars to London and Philadelphia to raise money for hunger in Africa. Now, you might argue that the appropriate time to commemorate this event would be next July 13, Live Aid’s proper 25th anniversary. But why wait when EW’s corporate sibling, Life, has just put together such a cool gallery of photos from the 1985 concerts?

Click over for an assortment of youthful-looking megastars. Bono chatting up some policewomen while wearing a ridiculous hat! Ozzy Osbourne bathing in purest Evian! Paul McCartney striking a pose with David Bowie! And, of course, Madonna rocking a serious hairdo and an even serious-er tambourine (pictured above)!

Go check out all 35 snapshots, then weigh in: Which ones are your favorites? Were any of you there at the original Live Aid shows back in ’85?

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