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Petulant man-babies Wiz Khalifa and Future subtweet their exes on 'Pussy Overrated'

Wiz Khalifa and Future have a lot in common. Both are young rappers who’ve made the transition from mixtapes to the pop charts and are still rising, and both have recently had romantic relationships flame out in a very public fashion not long after having babies with their partners. (Wiz and Amber Rose filed for divorce back in September, just over a month after Future and Ciara broke off their engagement.)

Wiz has kept mostly quiet about his split with Rose, seemingly to keep attention on his recently released Blacc Hollywood. While on his new street single “Monster” (from his upcoming mixtape of the same name), Future talks a lot about his predilection for groupies and not at all about his recent relationship problems. But now, both have turned up on a track by Mike Will Made It called “Pussy Overrated,” and despite the fact that neither Rose nor Ciara’s names come up in the lyrics (both seem to deal with groupies), with that title and that timing it’s hard to see the song as anything but a shared breakup track and an epic subtweet aimed at their exes.

As the title suggests, the song paints a dismal picture of women, who are blamed alternately for being both too clingy and insufficiently attentive, too prudish and too blatantly sexual. Unlike the many, many rap songs with retrograde attitudes toward sexual equality, the song doesn’t even try to charm its way into the hearts of skeptical listeners–the refrain “Your pussy overrated” bluntly, explicitly reduces the women in question to the status of sex toys, and disposable ones at that.

Seeing Future taking the low road this way is especially disheartening. Throughout his relationship with Ciara, he’s been openly, almost cornily swoony over her on a level that few rappers have ever let themselves show in public before. Back in early 2013, they essentially inaugurated their relationship with the collaborative single “Body Party” with a video where Future follows Ciara around like a crushed-out teenager, an unguarded portrayal of naive romanticism that helped to establish Future’s reputation for being not like other rappers, at least when it came to dealing with women. Now he’s turned 180 degrees and become the living embodiment of #petty, and on social media the judgement from his fans, especially female ones, has been harsh.

Twitter’s been rallying for a response to “Pussy Overrated,” with Nicki Minaj being the obvious popular choice for recording it, although any hypothetical “Dick Overrated” would be incomplete without a Ciara hook. Meanwhile, Rose has shot back in very Rose-ish fashion by posting a butt selfie to Instagram.


New video round-up: Pink finds 'True Love' with Lily Allen, Ciara and Nicki Minaj drop it low on 'I'm Out'


A good rule for children at the pool is “always swim with a buddy.” Replace the word “swim” with “booty pop” and “violently cut carrots,” and you have the new videos from Ciara feat. Nicki Minaj and Pink feat. Lily Allen, respectively.

Pink’s “True Love” finds the singer cavorting about with husband Carey Hart and daughter Willow. There are also some flashy psychedelic colors, footage of her trapeze act from her last tour, and track collaborator Lily Allen whipping up a smoothie full of rage (and fiber!). Check out the flashy clip below.

Ciara tosses Nicki Minaj-featured 'I'm Out' into summer-jam sweepstakes: Hear it here!


Remember Ciara? It’s cool if you don’t. Though she had a ridiculous opening run when she first came on, unleashing killer singles “Goodies” and “1,2 Step” in the back half of 2004. She’s run into diminishing returns since then, but her new single could be a game-changer.

“I’m Out” is the second single from her upcoming fifth album, Ciara, and it’s exactly the type of electro-kissed swaggering sass factory that makes for a great summer jam. (You know, the sort of songs Beyoncé used to make). And though Nicki Minaj can be poisonous on her guest spots, she puts in her best appearance in months on “I’m Out.” Considering how irresistible Ciara’s previous single “Body Party” has been, this could be the renaissance that she has been looking for since her debut.

Go ahead and give it a spin below. It’s huge, and it could only get bigger from here.  READ FULL STORY

Ciara dances for her boyfriend Future in new 'Body Party' video: Watch it here

“Body Party” indeed!

In the new video for the lead single of Ciara’s upcoming fifth album — titled, imaginatively enough, Ciara — the R&B singer goes to a party, meets a handsome young man in a letterman jacket, and dances for him near a fireplace in somebody’s bedroom.

But there’s a twist! That man is in fact Ciara’s actual real-life for-real true-story boyfriend Future, the Atlanta rapper known to his mother as Nayvadius Wilburn! And, furthermore, he actually cowrote the single. Isn’t that fun? Yes, yes it is fun.

And, OK, it’s little bit sexy too. Watch Future get danced at by his girlfriend in Ciara’s “Body Party” video below:


New Music Tuesday, Diva Edition: Leona Lewis, Ciara, Nelly Furtado, and a mini-Spice Girls reunion


It’s a good week to be a pop music fan: Nicki Minaj might be joining American Idol, J. Lo is taking her tour into the third dimension, and Xtina’s shooting a video. Here a preview of just a few of the new lady-pop gifts delivered into our inboxes today:

Leona Lewis featuring Childish Gambino — “Trouble”
Leona Lewis has been a very bad girl. She drives her lover to drink, smoke and get belligerent in the bedroom, and all she has to say is “I told you so”  on the icy “Trouble.” Fortunately, Lewis gets by with a little help from her friends – Scottish chanteuse Emeli Sandé co-wrote the song, and Childish Gambino guest raps as the victim boyfriend, busting in like an unexpected Spotify ad. Hear it here.

Nelly Furtado — “Parking Lot”
When Nelly isn’t breaking out viral K-Pop video dance moves, she’s showing off new tracks from her upcoming album, The Spirit Indestructible. Like its predecessors “Big Hoops (Bigger the Better)” and the album’s title track, the latest single is a Darkchild collaboration that buzzes like a bee while Furtado longs for her youthful days of killing time in parking lots and … mud-dancing in a barn? Normal teen stuff. Listen here.

Ciara — “Livin’ It Up”
Breaking news: Ciara doesn’t have a lot of friends — or so she sings on the carefree “Livin’ It Up,” which may or may not be from the upcoming One Woman Army. But that doesn’t seem to keep to CiCi down as she sings about her new-found P.M.A. over sprightly synthesizers. You have reason to be cheery, too — it’s a free download over at Cosmo, along with tracks by Karmin, Cher Lloyd and Paloma Faith. Hear it here.

Melanie C featuring Emma Bunton — “I Know Him so Well”
If a Spice Girls reunion is what you want, what you really really want, feel free to hold your breath. But in the meantime, you can hear two of the girls’ voices become one right now: Melanie C (Sporty) and Emma Bunton (Baby) spice up a cover of “I Know Him So Well,” a song from the musical Chess, written by ABBA’s Benny Anderson and Björn Ulvaeus. Listen here.

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The-Dream fumes at Grammys snub, looks forward to working with Katy Perry and Ciara

Some artists like to say they don’t care about awards. Terius “The-Dream” Nash is not one of them. When his album Love vs. Money was shut out of the Grammy nominations last week, the R&B singer and songwriter (“Umbrella,” “Single Ladies,” “Touch My Body”) was so peeved he went on an extended Twitter rant. “I couldn’t believe it,” he tells the Music Mix. “I grew up looking at the Grammys. It was a childhood infatuation with these people walking around with gold statues. I felt like they were the best, and that’s why I started working so hard.”

The-Dream says he wasn’t expecting to make it into an elite contest like Album of the Year, but he was surprised that Love vs. Money was left out of the Best Contemporary R&B Album category. (The nominees there were Beyoncé’s I Am…Sasha Fierce, T-Pain’s Thr33 Ringz, Jamie Foxx’s Intuition, Trey Songz’ Ready, and Pleasure P’s The Introduction of Marcus Cooper.) “I don’t think anybody does contemporary R&B albums better than me. I don’t know how to dunk; I don’t know how to throw a football 50 yards. But I know how to write some motherf—ing R&B songs!”


Chrisette Michele edges out Ciara on the albums chart

Chrisettemicheleciara_lApologies for the backhanded compliment, but I didn’t expect Chrisette Michele to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 this week. Not that I don’t appreciate her R&B singer-songwriter style, which can be lovely at times — I just didn’t realize things had changed so much since her first album opened all the way down at No. 29 two years ago. Actually, on second thought, maybe they haven’t changed all that much. Michele’s new chart-topper, Epiphany, sold just 83,000 copies, which is the lowest sales total for a No. 1 debut since Nielsen SoundScan started keeping track 18 years ago. At least she outdid the 81,000 units moved by No. 3 finisher Ciara‘s Fantasy Ride, the album that I would have predicted to win this week.

Meanwhile, Ben Harper and Relentless7 came in at No. 9 with 34,000 copies sold of their White Lies for Dark Times. Metalcore bros The Devil Wears Prada, who have to deserve some sort of award for least creative band name ever, made it to No. 11 with 31,000 of their With Roots Above and Branches Below. And that was it for Top 20 debuts, crushing my half-serious dream that St. Vincent’s Actor, which hit stores the same week as all those other albums, might somehow squeak its way in there. Guess it was never meant to be…but I’ll take one more opportunity to politely suggest that you buy that album if you like indie rock, because it is awesome. Anyway: Any thoughts on this week’s albums chart?

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Ciara talks 'Fantasy Ride,' responds to Beyonce rip-off gossip: 'All I can do is laugh'

Ciara_lAsk Ciara about the video she shot for "Love Sex Magic" with Justin Timberlake, and she’ll tell you she’s "very, very proud" of her work. "I loved being able to show another side of me — more of a sensual side," the singer tells the Music Mix. "I felt like a cat was in me, like, Rrrrowr!" Of course, choreography that involved and poses that flexible don’t come easy. "It definitely takes a lot of practice and a lot of stretching," she laughs.

Though she’s well aware of online whispers that the "Love Sex Magic" video looked suspiciously similar to certain clips by Beyonce, Ciara remains unfazed. "To be honest with you, they were not the same things," she says. "It’s really petty. But I don’t sweat stuff like that, because I know my inspiration. All I can do is laugh at stuff like that and keep it going. I’m looking forward to doing my next video."

Ciara hopes to choose a follow-up single and video for "Love Sex Magic" soon. In the meantime, she’s excited about the cover art for her May 5 album Fantasy Ride, created by comic-book artist Bernard Chang. "I’m really into superheroes right now, so Super C was my superhero character that I created," she explains of the image. "It’s not an alter ego or anything — just another nickname you can call me."

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Justin Timberlake exclusive: The singer on his new album (or lack thereof) and current iPod favorites

Justintimberlake_lJustin Timberlake fans, don’t hold your breath waiting for a new album. Timberlake, whose last disc, FutureSex/LoveSounds, came out in 2006, tells EW that he’s "not working" on new music right now. The singer — who’s executive producing a new MTV reality competition series called The Phone (premiering April 21) — has been hitting the studio lately, but only to produce tracks for other artists, like T.I. ("Dead and Gone") and Ciara ("Love Sex Magic"). "Right now, I like the idea that things can just kind of pop up and if they feel right I can do them," says Timberlake. "Committing to my own sort of project, that’s like, ‘Okay, let me block out two years of my life and do it.’ I was heavily fulfilled with the last one and I always have this thing with myself that if I can’t sleep because I need to do it, then I’m gonna do it. But if I’m not losing sleep over it then…"

When he does finally get to work on his new disc, what might it sound like? Timberlake isn’t saying, but if his current iPod listening is any indication, it might have more of a rock sound. "I mean, I listen to everything," he says. "I’ve been going back and forth between Kings of Leon’s latest album and the Black Keys. I really love their Attack and Release. I thought that was a really great record. And of course Radiohead. It’s a constant. I enjoy In Rainbows in the morning. You throw it on in the iPod dock and get ready to leave the house and go on about your day. That album seems to put me in a pretty decent mood." 

What do you think, Music Mixers? Should JT get back into the studio, already? And would you be into hearing a Timberlake rock album?


Ciara and Justin Timberlake’s ‘Love Sex Magic’ video: Hot or not?

Justin Timberlake’s new tequila: How will you take it?

Justin Timberlake’s new MTV series debuts April 21: Will you watch?

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Beyonce vs. Ciara: Video déjà vu?

BeyonceciaraThe blogs are buzzing today about the similarities between the videos for Ciara’s "Love Sex Magic" and Beyonce’s "Diva," along with leaked footage of choreographer Sheryl Murakami’s demo version of B’s upcoming clip for "Ego." To put it bluntly, they’re claiming that Ciara jacked Beyonce’s swagger. Is it true? Reps for both singers declined to comment, but it’s awful hard to deny when you look at this composite image of screen grabs from all three videos that’s floating around the Internet. What say you, Music Mixers? Is Ciara a Sasha Fierce copycat? Is she capital F fierce in her own right? Or is this all much ado about nothing?

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