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Courtney Love talks sex, drugs, and allegedly getting blamed for 'the downfall of Def Leppard' in (possibly) craziest interview to date

Courtney Love has always been a quote machine.

But I’m hard-pressed to think of an interview of hers quite as entertainingly bonkers as the two-part epic that addiction website The Fix has just published, in which the singer-actress discusses her numerous drug problems, her sex life, and a boatload of celebrity acquaintances. You’ll find a clutch of choice quotes below, but the interview is well worth checking out in full. It’s not every day someone name checks Jimmy Iovine, Tesla (the rock band, not the pioneering electrical engineer), and Carl Jung in almost the same breath.


Courtney Love wanted to snort Kurt Cobain's ashes? That's what a new book claims.

Is there anything Courtney Love can do to shock us anymore? Apparently, yes: A new book claims that the grunge rock widow wanted to snort up some of her deceased husband’s ashes back in 1994. Well, that’s one way to be together for eternity.

Music journalist Neil Strauss alleges in his just-released collection of rock interviews that he was with the Hole singer in her L.A. home shortly after Cobain’s suicide when “she leaped off her bed and suddenly said, ‘Say hi to Kurt,’” proceeding to pull out the Nirvana frontman’s cremated remains.


Courtney Love to sell her stake in Nirvana catalogue for $162 million? Not true, say reps

courtney-loveImage Credit: PRN/PR Photos; Everett CollectionAn item in the New York Daily News’ Rush & Malloy gossip column positing that Courtney Love was ready to sell her 75% stake in the Nirvana song catalogue to global investment firm Oaktree Capital—complete with a quote from an “insider” stating that “Courtney thinks [it] comes with too many memories … It’s haunted”—spread like interweb head lice yesterday, far and wide.

But no one, it seems, called Love’s reps to see if there was any credence to the story, and it turns out, there isn’t. There’s “nothing to it,” her publicist told EW in a succinctly worded, pronoun-free statement. “Not a clue [how the rumor started]. Never even heard of that company Rush & Molloy reference.”

Nevertheless, this is hardly the first time Love’s ownership of late husband Kurt Cobain’s estate has made the news; in 2001, she fought surviving members Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic over the then-unreleased track “You Know You’re Right”; and in  2006, sold 25% of her share of the band’s publishing rights to Larry Mestal, a former Virgin Records executive, for $50 million. Last fall, Unsanctioned use of Cobain’s avatar in a 2009 Guitar Hero release actually united Love with longtime foes Grohl and Novoselic temporarily; both vehemently opposed it in public statements (although only Love, as sole executor of her husband’s estate, threatened a lawsuit against Guitar Hero parent company Activision).

'Glee' creator Ryan Murphy on an all-Britney Spears episode: 'I'm interested'

Good news for Britney Spears and Glee fans: series creator Ryan Murphy tells EW that an all-Britney episode of the hit Fox musical, an idea floated by Spears’ manager via twitter on April 21 after Tuesday’s all-Madonna Glee, is actually being considered. Says Murphy, “I’m interested in the Britney Spears idea. I’ve always loved her. I’m entertaining it. I think young kids would like that.” Murphy also says that he’s contemplating doing similar hour tributes to Billy Joel, Led Zeppelin, and, even, Courtney Love! “I actually ran into Courtney Love the other day and talked to her,” says Murphy. “She’s interested. I would love to have the kids do a Courtney Love episode one day.” But he stresses that with all of these artists it really all comes down to the music and how it fits in the Glee universe. “The key is the songs in the catalogue have to have a certain degree of theatricality,” says Murphy.

With the “Power of Madonna” soundtrack set to debut at #1 next week and dominating the iTunes download charts, Murphy says Madonna has been more than pleased with their treatment of her tunes. “She said how much she loved the episode,” he admits.  “She thought it was brilliant and she’s so pleased. Her daughter got to watch it with her and loved it. [Madonna's] a smart cookie. I mean that introduced her music to an entire new generation.”

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Photo Credit: Carin Baer/Fox; Spears: Mark Liddell

Courtney Love changes name, says she is 'sick' of talking about Kurt Cobain

Courtenay-Love-240.jpgImage Credit: Ferdaus Shamim/Getty ImagesCourtney has no more use for Love, she tells England’s NME magazine (via the BBC).

The Hole frontwoman, whose Nobody’s Daughter arrives this week, says definitively, “Courtney Love is dead. We’ve all decided we don’t like her any more.”

“We love her when she goes onstage,” she continues,” but I don’t need her in the rest of my life. The name Courtney Love is a way to oppress me.” Instead, she will now go by her given name, Courtney Michelle Harrison.

And she doesn’t want to talk about Kurt anymore, either. “I am not his spokesperson on Earth. I don’t know what he’d be like now, he could be into society girls, he could be into fat girls, he could be homosexual. We don’t know, he died at 27.”

UPDATE: A spokesperson tells MTV that the name-change sentiment was taken “100 percent out of context” by NME (in which the quote runs verbatim). “She’s not changing her name,” her rep continues, “unless it’s to ‘Courtney Love Mellencamp’ or ‘Big Baby Jesus.’”

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Perez Hilton tells us all about SXSW's worst and best bands, his newest signee, and why he hates Ke$ha

perez-hiltonImage Credit: Wild1/PR PhotosWith SXSW finished until next year, thousands of music fans are now scattering back home to annoy and/or delight their friends by bragging about all the life-changingly brilliant new artists they discovered in Austin. Most also have a horror story or two about buzz bands that turned out to be more like bust bands in a live setting. Perez Hilton was eager to share the latter type of SXSW tale when I met him backstage before his warehouse party last night. “I saw jj earlier this week,” he said, referring to the woozy Swedish act whose full-length debut inspired countless critical raves last year. “I love their album, and they were awful live…They were embarrassingly bad. It was insulting as an audience member, actually, how little they cared. This girl just sat there, not having any interaction with the crowd, being lethargic. It was disgusting.” Ouch. Sorry, jj.

Surely, not everything Perez saw in Austin this year made him feel such revulsion? “I went to parties, I saw some shows, but everyone that I really wanted to see is performing here tonight [at my party],” the savvy self-promoter said. Oh, okay. I asked Perez to explain why he’d picked some of the artists he did for his third annual SXSW bash. He answered as follows. READ FULL STORY

Perez Hilton brings Snoop Dogg and more to his wild SXSW party

snoop-dogImage Credit: Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images I wanted to snark on the massive warehouse party hosted by gossip lord Perez Hilton last night in Austin. I really did, if only because its timing conflicted with the Big Star/Alex Chilton tribute show I’d hoped would close out my SXSW 2010, and because corrosive snark is after all Perez’s own stock in trade. (That and doodling on photographs of famous people.) And yet, when I made it past the insane lines into his shindig — which journalists were asked to identify as SWAGGSM Presents. Perez Hilton’s “One Night In Austin” — I found said warehouse reverberating with huge beats that JD Samson was throwing down from a laptop. I had no choice but to admit it: Say what you will about Perez and his blog’s role in our culture, any party where a member of radical feminist icons/terrific musicians Le Tigre is the between-sets DJ is legitimately awesome.


Courtney Love brings Hole back at SXSW, plays actual pretty good rock show

Courtney-Love-Hole-SXSWImage Credit: Whitney Pastorek/EW.comIf the best thing that can be said about Courtney Love’s return as the frontdemon of Hole is that she didn’t fall down, fall over, or fall apart — well, that’s actually quite something. The SPIN@Stubb’s day party hosted what was long anticipated as the biggest train wreck of SXSW 2010, but Love’s re-coming-out party was more professional than anyone could have hoped for. Did that make it good? Depends on what you were after.

After a terrific series of sets from Rogue Wave, Sharon Jones, Miike Snow and more (stay tuned for our coverage of those acts later), the main event was introduced by comedian Margaret Cho, who told the crowd, “When I first saw Hole it changed everything for me.” The pressure was on. And at times, it felt a little bit like we’d put our collective kid on stage in a beauty pageant, expecting the worst; indeed, wrapped in a gauzy black blouse, tattered gray tutu, a beaded tiara, sporting orange “BEWARE” tape as a sash, Love looked the part of Miss World, waiting for someone to kill her. With a monitor at her feet (presumably for lyrics), she seemed a bit frozen at first, smoking a cigarette, tossing off her sunglasses, and opening with the wink of the Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil” as she strummed a blood-red Rickenbacker. First single “Skinny Little Bitch” followed, and Love began to warm up: her foot went up on the monitor, easing the fears of some in the photo pit who remembered shooting her in her underwear-free early days. She launched into “Miss World.” The place went nuts. Love cast a sidelong smile. Her voice sounded great. “Hey kids, we’re Hole,” she said. READ FULL STORY

First Hole single, 'Skinny Little Bitch,' hits interwebs: Listen and weigh in here!

It’s almost as though Courtney Love doesn’t know it is her duty as a train wreck to announce a new record and then keep pushing the release date back and back and back until it disappears into a haze of Chinese Democracy-like proportions: Not two weeks after Nobody’s Daughter got a label and a release date of April 27th, the first single from the reanimated corpse of Hole is here… and it doesn’t suck.

Much like the clip of “Samantha” I linked to last time, “Skinny Little Bitch” sounds a bit like leftovers from the ’90s instead of something vivid and in the moment. But from the sludgy bar chords to Love’s aggro wail, it definitely sounds like Hole. And despite the fact that I am no longer 19 years old, I still really enjoy Hole, so, hey, awesometown.

You can download the clip for yourself at, if you want. Do you want, Mixers? What think you?

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Courtney Love finds new home for Hole: 'Nobody's Daughter' hits stores April 27

The ’90s revival rolls on with the musical return of one Ms. Courtney Love, most recently known for her train-wreckish exploits and last seen in this space losing custody of Frances Bean, her daughter with Kurt Cobain. After five years, Love has finally found a home for a new album from the reanimated corpse of Hole, which includes no original members (much to the displeasure of long-time guitarist and songwriter Eric Erlandson): According to SPIN, Nobody’s Daughter will be released April 27 by Mercury/Island Def Jam.

As a huge fan of Hole’s first two albums — oh, anger issues, how you opened musical doors! — and someone who tentatively came around to embrace both 1998′s glassy-eyed Celebrity Skin as well as Love’s flirtation with Hollywood glamour, I am of two minds about this. I’d like to see Love succeed (grunge needs more happy endings), and I can’t help but feel that a segment of the younger female population would benefit from her hard-worn perspective. But while her February performance of new track “Samantha” on the BBC’s Friday Night with Jonathan Ross was by no means an utter destruction of the Hole legacy — watch it after the jump; her wrecked voice has, if anything, just gotten more interesting in the last 10 years — I’m not sure that song is much more than a retread of old material. The increasingly pained lyrical repetition is there, but it’s no “I made my bed I’ll lie in it/I made my bed I’ll die in it.” Much like I have a hard time with her old pal Billy Corgan and his stubborn insistence on calling any group of nearby musicians “Smashing Pumpkins” (let’s not address the Guns N’ Roses issue), it’s tough to embrace an Erlandson-free lineup. Then again, best-known Hole bassist Melissa Auf der Maur was herself a replacement, after Kristen Pfaff died of an apparent overdose following the release of Live Through This. See what I mean about this story needing more happy endings?

What do you think, Mixers? Are you prepared to open your tortured hearts to the new Hole?

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