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Deer Tick channels Lou Reed, improves George Harrison for Brooklyn Bowl shows

Call it the rock equivalent of cramming for final exams. When most people were leaving their offices for holiday vacations last Friday afternoon, Deer Tick was holed up in a Providence, R.I. practice space, perfecting 57 covers for a string of New Year’s shows at New York’s Brooklyn Bowl.

After hours of rehearsal, singer John McCauley had lost his voice—so EW turned to guitarist Ian Patrick O’Neil for intel about the shows, which will feature covers of entire albums by the Beatles (Meet the Beatles), Lou Reed (Transformer), Elvis Costello (My Aim Is True), Devo (Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!), and NRBQ (Tiddlywinks). Despite the long, holiday-sacrificing hours, O’Neil guaranteed the band’s urge “to keep up the celebratory spirit, have a good time, and entertain.” READ FULL STORY

The introspective rock dude: Deer Tick and Bill Callahan revive the (much-needed) archetype


What happened to the introspective rock dude? It seems strange that there should be a shortage of them. Maybe it’s even stranger to complain about it. After all, hasn’t this type long dominated the indie scene? And aren’t Drake and Kanye West ruminating enough for everybody right now? And yet it’s disappointing how little soul searching man bands are up for these days. The Arctic Monkeys, first heralded in large part for their thoughtful lyrics, just broke into the top 10 with a new album more focused on macho riffage. Vampire Weekend, who hit number one (again) earlier this year, were never ones to brood. And Justin Vernon of Bon Iver is now serving heaping scoops of doggerel (like “sexing all your parliament”) with Volcano Choir.

John Mayer’s one of the few guys rooting around in his feelings as a project, but what he turns up on his recent album reveals an acute case of “nice guy” syndrome. Paradise Valley is gentle, inviting, even poetic—until it becomes petulant and entitled, as on “Dear Marie,” where a former teen flame is informed, with exquisitely sensitive condescension, “I got my dream—but you got family.”

The real white knights have only just arrived, and no, you shouldn’t actually think of them that way. Last week Bill Callahan (formerly known as Smog)  released Dream River, the fourth album under his own name. This week Deer Tick delivered their fifth one, Negativity. Callahan and Deer Tick’s singer John McCauley have a few things in common: A love—or at least a fondness for evoking—Americana; a precision-tuned sense of self-awareness; and a profound lack of concern for what other people might think of as cheesy—like unleashing flute and saxophone solos, or lines like “all I want to do is make love to you” and “a baby cries, and an old man dies.”


Hear Deer Tick with guest Vanessa Carlton on 'In Our Time' -- EXCLUSIVE

Just because Deer Tick‘s John McCauley teamed up up with his girlfriend, singer-songwriter Vanessa Carlton, doesn’t mean their new duet is necessarily sweet.

“For over a year I watched my family deal with my dad’s looming sentencing date [on federal charges of conspiracy and tax fraud],” McCauley says of “In Our Time,” which will be featured on the Providence indie-folk band’s upcoming album Negativity.  “My parents have had a long and seemingly healthy marriage since before I was born. This was the first time I ever saw them really struggle. Lots of silence and lots of yelling.”

“I wrote this song from my father’s perspective and adapted it to a male/female duet,” he continues. “I play the part of my father and my girlfriend Vanessa Carlton joins me and plays the part of my mother.”

Oh, and McCauley has one more thing for the record: “Despite what some journalists have written, my parents are still married.”

Give a listen to “In Our Time” below:


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