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Coachella 2010 Sunday: Gorillaz, Pavement, and Thom Yorke close out the festival on high notes

gorillazImage Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty ImagesAnd so Coachella is over for another year. It ended with, for my money, the festival’s finest day. Sunday was densely packed with can’t-miss acts, culminating in the one-two-three punch of the reunited Pavement, Thom Yorke with Atoms for Peace, and headliners Gorillaz. Read about all those shows plus several more after the jump.


All Tomorrow's Parties Rocks the Catskills

The roving international event All Tomorrow’s Parties took place Sept 11-13 in the Catskill Mountains, and it was essentially a perfect weekend. Curated by The Flaming Lips and nestled within The Shining-esque Kutshers Country Club in Monticello, the event, featuring the likes of Animal Collective, Sufjan Stevens, Nick Cave and of course the Lips themselves, provided one mesmerizing set after another. Below, a few highlights:

Nick Cave made a surprise appearance Friday night by joining the Dirty Three (whose Warren Ellis is a member of his Bad Seeds) and apparently he also gave a hotel-room performance to six incredibly lucky fans the next day.

Saturday officially began with indie-pop maestro Sufjan Stevens, who went easy on audiences by playing his gentle Seven Swans album from start-to-finish, because he said it worked well as “an early-afternoon hangover special.”

Black Dice, who followed a few hours later, were markedly less considerate toward anyone with a headache. Its three members embarked upon a 45-minute electronic noise freakout, playing so loud you could actually feel the bass vibrating the tips of your eyelashes. When a sampled guitar riff made an appearance during their set, it was almost sad to be torn from their absorbing underworld and reminded that structured music exists.

Saturday found Bradford Cox pulling double duties, performing first solo as Atlas Sound and then later with his group Deerhunter. The Atlas Sound set was a disappointment—he spent as much time fussing over tech issues (he joked he was worried his guitar sounded too close to Dave Matthews) as he did playing songs.


Deerhunter frontman talks new EP, future plans

Deerhunterbradford_lTrees are in bloom, the weather is getting warmer, and it all means one thing to Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox. "Springtime is EP time!" Cox tells the Music Mix. Deerhunter’s Rainwater Cassette Exchange EP arrives May 18 digitally and June 8 in physical form, just in time for the changing seasons. Its five songs feature some of the Atlanta indie rockers’ most accessible melodies yet, outdoing even the comparatively poppy direction of last year’s excellent Microcastle/Weird Era Cont. "They’re not leftovers from Microcastle," Cox stresses. "It’s a totally new thing."

New things are in abundance for the ever-prolific Cox, who’s already written, oh, 43 or so fresh songs since recording the EP in February. ("Maybe 12 of them will ever get released," he hastens to add.) "I don’t know what’s going on with my style right now," he says. "I’ve been using lots of folky sounds, but not in a typical boring way. I’m inventing a new genre: Plastic folk." And though no firm plans have emerged yet, Cox hopes to start working on the next proper Deerhunter LP sooner rather than later. "Why waste your time? Nobody’s going to care about us forever. You’ve got to give people something to remember you by."

Check out a recent performance of two songs from the new EP below — then read on after the jump for Cox’s story behind each song on Rainwater Cassette Exchange.


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