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This Week in Diplo: The week that kept on giving


The official video for Skrillex’s “Dirty Vibe” with Diplo, CL, and G-Dragon dropped this week, and while I can’t be sure if G-Dragon and CL (Skrillex and Diplo are cameo-less) are doing impressions of late ’90s and early 2000s American rap videos or if this is meant to be taken seriously, it’s pretty fun.

And to continue the holiday-release-giving: Diplo gave EW three blistering playlists on Spotify. The first is hip-hop. It kicks off with Rae Sremmurd and blows through tracks by Migos, ILoveMakkonen, Kanye, 2 Chainz, Chris Brown, Frank Ocean, and so many more.

The second is future house-based. Duke Dumont, Oliver Heldens, Route 94, AlunaGeorge, and more make up two and a half hours of fun.

And the third—proving Diplo either really does exist in a genre-less state of taste or he’s very generous during the holidays—is psychedelic rock. The Mops, The Seeds, The Bees, The Telescopes, The Yardbirds (are we sensing a pattern here?) are all there.

And because why do one when you can do seven, Jack Ü has previewed seven official remixes for “Take Ü There” this week. The package was partially leaked a month ago, with the Felix Cartal, TJR, and Vindata remixes releasing earlier than intended. The rest of the collection is rounded out by Tchami, Tujamo, Netsky, and (drumroll, please) Zeds Dead.

Check out the rest on their Soundcloud.

Aside from that, it’s been a lot of travel (Jamaica, India) and promotion for Jack Ü’s biggest show ever: Headlining NYE at Madison Square Garden in New York City. (Get tickets here.)

DJ Snake drops 'Dirty Vibe' remix


DJ Snake, Grammy-nominated French DJ and hip hop producer most famous for 2013’s runaway hit “Turn Down For What” and his “Get Low” collaboration with Dillion Francis, dropped a new remix today on OWSLA with fellow Frenchman Aazar of Skrillex and Diplo’s “Dirty Vibes.” READ FULL STORY

We raved for four days on the high seas with the Mad Decent Boat Party

Over the course of a decade-long career, the DJ/producer Diplo’s moved from pop music’s fringes to its very center, where he’s been working with A-listers like Madonna and Snoop Dogg—who look to tap into his talent for transforming eccentric sounds into hit songs. Along the way, he’s managed to keep one foot in the underground, with an indie label called Mad Decent and a cult following on the goofier, less bottle-service-centric end of the EDM scene.

Those fans have helped turn his annual Mad Decent Block Party, which he first started holding outside his house in Philly, into a touring festival that this year hit 22 cities in the U.S. and Canada.

Last week, he launched the first ever Mad Decent Boat Party, a four-day non-stop floating rave on a cruise ship touring the Caribbean. Over 2,700 people made the voyage—including an EW correspondent who was there to document the debauchery. Here’s what we saw.

This Week in Diplo: A visit to the cover of 'Fast Company'


This week, Fast Company‘s Diplo cover story, “Why the World is Moving to Diplo’s Beat,” tries to answer the age-old question: What does a mogul make?

Delving into Diplo’s many different ventures (DJ, producer, label head, restauranteur, cartoonist, occasional model, perpetual social media maven, an investor of new people and newer technology) as well as his role models (he cites Virgin Records’ Richard Branson) it’s a good read. It’s also a great peek not just into Diplo’s mad, mad world, but also into the increasingly necessarity for artists to build their empires across as many different disciplines and revenue streams as possible.

Also on the interview front this week—inthemix posted an in-depth chat with the artist. Diplo revealed a few things: The new Major Lazer is pretty much finished, a new single is coming out in January (album collaborators include Ellie Goulding, Gwen Stefani, Travis Scott, Pusha T, 2 Chainz, and MØ), and he, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, and SOPHIE did a song together. (SOPHIE is arguably the most popular anonymous name of 2014; if you thought Jaden and Willow had a crazy interview, read this one between Billboard and the elusive producer.)

Following in the footsteps of Thom Yorke, Diplo has released an album on BitTorrent—his reissued 2004 Florida will be available for free or $5 on Black Friday. The paid version includes the entire album. The free bundle comes with an Eprom remix of “Big Lost,” emails between him and Big Dada as well as a bunch of stickers, illustrations, and images.

And as social-media followers of Diplo’s already know, Diplo went on the Mad Decent Boat Party.


A photo posted by diplo (@diplo) on

This was fun today @Majorlazer #maddecentboatparty

A video posted by diplo (@diplo) on

I am having a hard time coming up with captions for the insanity. I hope you can understand.

And as Diplo and Skrillex continue promoting their Madison Square Garden extravaganza, DJ SKEE reported this week that the duo gave Justin Bieber’s forthcoming album an electronic makeover. SKEE says that even people who aren’t “feeling Bieber” (a number which seems perpetually on the rise) will be surprised.

This Week in Diplo: Will you rap for me?


Diplo needs you. Us. Everyone. On Wednesday, he put a new song, “Everyday,” up on Soundcloud and asked that someone rap on it.

The downbeat and atmospheric track is not what we’ve come to expect from the Mad Decent label head, but echoes the sentiment Big Gigantic recently expressed to us: Turning down is the new turning up. I can’t tell if he’s serious about harvesting submissions, because there are actually vocals on the track, but all they say is “Who wants to rap for me?” So, there’s only one way to find out: Download the track and give it a whirl. READ FULL STORY

This Week in Diplo: Diplo turns 10


There was a time pre-Diplo. Really. Ten years ago—long before the Vegas residencies, the star-studded recording sessions, headlining festivals, and all the many, many hits—a 25-year-old Diplo was just releasing his first album, Florida, on Big Dada Records. He threw the collection up on his Soundcloud page this week and announced that the album would be reissued with unreleased tracks on Black Friday (Nov. 28).

On his celebratory Instagram he captioned: “10 years ago.. i made my first album, ‘Florida,’ between a small apartment in Philly and my mom’s house in Florida.. i was working late nights and taking a bus through the city every night, smoking some weed, putting on headphones & just making things I never heard before and could just imagine.. making this record created an entirely new world for me. now that i think back it’s a very strange beginning and it’s crazy it’s been 10 years since it’s first release but really this record represents my first 23 years of life.. what i had inside of me and where i came from so i’m excited to revisit it.. i put it up on soundcloud for all of you to hear.. a special re-release will come black friday”

The album is remarkably up-to-date, but given that Diplo has been the zeitgeist in music over the last handful of years, his future-casting ability should perhaps not be too surprising.


Big Gigantic on turning down versus turning up, and how they're like the Dead


Big Gigantic, the jazz-and-hip-hop-infused electronic duo from Boulder, CO., brought their act to Madison Square Garden this weekend for the eighth annual Bass Center show—performing directly before Bassnectar (and after Rusko and Paper Diamond).

It’s been a big year for saxophonist/producer Dominic Lalli and drummer Jeremy Salken. They toured Australia, they played Coachella, they were part of Srillex’s Superjam at Bonnaroo, they sold out two nights at Red Rocks in September. Now they’ve helped sell out MSG, giving an expectation-defying hourlong performance and bringing out legendary beatboxer (and former Roots member) Rahzel. Oh, and they also performed at almost half the Mad Decent Block Parties. Oh, and they also released their fifth album, The Night is Young.

The day before their set and the launch of their Touch the Sky Tour, EW sat down with the duo to chat about their festival-filled summer, hanging out with Diplo, and what its like straddling the gap between so many genres.


This Week in Diplo: New music video, Major Lazer's going to India, and boatloads of cash


Diplo teamed up Yellow Claw and LNY TN this week to release the video for “Techno” featuring Waka Flocka Flame, and it’s much darker than what we’re used to seeing from the Mad Decent label head.

The clip follows the path of a batch of drugs—from creation to seller to user to (spoiler alert!) death. For as long as there have been festivals and concerts there have been drug-related deaths, but perhaps this PSA was inspired by the particularly heavy dose of fatalities the past few summers have suffered (the Mad Decent Block Party suffered two).


This Week in Diplo: The last Block Party and a few Jack U adventures


The 2014 Mad Decent Block Party Tour ended last weekend and went out the only way it could: with an insane amalgamation of live sets, after-parties, after-after parties and surprise sets. At one point, fans were swinging from the ceilings, and that is not a metaphor.

Berkeley, CA,

🙆@maddecent block party Berkeley was real dumb yellow bus 🚌 retarded 🙌🙌

A photo posted by diplo (@diplo) on

San Francisco after-parties,

Eugene, OR,

And then off to Canada for the final stop.

After which Diplo took a minute to thank his fans as it ended.

The MDBP started in 2008 as a one-off in Philadelphia as a literal block party, not a stadium tour. As you can see in this caption, as well as from the countless social media posts and media coverage throughout the summer, it has grown extraordinarily. Twenty-two stops (not counting after-parties or pop-ups), most of which were sold out and almost 170,000 attendees is no small feat—nor, I would imagine, is putting on a traveling festival of sorts.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 4.34.54 PMFull disclosure, the tour isn’t exactly over. The first Mad Decent Boat Party sets sail from Miami through the Caribbean mid-November. This is either the most exciting or terrifying announcement I’ve received recently. (I’m leaning toward the former.)

2014_MDB_11_LineupGraphic_MarqueeYou might be tempted to think Diplo would, I don’t know, take a week off after the tour. Relax, even. While I see your thought process, I’m here to tell you, you would be wrong in such assumptions.

Diplo and Skrillex have been hard on the campaign trail for Jack U and their MSG New Year’s Eve show. They released a YouTube video. They tweeted and Instagrammed incessantly. They gave tickets away. They tweeted and Instagrammed more.

And then, presumably, once they realized everyone already wants to go, they went to shoot a music video for “Take U There” with Kiesza.

Making spontaneous movies with @skrillex @diplo and @ljubalicious

A video posted by @kiesza on

Ok let just shoot a video real quick @kiesza

A photo posted by diplo (@diplo) on

Release details on the video are still unreleased, but the excitement on social media from fans is palpable.

And, lest all the Jack U excitement distract us, let’s remember Diplo is also a formative member of Major Lazer, who also had a pretty sweet summer. They posted a highlight reel on their homepage of the season on Wednesday. If you have a high tolerance for FOMO and/or are comfortable dreaming of next year’s tour this early in the game, give it a watch.

Aside from that, Diplo went to a baseball game (with Skrillex because, obviously) and the dentist. Stars—they’re just like us… sort of.


A video posted by skrillex (@skrillex) on


A photo posted by diplo (@diplo) on



This week in Diplo: The kandi debate goes on, the Block Party takes Vegas

This week in Diplo was all about the shows, their after-shows, their after-after shows, and the continued debate over the kandi ban.

Diplo played his Friday night set in Toronto with Walshy Fire (as mentioned last week, one-third of Major Lazer),

🙏🙏 Toronto was on fire last night @maddecent block party 🙏🙏

A photo posted by diplo (@diplo) on

and then back-to-back after-party sets, first at Parts and Labour’s basement club and later at The Hoxton.

🍁 third set b2b @FLOSSTRADAMUS zeds dead til 4 am

A photo posted by diplo (@diplo) on

Saturday, he took himself to Detroit and the trip was not without incident. There, a fan snuck in some kandi (yes, people are still salty over the ban) and threw it at Diplo during his set.

🙏🙏 Detroit/Pontiac 🙏🙏 #mdbp 🍯⚠️

A photo posted by diplo (@diplo) on

Kandi is primarily plastic, colorful beads woven into bracelets or onto backpacks and clothing and has long been a part of the rave and dance-music scene. PLUR (stands for Peace Love Unity Respect) community members promote them as a bright, positive way to send messages, start conversation and give gifts at relevant events—someone who doesn’t have any kandi gets some from someone covered in it, starts making their own to share, and the tradition grows.

While it all may seems harmless, the flip side of the equation is that kandi has also traditionally been a way to identify a drug dealer at a rave or EDM event; someone covered in kandi might be selling various party favors and could easily be found due to, well, being covered in neon, plastic beads. They are also another apparatus by which people can sneak in drugs (i.e. molly/ecstasy pills which can look like a bead) for personal use.

After the two deaths early in the MDBP tour, organizers needed to take special measures to ensure the safety of concert-goers and banning kandi was one of the steps chosen, to the consternation of many.

In Detroit, however, Diplo responded as we all should when bearing witness to a child throwing a tantrum: He told everyone to give the dude who’d thrown kandi at him a hug.

Dippppplooooooo #edm #maddecentblockparty #diplo #detroit #dubstep #drop #amazing

A video posted by Hunter Hansz (@hunterhansz) on

After Detroit, Vegas happened. On Sunday, the Block Party.

Y'all were Jamming at EBC @MADdecent block/pool party 🙏

A photo posted by diplo (@diplo) on

Look at you. Now look at us.. all @dmahoneyphoto 's make us look rich azz fuc @dillonfrancis

A photo posted by diplo (@diplo) on

On Monday, Mad Decent Monday at XS Nightclub with RL Grime.

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 1.36.57 PM

Most of the photos can’t be posted. But here are a couple that won’t get you fired from work.


A photo posted by diplo (@diplo) on

made a foreign film in the club last nite @diplo @XSlasvegas

A photo posted by RL Grime (@rlgrime) on

Outside of live music, Diplo also released a new Major Lazer track,

changed his Twitter name,

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 2.56.40 PM

invented a new word,

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 2.58.11 PM

and found time to go swimming.

Hi from the 🐟 on #theprismaticworldtour

A video posted by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on

The Mad Decent Block Party continues this weekend with stops in Denver and Nashville. Get excited (for it or your weekend) with MDBP Official Spotify Playlist.


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