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Dr. Dre teams with 'Mafia Wars': Good news for 'Detox'?

Dr-DreImage Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty ImagesIs Dr. Dre‘s Detox really coming out next year? Maybe! Here’s one more sign that the long-delayed album is on its way: This morning, Dre announced that he is partnering with the online game Mafia Wars for a promotional campaign.

According to a press release, starting this weekend, Mafia Wars players can watch Dre’s new video for his single “Kush” within the game. They can also play a “Hustlin’ Wit Dre” game-within-a-game that will let them “collect Dr. Dre-inspired, limited edition virtual goods such as headphones, a vintage car, and weapons.” Players will have a chance to win signed headphones from the superproducer’s Beats by Dr. Dre line, as well as signed copies of Detox whenever it comes out…which would certainly suggest that that event is looming on the horizon, no?

What do you think of this news? Does this convince you that Detox will be on sale in the near future?

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Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg steam up the club in 'Kush' video: Watch here

Dr-Dre-KushOkay, so now I’m actually starting to believe Dr. Dre‘s Detox is coming soon. “Kush,” the album’s lead single leaked online last month and positive feedback demanded they run with it. Acting fast, the video was released this morning. The legendary California producer teams up with singer Akon and frequent collaborator Snoop Dogg here. In the clip Dre and Snoop hit the club to spark up some fun while Akon makes it rain in a private jet cruising over the city. Visually, it’s an interesting video. The trio are the only ones moving in the majority of it. Motionless party-goers are seen enjoying various facets of after hours fun, be it exhaling puffs of smoke, knocking back a drink, or dancing. Flight attendants are frozen, as is the cash Akon tosses up on his plane.

The camera work is not untraveled territory, though. T-Pain’s recent “Rap Song” features the style. As does Usher’s “DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love” with slow motion and rewinding at times. But Dre’s has a Cali-cool vibe that’s all its own.

Check out the video after the jump and let us know what you think. But beware: the language is NSFW.


Dr. Dre's first Detox single, 'Kush,' leaks online

Dr-DreImage Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty ImagesIt’s hard to keep excitement going when the promised product is as oft-delayed as Dr. Dre‘s Detox album. But slowly, rap’s iconic producer and sometime rapper is breathing life back into the bodies of fans who’ve held their breath for too long. Yesterday Dre’s first single from his forthcoming album leaked online. It’s called “Kush,” and features longtime partner in rhyme Snoop Dogg—fittingly so, since it’s about marijuana. With a whipping bass line and Dre’s trademark menacing keys, it feels like this time Dre may actually be prepping to drop the album.

In an interview with radio host Big Boy, the California titan explained that he didn’t intend for it to come out and he doesn’t want people to think that it’s a true representation of the album. But he’s rolling with it nonetheless. “It’s about weed smoking and I don’t want people to think that’s what my album’s about,” he said. “This is actually the only song with that type of content in it. But it seems that  everybody likes it. So we’re going to go ahead and push with it.”

Dre’s also on the cover of XXL‘s Dec./Jan. issue talking about Detox. The album’s expected to hit stores early in 2011.

Have you heard “Kush” yet? Are you excited for Detox again? Let us know.

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Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine tell us why they believe in Beats headphones -- and what's up with 'Detox'

Dr-Dre-headphonesImage Credit: D Dipasupil/FilmMagic.comDr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine are busy men. One is a legendary recording artist and producer, the other runs one of the biggest labels in the music industry. So why are these guys, who surely have cooler places to be, spending their Wednesday afternoon at a Manhattan theater hawking headphones?

“Because this is our life right now,” Dr. Dre tells the Music Mix backstage shortly after he, Iovine, and Monster Cable founder Noel Lee have finished a press conference introducing the latest additions to their Beats by Dr. Dre audio products line. “This is something that we’re really into. We’re really proud of it.” Iovine gets more personal with his answer: “I was a recording engineer when I was 19 years old,” says the Interscope-Geffen-A&M chief. “Sound has been my way into a better life. So sound is as important to me as music…. Without sound and music, I’m still in Brooklyn, working, you know, down on the docks. So it’s very easy for me to show up for this.” READ FULL STORY

Dr. Dre says he'd be open to working with 'American Idol' contestants

Dr-DreImage Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty ImagesDr. Dre can afford to be picky about which artists he works with. But with his good pal and Interscope-Geffen-A&M chair Jimmy Iovine joining American Idol as an in-house mentor for the upcoming tenth season, would Dre consider lending his studio talents to a contestant from the show? Sure, if the chemistry was right.

“You know what? It all depends on the artist, if they turn me on or not. That’s all there is to it,” Dr. Dre tells the Music Mix backstage at a Beats by Dr. Dre headphone launch event. “Of course, they have to have a serious talent,” he adds. “I have to be comfortable vibing with them in the studio. And I really like artists that have a story.”

What do you say? Would Dr. Dre and American Idol be a good match?

More: Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine tell us why they believe in Beats headphones — and what’s up with Detox

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Jay-Z, Eminem, and their hip-hop super friends bring 'Home and Home' tour to Yankee Stadium

Jay-Z-Kanye-Nicki-MinajImage Credit: Kevin Mazur/“Let’s go, Yankees,” chanted fans last night in the Bronx, New York, home of Major League Baseball’s defending champions. But they weren’t there to see Derek Jeter or Alex Rodriguez smash it out of the park. The sold-out crowd filled the new Yankee Stadium to see two of hip-hop’s greatest and most accomplished talents, Eminem and native son Jay-Z, bring the young venue its first show.  Two weeks ago, the combo kicked off the first half of their Home and Home mini-tour at Detroit’s Comerica Park. There Em, was the night’s closer. But on Monday night, he set things off.

The chants flipped to cheers when Em’s spacey intro began on the jumbo screen. Like Star Wars movies begin–with a storyline text appearing as we travel across the galaxy–so did his, chronicling his heavily covered road from troubled drug addict to sobriety. “You are here to witness,” it concluded, “Eminem’s RECOVERY.”

In a black tee, shorts, and a matching hooded sweatshirt pulled over his head, Em crept on stage to “Won’t Back Down,” rapping with fierce intensity. As he spit on the track, “Shady’s got the mass appeal.” And was apparent. From jump, fans made the Motor City rhymer feel right at home, rapping along word-for-word.

“Politically correct” and Eminem don’t go together. Animations of a redneck with a mullet and his beat-up car were met with laughs when he performed “W.T.P. (White Trash Party).” His fans are a different kind of breed—a more twisted bunch who somehow relate to some of his most violent and mortifying lyrics like, “B—-, I’mma kill you” from the aptly titled “Kill You.” And they obeyed his command to raise their middle fingers and say, “F— you, momma!” before he launched into “Cleanin’ Out My Closet.”  After a brief set with his group D12, B.o.B, who opened the show, came back out to perform his “Airplanes” alongside Em, but that guest appearance was just a warm up for what was to come.

Find out who the other surprises were and how Jay-Z did after the jump.


Eminem and Jay-Z rock Detroit with help from Dr. Dre, Drake, and so many more

eminem-jay-zImage Credit: Kevin Mazur/EM/WireImage.comEminem and Jay-Z sharing a stage is an event in and of itself. But that wasn’t all the two rap titans had in store for the first night of their “Home and Home” mini-tour at Detroit’s Comerica Park last night. Oh no. In the course of their two sets, Em and Jay brought out friends including Dr. Dre, Drake, 50 Cent, B.o.B, Young Jeezy — practically half of the hip-hop galaxy.

By all accounts, it was a night to remember. Check out clips of Dr. Dre’s guest appearance, plus Eminem and Jay-Z doing their classic 2001 collab “Renegade,” after the jump (clips via Rap Radar; lots of NSFW language).

Were you at Comerica Park last night? Planning to see Eminem and Jay-Z’s second show there tonight, or one of their Yankee Stadium dates in NYC on Sept. 13 and 14? Let us know in the comments. READ FULL STORY

Dr. Dre and Jay-Z's 'Under Pressure' leaks

jay-z-dr-dreImage Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/ “Under Pressure,” Dr. Dre’s collaboration with Jay-Z, seems to have leaked online this afternoon. The song’s imminent release was announced in early April before repeated delays tempered fans’ anticipation somewhat; just a few minutes ago, I was actually writing a post entitled “Whatever happened to ‘Under Pressure’?” Now it’s here, albeit in very unfinished-sounding form.

The leak, whose rough-take vibe I cannot stress enough, is not an immediate stunner. Dr. Dre takes the first verse, spitting some decently clever bars (presumably penned with help from Jay) over clubby bleeps and bloops. “Maybe I don’t want to stop, maybe I don’t want to quit,” he muses. “Maybe I’m crazy/Maybe I’m strapped right now, just bait me.” Dre raises his voice for some rousing words in Creole. Then, after a blank space where a hook might fit, it’s time for Jay-Z’s superior verse. Hov gets some snappy lines in, as when he informs us that life’s stresses have him “bringing guns to work, Gilbert Arenas.” And: “I’m in this party, I’m up to no good/And I should be ducking these clubs, Tiger Woods.” Given the timing of the two sports scandals he references, I wonder if Jay-Z recorded his verse any later than January. After another bit of negative space, Dre growls another partial verse. That’s it. Two and a half verses, no hooks, and this version of “Under Pressure,” at least, is out.

JUNE 17 UPDATE: Early this morning, Dr. Dre issued a statement about the leak. “I want to set the record straight for everybody who’s been waiting to hear my music,” he said through a publicist. “The song that’s on the Internet is an incomplete song that I’m still working on.  When it’s ready, you’ll be hearing it from me.”

Have you heard “Under Pressure”? What do you think?

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Dr. Dre teases Jay-Z collab, 'Under Pressure,' at Fenway Park

Fenway Park was crawling with famous musicians last night, and I’m not just talking about Neil Diamond’s ridiculous rendition of “Sweet Caroline.” Earlier, before the Red Sox defeated the Yankees on baseball’s opening day (sigh), Dr. Dre and Interscope-Geffen-A&M boss Jimmy Iovine chatted with a New England Sports Network reporter. (Clip after the jump via Vulture.)

Ostensibly they were on hand to shill for some new Red Sox edition of Dre’s state-of-the-art headphones, blah, blah, blah. The reason everyone is going nuts over this interview clip today is that Dre and Jimmy used this opportunity to confirm the widespread rumors that there’s a Dr. Dre and Jay-Z single coming out soon. It’s called “Under Pressure,” and both guys said they’d use it as their at-bat music if they were on the Red Sox, so you know it’s good. Seriously, though: Dr. Dre and Jay-Z. When those two team up, magic happens. Also, presumably “Under Pressure” will be followed by more solid information on Detox, which is otherwise basically an urban myth at this point.

As a diehard Yankee fan, my excitement over this news is only slightly dimmed by the annoying sight of Dr. Dre wearing a custom Red Sox jersey. (Shouldn’t he be a Dodgers fan?) Must have gotten awkward in the studio if he kept that uniform on in the presence of the man who made the Yankee cap more famous than a Yankee can.

Watch Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine’s interview after the jump and let us know if you’re as psyched for “Under Pressure” as I am. Comments on Dre’s batting-practice swing are equally welcome. (EW’s Mike Bruno thinks it looks “kinda weak.” I’d have to agree. Only appropriate for someone repping the Sox, am I right?)


Aziz Ansari screams at rappers: RAAAAAAAANDY is hilariously 'AAAAAAAANGRY'

You know who else wishes Kanye West would release some new music already? Aziz Ansari. Or, rather, the Parks & Recreation comedian’s foul-mouthed alter ego RAAAAAAAANDY. (That’s eight A’s, and don’t you forget it.) The deluded character made his public debut in last summer’s Funny People, as well as three web-only promo clips that were way funnier than the movie itself. Now Ansari — err, RAAAAAAAANDY — is putting together a mixtape in collaboration with, randomly, TV on the Radio‘s Dave Sitek. On “AAAAAAAANGRY,” a track that Ansari just posted for free download on his Tumblr, RAAAAAAAANDY claims that Kanye and other rappers including Jay-Z, Eminem, Drake, Dr. Dre, Kid Cudi, and more are all late in delivering promised guest verses for the mixtape.

Got all that backstory? Actually, you don’t need to. Just head over to Aziz’s site to enjoy hearing RAAAAAAAANDY yell furiously at all the rappers who have allegedly left him in the lurch. (Beware, lots and lots of NSFW language.) For example: “Kanye! What is taking you so long?! You know how you like to sample soul songs and speed them up? Why don’t you speed up the process of you getting your verses back to us?” And: “Jay-Z! You’re supposed to drop a verse. Where’s your s—, bro? Did Coldplay have to wait this long?” Also: “This is for the whole Wu-Tang Clan, especially RZA and GZA. Where y’all at, man? You know how many times I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and refurnished my bathroom since we sent you those beats? I’ve went through floor mats, fool!” Genius.


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