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Drake releases 'Take Care' single 'Headlines' -- hear it here

Similar to how he brought in his last album Thank Me Later with “Over“—a cut that didn’t scream “pop smash!” but was a quality tone-setter—Canadian rhymer Drake dropped the first single from his forthcoming sophomore album Take Care this weekend.

The cut, “Headlines,” is a menacing beginning for the highly anticipated set. Aware of those who think his decline is imminent, Drake kicks his first verse off by saying that the negativity surrounding him is actually motivation to continue on his hot streak. Finding his groove shouldn’t be too difficult, considering he’s featured on “I’m On One.” It’s the biggest rap record of the summer. Still, he asks for help.

“I had someone tell me I fell off/ Oh, I needed that / And the they want to see me pick back up/ Well, where’d I leave it at?” he raps melodically. Listen here: READ FULL STORY

Drake drops 'Marvin's Room' video: Watch here!

His record label may be pulling all of his new tracks off the Internet, but Drake continues to be a one-man promotional machine for his forthcoming album Take Care.

So while his new single “Marvin’s Room” remains somewhat elusive, that didn’t stop the rapper from uploading the song’s brand new video, which finds him laying out a pretty literal interpretation of his own lyrics about drinking heavily and pining over a woman you know he shouldn’t be messing with in the first place.

It looks like it was made for about nine bucks (plus the cost of those whiskey shots and bottles of Heineken), but it’s so direct that it hits way harder than the more expensive, more cinematic and more jumbled Eminem video that premiered yesterday. Check out Drake’s moody clip for “Marvin’s Room” after the jump.


Drake-approved R&B upstart The Weeknd: Why all the blog frenzy over an unknown?

Chances are you’ve either heard the Weeknd is the greatest thing to happen to R&B since the “Single Ladies” dance, or you don’t even know who he is.

If you haven’t heard of the Weeknd (real name Abel Tesfay), it might have something to do with the fact that his self-released debut was released only a week ago. Prior to that, he had a handful of songs floating around YouTube.

But ever since the Weeknd’s House of Balloons appeared as a free online download, his music has gathered the kind of media attention publicists usually offer blood sacrifices for: Fellow Canadian Drake has repeatedly Tweeted lyrics and linked to the mixtape, and an ensuing flurry of positive reviews tore through the online blogging community, including an 8.5 rating from tastemaker Pitchfork.

Listen to the slightly NSFW “Wicked Games” after the jump: READ FULL STORY

Drake's forthcoming album 'Take Care': The producer spills details to EW

DrakeImage Credit: Lester Cohen/WireImage.comDrake and record producer Boi-1da have a lot in common: They’re both 24, Canucks, kinda big deals in the hip-hop scene, and have Grammy nominations under their belts. Now, they’re working on an album together for a second time—specifically, Drake’s second and forthcoming disc, Take Care. Last night on the Grammy Awards’ red carpet, EW snaked a few hints from producer Boi-1da, who shared his thoughts on his buddy’s forthcoming oeuvre.

“It is amazing stuff. A lot of rapping, more than on the last album,” Boi-1da told us. “He is trying to go in a slightly different direction, but stay consistent enough to give the fans what they want. He is more confident, and sure that what he is doing, he’s doing right. That opens artists up to trying new things and experimenting.”


Nicki Minaj debuts 'Moment 4 Life' music video featuring Drake: Fairy tales do come true

Ever-buzzy raptress Nicki Minaj just debuted her latest music video, for single “Moment 4 Life,” which features some rapping from the equally as buzzy Drake. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Minaj production without a semi-solid theme of complete wackiness: “Moment 4 Life” depicts a Cinderella-esque Minaj enjoying the best night of her life because she’s found love—in the form of Drake. (They even smootch at the end!) It also wouldn’t be a Minaj production without several crazy outfits, wigs, and costume changes. In fact, the best part of the video is during the intro—before the music starts—when Minaj plays both the Cinderella character and her fairy godmother. “I don’t know,” the Cinderella Minaj says. “I just feel like tonight is going to be amazing. It’s going to be a dream.” Ding ding! Then her fairy godmother—oh yeah, she’s got Nicki’s patented British accent going on the whole time—grants Cinderella Nicki the ability to have this magical, special, too-good-to-handle “Moment 4 Life.” Get it? Clever. And totally crazy. But that’s why we love her. I will say the video tends to cast the song in a bit more of a romantic way than I had thought about it by just listening to it—this has the potential to be a wedding/love song even! That’s special. Now check out the video here:


Rihanna gets love on Rick Ross and Drake's 'Made Men'

Rick-Ross-rihanna-drakeImage Credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos; Bob Charlotte/PR Photos (2)This morning, Miami rhymer Rick Ross debuted the Drake-featuring “Made Men,” a track he held off of his new Ashes to Ashes holiday mixtape. (Ross explained to Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club that he “just wanted to put some finishing touches on it.”)

Over a menacing beat and a thumping bass fit for a hip-hop mafioso, Ross raps about the usual: coke, “bad” (meaning good-looking) women, stacks of cash, and the luxury cars he’s purchased with them. To that end, the Boss—being the lyrical wizard he is—likened his vintage automobile to a certain Island Def Jam label mate, one of pop’s biggest acts. READ FULL STORY

Q-Tip talks 2011 plans: A multilingual new album, collaborating with Drake, and more

Q-tip-musicianImage Credit: Johnny Nunez/WireImage.comQ-Tip is making big plans for the coming year. The sometime A Tribe Called Quest rapper phoned the Music Mix earlier today to fill us in on all the projects he has on the way, including a new solo album recorded in English, Spanish, and French. He’s calling it The Last Zulu, and ideally he hopes to complete three separate versions of the set (one for each language).

“I feel like my fans have been so gracious over the years,” Q-Tip says. “They’re so smart that I want to extend the grace back to them and speak to them in their tongues.” One slight problem: The Abstract Poetic is fluent in neither French nor Spanish. “I’m going to have to brush up!”

He plans to start seriously focusing on The Last Zulu in February, with a tentative release target of late 2011/early 2012. Here’s hoping it doesn’t fall victim to the label shenanigans that delayed 2008’s The Renaissance for so long.

So far Q-Tip has a few rough ideas for songs and a general concept involving vintage rhythms. “It’s going to take us back to the days of when it was breakbeats, when [Grandmaster] Flash and [Afrika] Bambaataa was throwing on them hard beats. It’s going to have a lot of that energy, and it’s going to feel really big and anthemic. It’s going to be unlike anything I’ve done before.” READ FULL STORY

Jay Pharoah takes on Jay-Z, Drake, Biggie on 'Saturday Night Live' rap-off

In an evening of excellent impressions (Miley vs. Katie Holmes? Shello! Prutty kewl), new SNL cast member Jay Pharoah stood out for both who he took on in his Thanksgiving-themed Weekend Update segment—Jay-Z, Drake, Biggie Smalls—and how on-point his impersonations were.

Close your eyes and listen to the Hova celebrate turkey thighs and Beyonce’s badonk! Marvel as “Drake” nails his sing-songy Canadian cadences in honor of drunk uncles and fat cousins! Bounce along as the Notorious, posthumous B.I.G. lisps a loving tale of candied yams and “biscuits for days”! It’s all after the jump: READ FULL STORY

Rihanna and Drake's new 'What's My Name' video: Watch it here

Rihanna-and-DrakeA song that jumps 59 spots to no. 1 in a single week needs a video, and the brand-new Billboard-topper “What’s My Name” just got one.

Watch the Barbadian and the Canadian bring their flirtation internacional to Manhattan, sexing over spilled milk at the corner bodega, joining a late-night drum circle, and generally setting a next-level bar for fly-girl pantyhose. (Okay, impetus for that last one is mostly on Rihanna.) READ FULL STORY

Lil Wayne headed 'straight to the studio' after leaving prison, says label head

lil-wayne-babyImage Credit: Arnold Turner/WireImage.comLil Wayne is expected to finish his Rikers Island sentence next Thursday, Nov. 4. That very day, the rap megastar will likely make a bee-line for one of his favorite places on Earth: the recording studio.

“Me knowing Wayne, he’s going into the studio,” Cash Money label head Baby (a.k.a. Birdman) tells the Music Mix. “He hasn’t been able to rap for months. I think after seeing the family, popping a few bottles, it’s back to basics. Family first, that’s what we believe in, that’s what we’re loyal to. After that, I think the same day he comes home, he’s going to go straight to the studio.”

Wayne’s first priority when he enters the booth for the first time since March will be working on his long-promised project Tha Carter IV. Baby expects that album to arrive in the first quarter of 2011, though no release plans have been finalized.

Baby is also looking forward to working with Wayne on a sequel to Like Father, Like Son, the collaborative album that the mentor and protégé released in 2006. “We’re planning on putting that out Father’s Day weekend,” he says. So what should fans expect to hear next June? “Just me and Wayne being us, the father-son thing. [We’re] bringing that Cash Money/Young Money sound, that traditional hard-body rap, the music that we do together — that gangsta s—, straight up.”

The next year is shaping up to be a busy one for the label. Along with Tha Carter IV and Like Father, Like Son 2, Baby anticipates new releases from Cash Money/Young Money artists including himself, Drake, Jay Sean, Bow Wow, DJ Khaled, Tyga, Lil Twist, and more. Drake’s sophomore full-length will likely drop next summer. “He’s in the lab right now,” says Baby. “You never know with Drizzy — [the album will be done] whenever he’s ready.”

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