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Eminem sneakily announces new single, album release date during VMAs [UPDATED]

With most of the music world’s eyeballs fixed on one point — the MTV VMAs — Eminem took advantage of the moment to announce the name and release date of his upcoming eighth album. As his official site teases, the new album will be out Nov. 5.

The site calls the release MMLP2, which likely stands for The Marshall Mathers LP 2. Also announced was the name of a new single, “Berzerk,” to be debuted this Tuesday.

UPDATE: A rep at Interscope has confirmed that the album’s formal title is indeed The Marshall Mathers LP 2, and that “Berzerk” will be on sale via iTunes on Tuesday, 12:01am Eastern. The song was produced by Rick Rubin, who with Dr. Dre co-produced the entire album.

The announcement also came with a snippet of the new song. Check it out below: READ FULL STORY

Eminem drops new song 'Survival': Hear it here

Guess who’s back? Back again? Shady’s back! Tell a video game fan!

There hasn’t been new Eminem music in a while, though he did announce that he’d have a new album out in 2013 thanks to a hat he was selling. Now comes a brand new track called “Survival,” which will not only appear on said upcoming album but also on the soundtrack to Call of Duty: Ghosts, the latest entry in the massively successful fist-person shooter franchise.

When we last heard Slim Shady, he was teaming up with his old pal Royce Da 5’9″ for the return of the team Bad Meets Evil, and they scored hits with “Fast Lane” and the Bruno Mars-assisted “Lighters.” The last time Marshall Mathers rapped solo, it was for 2010’s Recovery, which yielded the chart-toppers “Not Afraid” and “Love the Way You Lie.”

More details about Eminem’s new album, including a release date and a single, will be forthcoming. For now, give “Survival,” a guitar-heavy banger cut from the same cloth as “Won’t Back Down,” a listen below (though good luck hearing the lyrics underneath all that digital gunfire). UPDATE: Hear the non-shooty version below too.  READ FULL STORY

Eminem in 'How to Make Money Selling Drugs': 'My name is Marshall, and I'm an addict' -- VIDEO

Clearly, a man who calls his albums Relapse and Recovery is pretty forthright about his struggle with addiction, but Eminem opens the book even further in the new documentary How to Make Money Selling Drugs.

In a two-and-a-half-minute confessional, the hip-hop megastar explains how he fell into his addiction to prescription painkillers and cheated death. “I don’t know at what point exactly it started to be a problem, I just remember liking it more and more,” he says.

And when he was at his worst, he refused to listen to anyone who tried to stop him — after all, he was just taking legal pills. “People tried to tell me I had a problem. I would say, ‘Get that f—ing person out of here. I can’t believe they said that sh-t to me. They know nothing about my f—ing life. Are they out of their f—ing mind? I’m not out there shooting heroin. I’m not out there putting coke up my nose. I’m not smoking crack.'”

Check out the clip below:

50 Cent's new single 'My Life' featuring Adam Levine and Eminem: Hear it here

50 Cent is a weird case among rappers, isn’t he?

He put out one of the best-selling hip-hop albums of all time in Get Rich or Die Tryin’, and his personal narrative (trained by Jam Master Jay, shot nine times, re-discovered by Dr. Dre & Eminem, made a ton of money off Vitamin Water) is as ingrained in the popular consciousness as any mainstream star’s of the past two decades.

On the other hand, he’s had a string of duds and non-starters, both in the music world and in the straight-to-DVD universe. Lately, he tends to grab headlines only for Twitter-related nonsense. But he’s still a prodigious talent, and his upcoming album Street King Immortal might be the thing that puts him back on top of the rap world.

That album’s new single “My Life,” which features Adam Levine and Eminem, is submitted as Exhibit A. It falls into some of the traps that 50’s other work tends to fall into (he doesn’t seem to know what his audience wants nor what bandwagon to hop on, so he just tries to do everything), but the Levine-crooned hook is an undeniable earworm, and Slim Shady’s guest verse is the best thing he’s done in 2012 (which means is 73,000 times better than his phoned-in guest spot on the Rihanna album).

Give “My Life” a spin below: READ FULL STORY

Rihanna and Eminem get 'Numb': Hear the leak here

Let the Unapologetic era begin.

Now that Rihanna’s seventh album in seven years is hitting streets, people are getting a jump on assessing the record’s other, non-Chris Brown collaborations — particularly the Eminem track, “Numb.”

Fans expecting something in the vein of “Love the Way You Lie” will likely be disappointed. The trippy track is built around a syrupy, slowed-and-throwed beat and a distorted vocal sample from Kanye West’s oldie-but-goodie hit “Can’t Tell Me Nothing.” The song trudges along for two-plus warped minutes before Eminem jumps in, spiking the cut with a quick but effectively weird verse.

Give “Numb” a listen below and let us know what you think: READ FULL STORY

Eminem hat for sale notes that he has a new album coming in 2013

Last night, the Detroit Tigers folded like second-rate origami in the World Series, falling in four straight games to the San Francisco Giants. The end of the game was particularly poetic, as Triple Crown winner and MVP candidate Miguel Cabrera watched a sluggish fastball sail right past him for the final strike of the game.

It was a rough couple of days for Detroit, who didn’t put up much of a fight after plowing through the New York Yankees in the ALCS. Their future remains uncertain, with manager Jim Leyland contemplating retirement and key members of the pitching staff in contract limbo. Still, there’s at least one resident of Motor City who is certain to be back in 2013: Eminem.

Angel Haze spins graphic narrative of sexual abuse on 'Cleaning Out My Closet'

“This might get a little personal—or a lot, actually.”

Rising rapper Angel Haze’s warning at the top of her new mixtape track “Cleaning Out My Closet,” which premiered yesterday, shouldn’t be taken lightly. The 21-year-old Brooklyn-based Detroit native borrows the beat from the Eminem track of the same name to lay out a graphic, shocking account of a lifetime of sexual abuse. It will be appearing on her forthcoming giveaway Classick, which will be unleashed on the Internet on Thursday.

Though she doesn’t name names, Haze lays out a harrowing, damning narrative about being raped at 10 years old, setting up a pattern of abuse that haunted her throughout her next decade. It’s a pretty intense listen, but it’s also one of the most bracing, intense, personal, and hard-hitting rap songs you’ll hear all year. Hear it below: READ FULL STORY

Taylor Swift in tears, Axl gone AWOL, Britney breaking out in a rash: MTV's top exec tells EW the stories behind the wildest moments in VMA history

Last week’s MTV Video Music Awards may have suffered from disappointing ratings (this year’s viewership was only half of last year’s all-time high 12.45 million) and a dearth of big wow moments, but there’s no shortage of bonkers events to look back on in the show’s past.

In fact, we recently caught up with MTV Music Group President Van Toffler to discuss some of the wildest, wooliest, and most unforgettable water-cooler moments from the VMAs’ nearly three-decade run — and got some previously unpublished revelations on everyone from Britney Spears (did you know that she wasn’t actually Madonna’s first-kiss choice back in 2003? Or that her 2001 snake-charming had a seriously unfortunate side effect?) to Kanye’s infamous speechus interruptus. Read on (with video links in the headers, when available).

Kanye Storms the Stage and Interrupts Taylor Swift (2009)
Toffler: “There’s no way any of us could have predicted that — we didn’t orchestrate it. He came with a bottle of alcohol, so he was in a festive mood to begin with. But we all were in shock in the [production] truck when he walked up on stage and took the mic from Taylor. I remember turning to one of the producers and going, ‘Do we not have security?’ [But] we don’t put those big bulky guys on camera in front of the talent. Maybe this guy thought Kanye belonged on the stage.

I said to our line producer, ‘You need to go talk to Kanye and probably have him exit the building, and I will go deal with Taylor.’ And she was about to perform right after that break! She was a champ. I would be lying if I said she and her mom weren’t crying when I saw them, but she pulled it together. This was one of the most absurd VMA moments for me, having to talk to her and her mom, and they’re crying and upset, and this was her first time on the VMAs, and she had been used to working on country shows with polite artists. This was a little bit more chaotic than she was used to. And then I walked back behind the stage to find Beyoncé crying about the incident. Ultimately I talked to her and her dad and then went back to Taylor after her performance, and an hour later Beyoncé brought Taylor back out so she could have her moment.

It all played out okay in the end, but there was a lot of drama in between. Beyoncé had the wisdom to bring Taylor out on stage, and Taylor stayed to have her moment instead of leaving.”


Eminem says he's working on a new solo album


While we won’t get the chance to see Marshall Mathers play the pugilist underdog in a boxing movie, there will apparently be a reasonable consolation prize for anybody who doesn’t have quite enough Slim Shady in their lives.

Eminem called into Hip-Hop Squares host Peter Rosenberg’s show on New York City radio station Hot 97 this morning primarily to announce that Slaughterhouse, his label’s crown jewel, will be playing the annual Summer Jam festival in New Jersey.

But he had another tidbit of information for Rosenberg. Once the Slaughterhouse album is complete, Em plans on committing himself to a new solo album. “There’s a couple of things I’ve been working on,” he told Rosenberg. “I’m starting to toy.”

We last heard from Eminem in the summer of 2011 when he dropped Hell: The Sequel, a collaboration with fellow Detroit rapper Royce 5’9″ under the moniker Bad Meets Evil. The last time he dropped a solo album was in 2010, when the massively successful Recovery hit store shelves and produced a pair of chart-topping hits in “Not Afraid” and “Love the Way You Lie.” It was a fruitful time creatively for Shady; Recovery came only a year after Relapse, his first album in half a decade and a return to the darker side of his musical persona.

Slaughterhouse—consisting of Royce, Joe Budden, Crooked I, and Joell Ortiz—will drop their second album Welcome To Our House next month. That gives Em the rest of the summer to work on his solo album, which means that it’s entirely possible it could see the light of day before 2012 is out (though you should probably bet on 2013).

Are you excited about the prospect of new Eminem music? What producers and guest artists should Slim Shady work with? Spit some game in the comments.

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Coachella Sunday night: Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg bring along a lot of friends...and a Tupac hologram

Who didn’t Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg trot out to close the Coachella Festival on Sunday night? The full retinue was a veritable Hip Hop Hall of Fame: 50 Cent, Eminem, Wiz Khalifa, Kendrick Lamar, Kurupt, Warren G, Nate Dogg (via montage tribute), a two-story LED projection of Frank Sinatra, and a Tupac Shakur hologram. All that was missing was gin and juice gratis for every audience member.

Of course, the West has never been shy to throw up the “W” and the Dogg and Doc delivered a bell-ringing performance to please the hometown crowd. Backed by a full band, the set list was both party-to-go and paean to the last two decades of gangsta rap. After all, when Andre Young dropped The Chronic 20 years ago, the genre retained its marine blue menace and instilled fear into the hearts of sweater-clad suburban parents. Today, Dr. Dre is a gangsta eminence grise and savvy headphone entrepreneur. Meanwhile his one-time sidekick Snoop Dogg has starred in movies, television shows, and leased his star wattage to more products than Ron Popeil.


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