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Eccentric pop auteur Liam Hayes shares a non-algorithmic playlist


Chicago-based musician Liam Hayes has been making soulful baroque pop for a couple decades now. His orchestral leanings and respect for the classical age of American pop have earned him plenty of comparisons to Brian Wilson and Burt Bacharach, and have made him an icon in the small but fervent cult devoted to that sound. One of his better known fans is Roman Coppola, who had Hayes appear in his film A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III. In a few weeks Hayes will release a new album, Slurrup (out Jan. 13 on Fat Possum) that upholds his reputation for intricately crafted compositions and unshakeable hooks.

In preparation for Slurrup‘s release, Hayes has made EW a playlist. “This is not a desert island or deep cuts list,” he writes. “It’s not based on an algorithm and they are in no particular order. These are just some songs that I’ve enjoyed and continue to enjoy. Perhaps you will too.”


Happy Fangs wish you a punk-rock Christmas with an exclusive playlist

Behind the grunged-up, Bikini-Kill-via-classic-rock racket of their debut LP Capricorn (due out Jan. 27), the three members of San Francisco’s Happy Fangs have a surprising amount of holiday spirit. Recently they released two songs about Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Halloween, which they’ve handily included in a playlist that highlights the strange relationship between punks and the pretty much least punk holiday of the year.


Electronic producer and soundtrack composer Deru shares a film score playlist

Along with producing electronic music under the name Deru, producer Benjamin Wynn is also an Emmy Award-winning composer and sound designer. Those two aspects of his musical identity collide on the latest Deru album, 1979, which is not only available in vinyl and digital formats (through Friends of Friends Music) but as a set of nine short films by director Anthony Ciannamea housed in a custom made handheld video projector.

“TV and film scores are something I’ve been working on and thinking about for a long time,” Wynn writes in an email. “While most film scores only serve the project they’re attached to, the outstanding ones stand on their own as great music. The following are some of my favorite transcendent scores from the last decade or so.”


Mike Kinsella of Owen and American Football shares a (literally) killer playlist

As a founding member of Cap’n Jazz and American Football, Mike Kinsella is widely credited as one of the architects of the “second wave” emo sound that’s currently undergoing a revival, and with his long running solo project Owen, he’s earned a reputation as a sensitive singer-songwriter.

Lesser known is how morbidly funny he is, and how much he loves Danzig.

American Football’s about to hit the road again on the heels of a reissue of their seminal 1999 self-titled LP, and tomorrow Polyvinyl will release Other People’s Songs, an Owen covers album where Kinsella reworks songs by Lungfish, The Promise Ring, and Against Me!. During a stretch of downtime, he made EW a playlist of songs that he can imagine dying to, along with descriptions of the different ways it would happen. And yes, Danzig is definitely in the mix.


Internet rap sensation Kitty made a playlist for your Thanksgiving travel

The rapper Kitty (formerly known as Kitty Pryde), gets called an “Internet rapper” a lot because she got her first break when the video for her song “Okay Cupid”–a cotton-candy-light slice of stoner rap showcasing a real if nontraditional flow–went viral amongst hipsters, hip-hop heads, and music critics, and because she has the standard online presence of a 21-year-old in this day and age.

But she has an offline life too, and it’s involved a good amount of travel between gigs. So before the biggest day of the year for traveling, she’s sharing a playlist designed for it.

“This playlist is 4 flying in airplanes or driving in cars when you feel weird,” she emails, “and basically every time I spend on a long flight or long car ride I’m either feeling weird or trying to forget that I’m sad.”


Hyperpop geniuses Kero Kero Bonito made us a playlist

Although so far they’ve only released one mixtape–the recent Intro Bonito, which is a hit around the EW office–the members of London hyperpop trio Kero Kero Bonito are already shaping up to be great artists. And you know what people say about those.

One big difference between KKB and other acts–apart from sounding like a PlayStation loaded to the gills with Adderall and bootleg J-pop remixes–is that they’ll gladly admit to stealing ideas from other musicians. In fact they made us a whole playlist called “Music That KKB Stole Ideas From For Intro Bonito.” Not only does it give some insight into one of the year’s more interesting releases (in retrospect you can clearly hear the Japanese twee pop, Jamaican dancehall, and Chicago house in their hyperkinetic audio collages), it’s also just a really good mix.


Category-defying electronic producer David Heartbreak made us a bananas playlist

David Heartbreak is something of a DJ’s DJ, and he counts among his biggest fans dance music luminaries like Diplo, Brodinski, and Skrillex, who went so far as to sign him to his own OWSLA label and release his new LP Rose Colored Bass. But as electronic music continues to dismantle the distinctions between genres his blend of EDM, hip-hop, reggae, and whatever else catches his ear seems more and more likely to put him on a level with his better-known supporters.

Recently he took a break from wowing the world’s biggest DJ’s to put together an EW playlist that shows off the breadth of his listening habits, covering everything from deconstructed hip-hop to classic rock. Like Rose Colored Bass it just begs to be put on repeat.


Robin Schulz shares a playlist that's heavy on the Robin Schulz


German producer Robin Schulz got a big boost recently when his bongo-driven remix of Mr. Probz’s slow jam “Waves” went massively viral, reaching as high as No. 22 on the Billboard Hot 100. But Schulz is about more than simply combining deep house and soul. To celebrate his latest success, a remix of French folk-pop duo Lily & the Prick’s “Prayer in C” (which is doing “Waves”-like numbers on YouTube and Spotify), Schulz gave EW a playlist that goes heavy on his own remixes but also includes some unexpected selections like Chet Faker and SOHN.


The Budos Band reveals heavy metal roots with a new playlist


Brooklyn’s The Budos Band is signed to the soulful throwback label Daptone and makes a big, walloping, horn-driven sound that splits the difference between classic Afrobeat and old-school American funk, but its range of influences runs much deeper than that. The group’s recent LP Burnt Offering takes the Budos sound in a dark direction with a debt to vintage heavy metal and horror movies, resulting in songs that are both ass-shakingly funky and seriously spooky, as suitable for goths as for Sharon Jones fans.

The group recently sent EW a playlist designed to highlight some of these heavier influences, along with this note:

“These songs represent the attitude and aesthetic that the Budos Band strives to achieve. We may not play metal per se, but the darkness, heaviness and unabashed thrashing of these songs inspire us to new levels of Budos Mayhem.”


Comedian Cameron Esposito shares a playlist of great stand-up

Cameron Esposito broadcasts her jokes just about everywhere: She hosts two podcasts, has appeared on multiple TV shows including Chelsea Lately and The Late Late Show with Craig Fergusontours frequently, and, most recently, released her second comedy album titled Same Sex Symbol.

Esposito’s comedy veers toward the confessional, with bits covering topics ranging from her sexuality to her appreciation of everyone’s differences. “I have a side mullet,” she says on Same Sex Symbol. “I look like most of Portland’s men.” The album came out Oct. 7 and has already peaked at No. 3 on Billboard’s comedy chart. READ FULL STORY

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