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Fall Out Boy drops latest arena-rocking single 'Irresistible'

With the music industry currently obsessed with the idea of finding new ways of sneaking up on people with surprise full-length albums by platinum-selling artists, Fall Out Boy’s method of promoting its upcoming album American Beauty/American Psycho—by releasing a generous handful of singles before an album release date set several months in advance—seems almost bracingly old school.

It seems to be working, though. “Centuries,” which the band released back in September well before it had even announced their plans for the follow-up to its successful 2013 comeback effort Save Rock and Roll, is currently sitting at a respectable No. 14 on the Billboard Hot 100. READ FULL STORY

Fall Out Boy announce new album in classic Fall Out Boy fashion

It looks like the Fall Out Boy reunion that produced last year’s Save Rock and Roll has stuck. Earlier today, the band posted to their blog a chunk of cryptic text followed by a Henry Miller quote followed by some more cryptic text followed by an announcement: On Dec. 8 they’ll release a new single, “American Beauty/American Psycho,” with an album of the same name on Jan. 20. Between all the feelings-intensive poetry and a reference to the tried and true “good girl/crazy chick” dichotomy, it’s classic Fall Out Boy all the way. With the speed the retro cycle’s been churning at recently it’s not impossible that the emo revival could get around to the early aughts by the time the LP drops.


Hear 'Immortals,' Fall Out Boy's song from the 'Big Hero 6' soundtrack


It may not be quite as catchy as the songs from Disney’s last animated hit, Frozen, but Big Hero 6 will feature at least one original song courtesy of Fall Out Boy.

Titled “Immortals,” the track will be featured in the film, and it seems perfectly suited to a montage showing off the powers of Hiro Hamada and his high-tech team of heroes.

Fall Out Boy released the full song on its YouTube page.


Courtney Love brings her Courtney Love-ness to Fall Out Boy's 'Rat A Tat' video -- watch it here


Courtney Love makes a really good fascist cult leader. I can say this with authority because she plays one in Fall Out Boy’s new video for “Rat A Tat” from their album Save Rock and Roll. “Rat A Tat” is the ninth video they’ve put out for the album and they plan to make two more — one for each of the 11 tracks. The song opens with a spoken-word intro, then Love breaks in with “It’s Courtney, bitch.” Take that, Britney.

Love is some music-hating zealot who prances around with a megaphone and leather pants, rallying her brainwashed minions to destroy musical instruments. The production ends up being something like a mash up of Rocky Horror Picture Show and Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall Part 2″ video, but not quite as cool as that sounds…check it out to see for yourself. (Kudos to FOB for the crossbow banjo. Definitely seems like something Robert Rodriguez would’ve invented.)

On the scene at Fall Out Boy's VH1 Super Bowl show in Brooklyn

Some bands get on stage and look like they’d rather be anywhere else. Fall Out Boy is not one of those bands. The quartet played a show at the Brooklyn Bowl Wednesday night as part of VH1’s series of promotional concerts for the upcoming Super Bowl. (The one-hour show was broadcast live on VH1, with Stacy Keibler and Nick Cannon as hosts.)

Ever since “Sugar, We’re Going Down” brought the Chicago-bred band in 2005, FOB have largely played arena shows, but Wednesday’s show gave fans a chance to see the guys in a more intimate, standing-room-only venue. The fact that the show was being filmed didn’t jeopardize the intimacy: Bassist Pete Wentz interacted with the audience during commercial breaks (and by interacted, I mean he smiled at particularly vocal fans) and lead vocalist and guitarist Patrick Stump playfully posed whenever he saw someone holding up a phone to the stage. READ FULL STORY

Taylor Swift and Fall Out Boy to perform at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Well, these weren’t three things I planned on hearing in the same sentence today: Taylor Swift, Fall Out Boy and lingerie.

Both artists will be performing on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (lingerie status, unknown), joining the ranks of past performers like Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Kanye West and Nicki Minaj. Rising indie pop band A Great Big World, and Neon Jungle, a U.K. girl group who just finished touring with Jessie J, are also on the VS Fashion Show lineup, scheduled to take place this Wednesday at the Lexington Armory in New York.

Jack Sussman, Executive VP Specials and Events at CBS, said of choosing Swift: “If a mad scientist were asked to create the perfect combination of the beauty of a Victoria’s Secret Angel with the ultimate talent and creativity from today’s music scene, the answer would be simple — Taylor Swift.”

Sure, Swift will look right at home with tall, svelte Angels like Adriana Lima and Karlie Kloss, but will she strut down the runway with them like Rihanna did in 2012? Maybe not, but she probably has an easier height differential to deal with than Fall Out Boy.

The Victoria Secret Fashion Show airs December 10th at 10:00 p.m. on CBS.

Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump on being back at No. 1, hanging with Elton John, and why he loves Shostakovich

Fall Out Boy hadn’t released an album in nearly five years, but that didn’t stop Save Rock and Roll from debuting at No. 1 a few weeks back.

Though they’ve reached that pinnacle before (the group’s 2007 album Infinity On High also debuted in the top spot), it remains a major accomplishment for a band whom many in the industry had dismissed as kings of a genre whose time had passed.

Still, frontman Patrick Stump isn’t letting it go to his head. “I think there’s a lot of outside pressure to be focused on [numbers], but we try to focus on making the music,” Stump says. “When you’re No. 1 or No. 300, you still get to play and write the songs.”

In an extended conversation with EW, Stump talks about the creation of Save Rock and Roll, what it’s like to work with Pete Wentz, and why Elton John knows more about music than just about anybody.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What was the first song that came together for Save Rock and Roll?
“Where Did the Party Go” was the first one. Pete and I had been throwing around a lot of ideas, and sometimes Pete speaks in really funny kind of riddles. That’s one of the classic things that used to frustrate me, when people would complain about our long song titles that don’t make any sense and don’t have any relation to the song. I always thought, “You need to talk to Pete Wentz, because when you hang out with him for 10 minutes, you realize that’s how that guy talks.” He threw this puzzle at me, and he wanted me to combine a whole bunch of songs and feelings that were so disparate. As a trained musician, I thought, “Those things literally can’t go together.” But in trying to do it, not only did I surprise myself, but he was going, “Yeah, that’s it!” It was the first song that felt like the band. It’s a great song and an important song to have on the record, but the most important thing is the story behind it because it was the song that really opened up the record for us. And there’s a hint of where we wanted to go on that, because it sounds a lot like old Fall Out Boy and nothing like old Fall Out Boy.

Your records have really evolved quite a bit over time, so what do you consider “old” Fall Out Boy?
One of the things we wanted to toy around with was taking those hallmarks that people identified with us and taking them out of the superficial definitions. People talk to me all the time about emo, and I have no problem with having been identified with that, but make no mistake, we never planned on being an emo band. That was never a talk that we had. When Pete got that haircut, it was just him doing his own weird thing.  Everything about it was kind of accidental. So there’s a temptation to focus on recapturing that spirit we had in 2003, and I can’t disagree with that, because that’s when the band discovered themselves. But I think we really tried to make a Fall Out Boy record without any of the genre involved. READ FULL STORY

Fall Out Boy pay tribute to Spinal Tap on 'Conan': Watch here!

Fall Out Boy just dropped their latest (and actually very good) album Save Rock and Roll, and though their song titles are not as pun-tacular as they used to be, the band clearly hasn’t lost its sense of humor.

On last night’s episode of Conan, the band busted out Save Rock and Roll‘s first single “My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark” with a little help from the famous “Rock and Roll Creation” pods from This Is Spinal Tap.

When one of the pods failed to open (as they are wont to do) and imprisoned bassist Pete Wentz, Tap’s own bassist Derek Smalls (a.k.a. actor and writer Harry Shearer) filled in on the low end.

He brought along some pals, too. Check out the entirety of Fall Out Boy’s performance on last night’s episode of Conan below: READ FULL STORY

Fall Out Boy streaming new album 'Save Rock and Roll' in full


What hiatus? Fall Out Boy made its years-long absence all the sweeter with their recent announcement of a forthcoming album, Save Rock and Roll — and now that announcement is already old news because the entire album is streaming on the band’s website, in advance of its April 16 release. In addition, the lyrics for each song are included. Or as Patrick Stump, et al. wrote on the site, “Learn the words and sing along at our upcoming shows.” Not coincidentally, tickets to Fall Out Boy’s tour are also on sale.

Courtney Love confirms cameo on Fall Out Boy album by mocking Britney Spears

Whenever rock ‘n’ roll is in trouble, you can count on Courtney Love.

Or something. In a new video posted today, Love confirmed the news of her guest appearance on Fall Out Boy’s upcoming reunion album Save Rock and Roll , but not with any ordinary press release or tweet. No, C-Love instead decided to spoof Britney Spears’ classic “It’s Britney, b—h” line (which has its own Urban Dictionary entry) by announcing, yep, “It’s Courtney, b—h in a six-second YouTube clip, which Fall Out Boy tweeted earlier today.

Behold below:


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