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My Morning Jacket and the Killers drop new Christmas songs, but are they the most rockin' holiday songs of all time? You be the judge

Earlier this week, the Music Mix premiered a video of My Chemical Romance’s Yo Gabba Gabba! performance of “Every Snowflake Is Different (Just Like You),” a song that will hopefully become a standard for years to come.

Luckily for everybody, My Chem’s foray into winter cheer isn’t a rarity. Traditional Christmas music can’t help but grate on the nerves, simply because of its sheer overexposure.

But every year brings a new crop of holiday tunes that turn up the rock and help provide a bit of respite from yet another choral version of “Deck the Halls.”

In fact, some bands have made trying to break free from the holiday doldrums an annual tradition. The Killers have produced a Christmas song every year since 2006, with a few of those tunes (most notably 2008’s “Joseph, Better You Than Me”) ranking among the band’s best work. This year’s track is called “The Cowboy’s Christmas Ball” and is adapted from a poem of the same name. It’s the honky-tonk stomp Brandon Flowers’ mustache always promised, even though his excellent facial hair is absent from the video below. READ FULL STORY

Watch My Chemical Romance perform 'Every Snowflake Is Different (Just Like You)' on 'Yo Gabba Gabba': An EW video exclusive!

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been sick of Christmas music for weeks now. Sure, ’tis the season and all, but you can only take so many renditions of “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” before you have to crank up some Mastodon to wash it all away.

But as My Chemical Romance has proven, there is still room for some new seasonal tunes. The New Jersey band will be appearing on a special episode of psychedelic kids’ show Yo Gabba Gabba!, titled “A Very Awesome Christmas.”

They’ll be performing a tune called “Every Snowflake Is Different (Just Like You),” a bouncy, bombastic little rock tune that wouldn’t have been all that out of place on the band’s woefully underrated 2010 album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.

With the band dressed in colorful ski gear, “Every Snowflake Is Different” celebrates uniqueness while also turning up the volume and building a healthy post-emo stomp. You can check out the exclusive video premiere of the band’s performance on the show below. READ FULL STORY

Little Big Town sings 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas': Listen to it here! -- EXCLUSIVE

Here at The Music Mix, we’re big fans of Little Big Town.

Time and time again, the country quartet proves its harmonizing prowess, and whether they’re crooning with Lionel Ritchie at the CMAs, dancing around to Madonna songs with Sugarland, or remixing Maroon 5 for their Scattered, Smothered, & Covered video series, they always sound terrific.

So of course we were excited when Little Big Town announced that they were releasing a cover of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” in time for the holiday season. The track, streaming exclusively on, is a lovely, simple rendition of the Christmas classic. Instead of the bombastic rearranging that often plagues modern tinsel-tunes, Little Big Town’s cozy rendition features an acoustic guitar, a few flourishes of sliding steel, and four wonderful voices.

The song is available for download now, but feel free to give it a first listen below! READ FULL STORY

Justin Bieber gets molded in clay for 'Santa Claus Is Coming to Town' video: Watch it here!

If you’ve been in any sort of retail establishment over the past week, you know that the push towards Christmas is already in full swing.

The decorations are out, the sales are on, and the Canadian pop stars are churning out charming music videos that recall classic holiday specials.

OK, so that third thing is new this year. Still, if you think Justin Bieber’s just-released Yuletide collection Under the Mistletoe isn’t going to be a cornerstone of our collective gingerbread-flavored memories for decades to come, then you get a fat lump of coal in your stocking.

The album is expected to debut at the top of the Billboard album chart (which gets published tomorrow), and Bieber already dropped the record’s second video. The first was for the cool, Christmas-sexy “Mistletoe,” but this one is old school in more ways than one. (As an aside, “Christmas-sexy” is the one of the most upsetting made-up adjectives ever unleashed on this blog, second only to “Bieberotic.”)

“Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” drops the Biebs into the universe of the classic Rankin-Bass television special Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town. Many reindeer games ensue and drumming penguins take center stage. Pour yourself some early eggnog and watch the clip below: READ FULL STORY

'Idol' alums Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams record 'Baby It's Cold Outside': Hear a preview here!

Season 10 of American Idol featured two of the jazziest contestants the show has ever hosted: Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams. The two growlers wowed audiences with their soulful performances, and their scat-tastic duet on “Moanin'” proved to be one of the highlights of the entire season.

Naturally, Haley and Casey didn’t want to let a good thing go, so they reunited to record the smooth Christmas classic “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” which will be available for download on November 21.

You’ll have to wait until that day to hear the full track, but here on the Music Mix, we’ve got an exclusive 90-second preview of the seasonal anthem, which Abrams says “reminds you of the fireplace.” He lauds the track for being a “straight up a jazz standard” with “no four-on-the-floor bass drum.”

For the next 24 hours, give the sweetly sung song a listen below. After that, it’s gone! READ FULL STORY

Justin Bieber explains his speeding ticket, makes Jay Leno eat sushi on 'The Tonight Show': Watch it here!

Today marks the release of Justin Bieber’s new album Under the Mistletoe – collection of Bieberized Christmas songs featuring some all-star guest appearances from the likes of Mariah Carey, Usher, and Boyz II Men.

To celebrate its release, Bieber sat down on Jay Leno’s couch on last night’s episode of The Tonight Show. (Apparently, he dressed up as Joan Jett for Halloween.) While his late-night patter still needs a little work, he did manage to tell a handful of funny anecdotes during his conversation with Leno.

First and foremost, he discussed his customized Cadillac, which he calls the Batmobile. According to Bieber, the eye-catching vehicle managed to attract at least one unwanted admirer: a police officer looking to give Bieber a ticket for speeding.

In the evening’s funniest exchange, Bieber tells Leno that when he got pulled over, he didn’t know he was driving too fast (he had gone through a construction zone), so when the cop asked him if he knew why he pulled him over, Bieber answered, “Is it because you like my car?”

Check out both parts of Bieber’s sit-down with Leno below. READ FULL STORY

Jack Johnson's new Christmas song 'In the Morning': Hear the EW Exclusive premiere!

You may not be able to enjoy snow on Christmas morning, but the holidays in Hawaii still seem pretty sweet. You can decorate palm trees! You can wish everybody Mele Kalikimaka! And you can crank up the cool sounds of This Warm December: A Brushfire Holiday Vol. 2.

The second wintry mix from the Brushfire Records stable includes groovy holiday tunes from G. Love, Money Mark, Rogue Wave, and Jack Johnson, whose joyous, loopy “In the Morning” can be heard below in an exclusive EW premiere here: READ FULL STORY

Party rock! LMFAO's 'Party Rock Anthem' featured in Halloween light show

Party rock is on the house tonight!

Halloween isn’t until Monday, but a house in Riverside, Calif., is already showing off its holiday spirit in the form of a huge light show. And with a little help from LMFAO’s popular “Party Rock Anthem,” the home has easily found some viral fame.

Four “singing” pumpkins take on LMFAO’s hit with thousands of lights flashing to the beat. And the result is actually really cool. Of course, we can’t say that the neighbors feel the same way. (This is just a seizure waiting to happen, right?!) Watch it here: READ FULL STORY

Justin Bieber's 'Mistletoe' single from his upcoming Christmas album: Hear it here!


Look, we know it’s only October 17, and Halloween still hasn’t worn out its welcome, and you still haven’t thought about which family members you’re going to avoid on Thanksgiving this year.

But whether you like it or not, you’re going to have to get into the Christmas spirit, because there’s a bevy of high-profile holiday albums on the horizon both expected (Michael Bublé), welcome (She & Him), and entirely out of left field (Scott Weiland).

Of all the Christmas records that will be flooding the market over the next few months, the one that has the potential to both do big business and make tween girls reconsider what to put in their letters to Santa belongs to Justin Bieber.

Under the Mistletoe, his collection of Christmas tunes both old and new, will be released to stores on November 1 and then immediately put into heavy rotation while you comb the racks at Macy’s. The album’s first single, the reggae-kissed “Mistletoe,” is now available, with the video premiering tomorrow on MTV. Give the song a well-tinseled spin after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Justin Bieber to celebrate Christmas in song with Taylor Swift, new original holiday tunes

What does Justin Bieber want for Christmas? Perhaps a new paint job for his Ferrari.

In any event, we know exactly what he is getting us this holiday season. The 17-year-old singer will be dropping a Christmas album this year, and not only will he be bringing you tidings of musical yuletide cheer, but he’s also going to do it with a crop of entirely original tunes.

“This Christmas album is amazing. Might be the best album yet,” Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun wrote on Twitter in a conversation with his client. “All originals … soon 2 b classics. every1 i play it 4 is blown away. #excited.”

According to other Bieber tweets (Bweets?), he has recently been in the studio with Sean Kingston (who previously worked with Bieber on “Eenie Meenie”), producer J.R. Rotem (knob twiddler on Jason DeRülo’s “In My Head”), producer Kuk Harrell (the man behind Bieber’s “Never Say Never” single), and Taylor Swift.

It’s unclear which collaborations are going on the Christmas album, though the idea of Bieber doing a Christmas duet with Swift (who, we’ll remind you, grew up on a Christmas tree farm) is the sort of thing that would excite record executives the same way cheese made Monterey Jack go cuckoo-bananas.

Anyway, Bieber’s Christmas album is one of a handful of high-profile holiday delights hitting store shelves this season. READ FULL STORY

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