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Ke$ha, Iggy Pop mock Rick Santorum on 'Dirty Love' collab: Hear it here

“It’s Iggy Pop!”

That’s the first thing Ke$ha says on “Dirty Love,” her newly leaked duet with the storied Stooge. And she’s not wrong: Iggy cuts loose on the breezy little rave-up, throwing up jokey lines like “Cockroaches do it in garbage cans… Santorum did it in a V-neck sweater.” Between this and Dan Savage, the poor Pennsylvanian who hasn’t held office in five years just can’t catch a break!

Of course, there’s even more frivolity going on in the song. Take in Ke$ha’s empty calories with the video below:


'The Walking Dead' star Norman Reedus: What's On My iPod

On monstrously popular cable-TV beast The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus plays Daryl Dixon, an expert zombie killer whose lack of social graces are made up for with his efficiency with a crossbow.

It’s a stretch for Reedus, who tends to prefer painting or working on sculpture to taking out the undead. And, of course, expanding his musical horizons. When EW gave Reedus a call while he was deep in the heart of Georgia shooting the last episodes of the show’s current season, and he talked about the ways that music not only helps him get into character, but also lets him dictate his mood wherever he might be.

Check out his selections below, and hear all the songs on our customized Spotify playlist.

The Black Angels, “The First Vietnamese War” 
“I can’t remember how I first got introduced to them, but when we first started this new season, I played that for our entire cast. I kept putting it on my iPod and passing it over to Andy [Lincoln] before shooting really violent, desperate scenes, and I was like, ‘This song should be on the soundtrack to our show.’ It’s so heartfelt, and it sort of described what we were shooting at the time: Getting into that prison and what people had to go through. It really felt like us.” READ FULL STORY

Iggy Pop and Bethany Cosentino on 'True Blood'-approved duet -- Hear it here!

This is a pretty strange story, even by True Blood‘s standards.

Influential Los Angeles radio station KCRW premiered a new collaboration between famed Detroit protopunk Iggy Pop and Best Coast’s Spin covergirl Bethany Cosentino called “Let’s Boot and Rally.”

The new cut’s snaking guitars and Cali surf-rock vibes strike an interesting balance between the two artists’ respective styles, though given Best Coast’s recent taste for the subdued melancholy, the song tilts toward Iggy.

What really makes it intriguing, though, is that the song was co-written by KCRW DJ and True Blood music supervisor Gary Calamar and composer James Combs — plus the fact that it will be featured in the HBO program this Sunday.

Writes Calamar:

“Each episode is named after a song that is used in that show. We had a situation where we had an episode called ‘Boot and Rally’ but we really didn’t have a song that was True Bloody enough to use. What to do. Should we change the title of the episode? I suggested that maybe we can have someone write a new song called ‘Boot and Rally’…..Everyone agreed to give it a try and I started brainstorming.”


Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis cover Serge Gainsbourg song on new tribute album -- LISTEN

Here at EW, we try not to be too envious of Johnny Depp’s status as an all-time gene pool winner.

But it does seem a tad unfair that, in addition to his acting chops, good looks, and top-notch mustache-growing capabilities, the guy can sing as well, as he proved with the 2007 movie Sweeney Todd.

Depp has returned to the recording studio to duet with his better half (and pop star in her own right) Vanessa Paradis on a version of “Ballade de Melody Nelson,” which was originally recorded  by French singer and all-round reprobate Serge Gainsbourg. The cover can be found on a new Gainsbourg tribute album called From Gainsbourg to Lulu, which also features Scarlett Johansson, Rufus Wainwright, and Iggy Pop, amongst others.

In truth, “Ballade de Melody Nelson” is actually more of a showcase for Paradis than Captain Jack, who merely interjects the occasional bit of Depp-esque mumbling here and there. But as rock star releases go, we’ve heard much much worse. Check out the tune for yourself and tell us what you think:

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Iggy Pop, 'American Idol' judge? It almost happened, says the punk legend

A few weeks ago, Iggy Pop performed “Real Wild Child (Wild One)” on an episode of American Idol. It was a lot like most of Iggy’s public appearances, which is to say it was manic, full-throated, passionate and shirtless.

He looked a little out of place on the Idol stage (even with Aerosmith frontman and former cocaine enthusiast Steven Tyler rocking the place up significantly this season), but can you imagine if Pop himself was the guy sitting behind the judges’ table trading bon mots with Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez?

Apparently, neither could Pop, though apparently that was a plan for a hot minute. In an interview with Billboard, Iggy said that the producers of the show dipped their toes into his pool for a brief second before hiring the new pair of judges.


Roky Erickson: The psychedelic rock legend talks about his first CD in 15 years

Roky-Erickson-and-Okkervil-RiverDon’t be surprised if the opening song on Roky Erickson’s new album True Love Cast Out All Evil sounds somewhat lo-fi. And certainly don’t complain to Will Sheff, singer with much acclaimed rockers Okkervil River, who produced the the 62-year-old singer’s first album in a decade and a half. The track, a haunting lament called “Devotional Number One,” is based on a recording made by Erickson four decades ago, while he was incarcerated at Rusk Maximum Security Prison for the Criminally Insane in East Texas.

Thankfully, while the origin of the song is a reminder that Erickson is one of rock’s more troubled and plain unlucky souls, the album itself—which officially comes out April 20, but which can currently be previewed at —is testament to both his talents and his recovering mental health. The CD features nearly all new performances by the Okkervil River-backed singer of previously unreleased, Erickson-penned tracks. “Roky’s manager sent me 60 songs after we had played a show together at the Austin Music Awards,” says Sheff of the project’s genesis. “When I heard the songs, I just fell in love. I knew I had to do the record.”


This year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees include Kiss, LL Cool J, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Boy, is Kanye going to be mad!

ll-coolj-kiss-hall-of-fame_lThe list of possible inductees at next year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony has been announced and includes LL Cool J, the Chili Peppers, Kiss, ABBA, Genesis, the Stooges, and reggae icon Jimmy Cliff. Rounding out the list of a dozen music stars are the Hollies, Donna Summer, Darlene Love, the Chantels, and Laura Nyro. Five of the nominees will actually be inducted at the ceremony, which takes place on March 15 in New York.

At first glance that list seems to me a little on the weak side, though there is no doubting the influence of the Stooges and LL Cool J, nor the enduring popularity of the Chili Peppers and ABBA. It’s also good to see the Hall being un-snobbish about Kiss, a band that has always unashamedly been more interested in lunch box sales than critical plaudits. (I also feel that you can’t have too much fire-breathing at an awards ceremony.) There is also, of course, the possibility that an irritated-not-to-be-nominated Kanye West will ruin someone’s acceptance speech with a tirade (“Genesis, congratulations, but….”), even though he isn’t actually eligible yet for Hall of Fame-dom.

Are there any fans of Kiss, LL or the Chili Peppers that are desperate to see them granted HoF status? And what fave act of yours does the Hall continue to ignore?

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Photo credit: Kiss: Glenn LeFerman/Everett Collection; LL: Rafael Macia/Retna Ltd

Don Was on his new 'Outlaw Country' radio show, having Brando for a neighbor, and touring with Paula Abdul. An EW Exclusive!

DON-WAS_lDon Was is not the most obvious choice to host a country radio show. True, the Grammy-winning producer has worked with Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks, Waylon Jennings, and Kris Kristofferson (whose Was-masterminded album Closer to the Bone is out September 29). But the Detroit-born musician admits that he is “truthfully, an r&b guy” and, in many quarters, he is still best known for his idiosyncratic pop-funk outfit Was (Not Was).

Yet, on Saturday, August 29, at 10pm ET, Was will broadcast the first in a series of weekly shows called The Motor City Hayride for Sirius XM’s Outlaw Country channel. According to host Was, however, this isn’t going to be the most obvious of country showcases. “I’ve got an Iggy Pop song and a Conway Twitty song on the first show, so it’s pretty broad,” he explains. Was also intends the show to highlight Detroit, a city that, he says, is more of a country-loving burg than you might imagine. “It hasn’t spawned a lot of artists that have gone on to national fame in the country and western field,” he admits. “But there’s a huge audience for it. After World War Two, people flocked to Detroit from the south looking for gigs in the auto factories. I just want people to know that the city keeps going. It’s experiencing an economic disaster. But people are having fun and it’s actually a really nice place to live.”

After the jump, Was recalls having Marlon Brando as a neighbor, backing Iggy Pop, and the time Was (Not Was) made the mistake of supporting Milli Vanilli and Paula Abdul.

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Photo Credit: David Goggin


Iggy Pop calls Fred Durst a thug: This week in rock feuds

Iggy Pop recently taped a video in which he talked about his new jazz-influenced album Premilinaires, and mentioned that he had grown sick of “listening to idiot thugs with guitars banging out crappy music.”

Now Mr. Pop has elaborated on this point to British newspaper The Sun, saying that he meant "anyone from Smashing Pumpkins to — what's the one with Fred Durst?" That quote makes you wonder quite how long ago Iggy grew tired of guitar rock, given that neither the Pumpkins nor Limp Bizkit are what you would call radio staples these days.

And of course, you could also argue that Iggy himself is more than capable of a bit of rock thuggery himself. But watching the original video, I was more struck by just how awesome this guy still is as he engagingly rambles on about French author Michel Houellebecq, New Orleans music, and his cute dog, all in a voice oddly reminiscent of Sam Elliott narrating The Big Lebowski.

So, Music Mixers, do you agree with Iggy’s description of Limp Bizkitand the Smashing Pumpkins as thugs?  And are there any, uh, more modernacts you think would equally irritate the chief Stooge? And, seriously,why isn’t this guy getting a ton of voice-over work?

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What 'grown up' songs do your kids love?

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