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Why we need Justin Bieber: A critic's opinion

How does the existence of Justin Bieber—who was just arrested for drag racing under the influence on a blocked-off street in Miami—benefit the world? We all know why Beyoncé matters: She wakes up embodying female “perfection,” then subversively toys with that very notion. (Also, she made “***Flawless.”) It’s obvious what we need for Bruno Mars for: He’s music’s utility player, a sensualist built for the Superbowl halftime. (And he made “Gorilla.”)

But for some time now, Bieber has hardly even fulfilled the pop purpose that so many dismissed him for in the first place: Giving shape to teen girl fantasies. (And making songs like “Favorite Girl.”) Instead, he’s been ordering up $75,000 in ones at Miami nudie bars, pissing his name into the snow in Colorado, and finally getting arrested for the first time this morning. And that’s not even getting into last year’s “scandals,” or the recent egging-related police raid on his house.

Of course, you have to wonder whether a society that gets feverish over a roadside leak and hates what teen girls love should be determining anyone’s worth. JB has obviously been downgraded: His movie Justin Bieber’s Believe bombed over Christmas, and Journals, the December compilation of all his Music Mondays singles, sank with even less notice. Beyoncé did surprise-release her album a week before, but as much oxygen as she sucked up, Bieber’s brand was already wheezing. Rather than making the leap to a Justin Timber-like adulthood, with a 20/20 Experience-style ascension to gilded detachment glimmering in the distance, the little man seemed to have curdled into King Joffrey with drop-crotch pants and a shadow of a mustache. READ FULL STORY

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