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Julian Casablancas releases new album teaser -- VIDEO

Julian Casablancas’ new solo album won’t be a repeat of his 2009 solo debut Phrazes for the Young – which could be a good thing.

The Strokes’ frontman released a video preview of his upcoming album via Cult Records today, and it features a surprisingly minimal amount of Casablancas’ vocals, with more emphasis on his new backing band, the Voidz. What results is a psychedelic, chaotic sound that’s nothing like the relatively clean sounds of Phrazes for the Young songs like “Out of the Blue” and “11th Dimension.” But the chaos calms down a bit toward the end, showcasing a Strokes-style slow tune and some now-standard auto-tuned falsetto from Casablancas himself.

Check out the preview below: READ FULL STORY

Julian Casablancas, freaky museum star in Daft Punk's 'Instant Crush' video

What happens at the museum after it closes for the night? According to Daft Punk and Julian Casablancas’ new “Instant Crush” video, some freaky ish.

Unlike the after-hours goings-on decpicted in The Royal Tenenbaums or Night at the Museum, this video involves cool shark-embroidered leather jackets, melting wax lovers, and a creepy conflagration.

And, notably, no Hedi Slimane-suited robots appear; the load falls on Strokes singer Casablancas, dressed like a downtown punk tramp.

Watch it all go down in the video below:


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