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Kanye West turns Scott Disick into an 'American Psycho' for 'Yeezus' short film -- VIDEO

Just because Kanye West is a new dad doesn’t mean he’s forgotten about his other creation coming out this week: Promotion for West’s Yeezus album continued Saturday with a listening party in Los Angeles and another short film projected onto buildings across the country.

Rumors about the film swirled last week, and they turned out to be (frighteningly) true: West cast Kourtney Kardashian baby-daddy Scott Disick as Patrick Bateman from American Psycho, with another Kardashian regular, Jonathan Cheban, playing the Jared Leto to Disick’s Christian Bale. The pair re-create the movie’s infamous Huey Lewis scene, but this time, they’re discussing how Kanye’s earlier stuff was “too hip-hop,” as the Yeezus track “New Slaves” plays in the background.

Check it out in the video below:

Kanye West's 'Yeezus': It's out there, so what do you think?

He may be a God, but even He can’t beat the Internet.

Though it doesn’t come out in stores until Tuesday, Kanye West’s hotly-anticipated Yeezus has found its way onto the Interwebs. Now that it’s out there in the universe, the great conversation can begin: Is this a dramatic departure for ‘Ye? How does it sit alongside his other work? Is it the angriest rap album of all time? Is it good?

After a handful of listens, a lot of what you’ve heard is true: It’s definitely aggro and raw, though those sounds tend to take up the album’s first half. The B-side, honestly, sounds a lot more like the Kanye we’re used to: Unfiltered, internal, and funny. In fact, that album-closing track “Bound 2″ is essentially a throwback tribute to the cats who dug College Dropout (at one point, he refers to the song as “prom s—“).

But what do you think? Sound off on Yeezus in the comments below, and stay tuned for the full in-depth review care of EW’s Ray Rahman coming Monday.

Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ video teaser: Watch it here
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Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ listening party last night in New York City: On the scene

Kanye West's 'Yeezus' video teaser: Watch it here

Perhaps you’ve heard that Kanye West’s sixth solo album, Yeezus, is due next Tuesday?

EW did get a chance to listen to a version of the record Monday night in New York City at a star-packed, last-minute listening event hosted by Yeezy himself. But for all the bananas quotes he dropped in that New York Times piece, we’ve still seen very few of the hallmarks typical for a release from a star this big — no real single, no music video, and not even a real confirmed track listing.

What we have so far: Daft Punk is on it, and there are appearances by Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, Chief Keef, and, via sample, Billie Holiday. And we know that tracks like “Black Skinhead” and “New Slaves” are pretty aggro.

Now there’s a video teaser for Yeezus, featuring some a cappella recording and the oft-prostrate Rick Rubin. Check it out below.


Kanye West's 'Yeezus' listening party last night in New York City: On the scene

How loud was Yeezy’s Yeezus listening last night, blasted from the loading dock of westside Manhattan’s Milk Studios?

So loud that New Jersey heard it. So loud that my kidneys are still vibrating. So loud that even the Spinal Tap dudes were like “Bro, maybe turn it down to eight and a half?”  It felt like something between lying directly beneath a jet path and getting into a slap bet with Godzilla — and mostly, it was glorious.

It was also very very dark. Or as a friend turned and said to me: ” When did Kanye get into Ministry?” At times, the whole night felt like it was about to break into the opening scene in Blade (cue the blood sprinklers!). But it was also just a party, with an open bar and dancing and a lot of complicated handshakes between old friends and scenester acquaintances. ‘Ye’s full East Coast roster of famous fans came out: Jay-Z and Beyonce were there, glowing with the light of a thousand suns; so were lesser celestial bodies like Q-Tip, Busta Rhymes, and Timbaland, plus a towering crew of flamingo-like models and professional athletes.

After an hour (only an hour!) of milling around in Milk’s dim, cavernous space, the crowd turned to find ‘Ye himself onstage, delivering an impassioned, rambling, and sometimes impenetrable introduction — there was a lot of talk of artistry and marketing (“I got a new strategy, it’s called no strategy. I have a plan to sell more music, it’s called ‘make better music.'”) and something about Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson’s clothing lines — before he wrapped with “I had to learn about giving, this whole album is about giving… this whole process is about giving … NO F–KS AT ALL.” Touché! Go home, kumbaya.

This blog post isn’t an album review; our writer Ray Rahman will be delivering that next Tuesday, or sooner if the record officially leaks. But I will say that from two listenings, this definitely feels like his Darker, Twistier, Still Sometimes Beautiful Fantasy. Some technical details: West revealed that Daft Punk are on “three or four” tracks; Kid Cudi and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and Chief Keef also appear; it was hard to catch titles beyond already-known ones like “I am a God,” “Can’t Handle My Liquor,” “Black Skinhead,” and “New Slaves” (featuring Frank Ocean), but one that appeared to borrow samples from both TNGHT’s “Higher Ground” and Billie Holiday’s haunting lynching ballad  “Strange Fruit” will almost definitely be a talking point when it goes wider.

Is this record going to be all over the radio? Are these let-the-alpine-blast summer jams? Not in America in 2013, no. But it still sounds — if I could actually hear anything this morning besides a faint post-show mosquito buzz — like a pretty fascinating manifestation of what goes on inside the mind of one of pop music’s most confounding, singular, and totally gonzo talents. Yeezus! He is risen.

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Governors Ball, Day 3: Kanye West debuts new songs, disses radio, demands croissants

Oh, poor Avett Brothers. As part of the counterprogamming scheme at New York’s Governors Ball festival, Sunday night’s schedule pitted the worthy North Carolina folk act against one of the most interesting, talked-about people making music right now: self-declared god Kanye West, whose sixth album Yeezus hits streets June 18.

And while we’re sure the A-Bros put on a great show for however many fans showed up for their set, the night clearly belonged to West, who drew a small nation of people to his festival-ending show at the event’s main stage.

In a way, it was just an afterparty for him. The future father celebrated his 36th birthday sans Kim Kardashian* Saturday night at a party in Manhattan’s West Village, where buddy Jay-Z, buddy-in-law Beyoncé, and fellow Gov Ball performer Nas were all on the guest list. (This might explain why Nas ended his headlining set early that night?) But despite the audience’s attempts to wish him a happy birthday, Kanye didn’t exactly look like he was in the mood for revelry when he took the stage at around 9:50 pm, twenty minutes behind schedule.

Flanked by a pair of jumbotrons flashing vidoes of barking dogs and Adbusters-y imagery, ‘Ye opened his set with the established Yeezus cuts “Black Skinhead” and “New Slaves” — in other words, the same thing you saw on his recent Saturday Night Live outing. While both songs were on the aggressive side, so far “New Slaves” seems to be the more enjoyable (or at least approachable) of the two. Take a look at both performances from the festival in the videos below:


Governors Ball, Day 1: Lots of weather, some music, no Kings of Leon


The British have a lot of weird old traditions, but perhaps the most peculiar one is their annual insistence on hanging out in the rain and mud to listen to music. Every year, thousands of otherwise normal-seeming Britons convene in the farms and parks of Reading and Leeds with the knowledge that they and their loved ones have a high chance of getting soaked. And the sick part is, they seem to enjoy it.

From what I could tell, the majority of people at the opening day of the Governors Ball Festival on New York City’s Randall’s Island were not British, and did not enjoy it. Yet amid a relentless battery of heavy rains and high winds courtesy of Tropical Storm Andrea, the festival did its best to keep calm on and carry on by sticking to their schedule of artists, which included Erykah Badu, Local Natives, Young the Giant, Best Coast, and more. At a certain point, though, you gotta know when to call it, and the Gov Ball organizers were forced to cancel the party before the night’s headliners, Kings of Leon and Pretty Lights, had a chance to take the stage. (To make up for it, Kings of Leon is now scheduled to play this evening.)


Kanye West's 'New Slaves' snippet leaks: Hear it here


Hey, remember that time Kanye West debuted an incendiary new song called “New Slaves” on the sides of a bunch of buildings around the world?

Well, you no longer have to be at an intersection in Berlin — or watching Kanye’s live performance on Saturday Night Live — to hear the song with your own ears: a snippet of a studio version of the song has hit the web.

It’s only about 73 seconds long, which still makes it the largest amount of studio-version music the public has actually heard from his upcoming album Yeezus, due June 18. (Sensing a theme here?)

Give the NSFW songlet a listen below:


Kanye West projects new song onto buildings around the world

Once again, Kanye West proves he knows how to get everybody’s attention.

The singer is using a clever tactic to market his new single “New Slaves.” Kanye had a video performance of the song projected onto 66 buildings around the world at various times on Friday night. The video was spotted in cities such as New York, Toronto, Chicago, London, Paris and Berlin, according to Rolling Stone.

The move comes one week after going on a rant against the paparazzi and Saturday Night Live while performing, of all places, at a corporate gig for a cable TV network (the Adult Swim upfront party for ad buyers, to be exact),

Kayne’s sixth studio album is rumored to be released on June 18, though he has avoided directly confirming the release date.

Tonight he performs on Saturday Night Live. Somehow we suspect Kanye’s going to once again give us something to talk about (which you can do here).

Check out one of Kanye’s pop-up video marketing performance below: READ FULL STORY

Kanye West pulls a Kanye West, goes on lengthy rant against paparazzi, SNL skits, and more at Adult Swim upfront

Wishing you knew what’s on Kanye’s mind? You’re in luck!

During his one-hour performance at last night’s Adult Swim upfront presentation in New York’s Roseland Ballroom, the man who’ll be the musical guest on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live finale tore into a winding rant that included such gems as “I ain’t doing no mother—-ing SNL skits” and “I drop your baby and you sue me and sh–.”

The meat of his monologue, which Complex managed to grab videos of, had to do with West’s relationship with fame and the press. “I ain’t no motherf—-g celebrity,” he said in a plea to get the paparazzi off his back. “I ain’t running for office.”

Read on below for a fuller account of his rant (hat tip to Complex), as well as a grainy YouTube clip of the affair.


Did Kanye West just announce that his new album is coming out next month? Signs point to yes

Only Kanye West could tweet two words capable of shaking up everything we thought we knew about music, 2013, and life in general: “June Eighteen.”

That short missive is all that remains of ‘Ye’s once-boisterous Twitter feed. All of his prior tweets have been deleted, giving his cryptic message an extra-mysterious aura.

So what does it mean? Well, the obvious answer is that it could be the release date for his next album. West has been conspicuously absent from the spotlight while holing himself up in his studio in Paris all spring, fueling rumors that his follow-up to 2010’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy might be imminent.

Just this week, Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg claimed that Island Def Jam recently had a listening session for the album at their New York offices. “Everyone at the label that listened to the album loved it,” said Rosenberg. “I’ve heard it’s dark, but it’s really good.”

Also fanning the flames is Daft Punk’s recent Rolling Stone interview, where the French robots confirmed that they’d reteamed with West in the studio. “It was very raw,” Thomas Bangalter said. “He was rapping — kind of screaming primally, actually.”


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