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Kylie Minogue is a jean genie in new 'I Was Gonna Cancel' video -- watch it here


Even Kylie does casual Friday.

In the new clip for her feathery roller-skate jam “I Was Gonna Cancel,” the ageless Australian pocket diva is part Jordache girl, part Twyla Tharp, and fully ignored by passing pedestrians. Watch it here:

Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' cover album: A Kylie Minogue rip-off?

Kylie-Minogue-lady-gagaAnother day, another piece of Gaga-related news. After yesterday’s reveal of the album cover for the pop star’s highly anticipated Born This Way, chatter is now surfacing that the cover is a blatant, albeit black and white, copy of the cover for Kylie Minogue’s 2007 release 2 Hearts. (see here for both in B&W.)

After a side-by-side inspection, it’s hard to deny some of the similarities. Side angle pose? Check. Dramatic winged eyeliner? Check. Jagged, graffiti-like font? Check, check, check. But at least Gaga switched up her mane from Minogue’s Dynasty-style updo. I much prefer the smacked-in-the-face-with-a-fan look.

This isn’t, of course, the first time two album covers have echoed one another. Though for an artist like Gaga who prides herself on individuality, this seems like the ultimate act of (non Madonna-related) treason.

What do you guys think? Is it a rip-off? Or is it just an artist exercising her freedom to pose in a profile shot?

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Kylie Minogue's new 'Get Outta My Way' video: Don't think, just dance!

kylie-minogue-get-outta-my-wayThe video for Kylie Minogue’s newest single, “Get Outta My Way,” just hit her website, and—shocker, surprise!—it’s super gay fabulous!

Well, maybe not as super gay fabulous as that luscious, nekkid video for Aphrodite‘s first single “All the Lovers,” but this one features lots of bare-chested boys, too. What I love most about what Kylie has done here with “Get Outta My Way”—which, I’ve been advocating to become a big hit for a while now—is that there’s absolutely no plot to it. It’s literally just a super-hot Kylie dancing and writhing around on the floor, wearing an endless array of fabulous outfits (and a set of amazingly long red nails that I’m jealous of), and being generally beautiful.

To put it simply, it’s a video that just makes you smile. You don’t have to decipher or, as with Lady Gaga’s weird masterpieces, try to figure out what’s happening. “Get Outta My Way” is just telling you to do one thing: Dance! See if you agree with me by checking it out here:


Kylie Minogue's new 'All the Lovers' video: Naked in the streets!

kylieKylie, that pint-sized pop messiah, leads her clothing-averse disciples in a striptease-in-the-streets party of epic (and epically horny) proportions in the new clip for her latest single, “All the Lovers.”

The result is best described as either a makeout flash mob, a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade gone wild, or some serious “the touch, the feel of cotton” guerrilla marketing. Also: flying marshmallows, galloping white horse, doves, giant inflatable elephant. Why not? Watch it after the jump: READ FULL STORY

Kylie Minogue's new single 'All the Lovers': Are you one of them?

“Dance. It’s all I wanna do. So won’t you dance?”

With pleasure, Kylie. Except it’s not entirely clear that “All the Lovers”, the just-leaked first single off the down-under pop diva’s upcoming album Aphrodite (out July 5), is actually a full-on dance track, musically speaking. Despite Minogue’s enticing lyrical invitations to get down, the song’s sound is less in line with the urgent robo-rhythms of her 2007 hit “Speakerphone” than with the earnest dreampop of 2004’s “I Believe in You,” right down to their copycat basslines. Translation for the non Minogue-ophiles out there: it’s a head-bopper, not a hip-shaker.


Kylie Minogue live at NYC's Hammerstein Ballroom: Come into her world

When I spoke to Kylie Minogue earlier this year about her upcoming US tour—the first in her 20-year career—she warned her usual arena-size stage show would have to be scaled down to fit the smaller venues she’d be playing over here. But she also made a promise: “There’ll still be the razzle-dazzle, don’t you worry. It’s not going to be me with a banjo.”

She wasn’t kidding.

Last night’s show at NYC’s Hammerstein Ballroom was a two-hour post-disco fantasia of strobe, bass, and glitter—an all-out spectacle worthy of her American fans’ pent-up adoration. Barreling through her sizable songbook, Kylie stepped into a cast of personae—a wind-up space princess, a stomping glam rocker, a pouting screen siren—each with its own over-the-top costume and set decor. Seven jumbo screens pulsed background images for each number. Hits old (“Better the Devil You Know”), new (“Wow”), and soon-to-be (the upcoming single “Better Than Today”) whipped the audience into a sustained frenzy, while rose petals and confetti showered the stage at key moments. READ FULL STORY

Kylie Minogue talks about her new tour, her craziest outfits, and Paula Abdul

Kylieminogue_l“Um, my dog ate my homework. There was a flood… All those excuses.”

That’s Kylie Minogue, pop idol, gay icon, and global sequin ambassador, explaining why it’s taken her twenty-plus years to bring her live show to the States. It’s finally happening — a six-date tour is scheduled to start this fall — and EW got a few minutes today with Ms. Minogue at NYC’s Greenwich Hotel to chat about the good news.

In person, Kylie’s famously petite frame is every bit as tiny as you’ve heard, and her personality every bit as big. Charming and warm at the end of a long day of press that began with a Today Show spot, Ms. Minogue — holding a paper fan for air and emphasis — was all smiles as she shared the scoop on her upcoming tour, her American fanbase, and her thoughts on Paula Abdul’s new Kylie-inspired single.

Entertainment Weekly: Did you ever try to bring your other tours here?
Kylie Minogue: Oh yeah. We’ve discussed it many times. Financially, it made absolutely zero sense. Last year, I spent so long touring. And I’ve had a great time, and I have a band I’m just loving — we’re really just vibing. So, it felt like it was now or never. I’m absolutely thrilled and amazed at the response so far.

Is there a possibility that more dates could be added? It seems like it’s going to be a whirlwind tour, and they’re already selling out.
I’ll try, yeah.

The title of the tour is For You, For Me, is that right?
It was For You, For Me. And maybe that’s going to stick, I’m not sure. I just thought: it’s not for an album. I’m not promoting anything. It’s for you, for the audience. And actually, it’s for me, because it’ll be an absolute pleasure to be here and to share a show with you.

Is that going to be a new single or anything? “For You, For Me”?
There’s thinking! Hmmm… [laughs]

So what kind of set list can we expect?
You’ll have the hits, for sure. Many of which will be remixed or in different versions. I’ll take you back to the beginning…


Kylie Minogue announces first US tour, or Why your gay coworker just screamed

Depending on your fondness for robo-pop beats, respirator vocals and spangly full-body leopard suits, this may or may not be earthshaking news: Kylie Minogue is coming to America! Twenty years into a career that has produced hits on both sides of the Atlantic, the pint-size diva has still never given Yankees a chance to catch her live act. But all that’s changing this fall, when Ms. Minogue kicks off a six-city tour of the states, starting  September 30th in Oakland, CA (tickets go on sale May 15).

My coworker Mandi Bierly already outed me months ago as a massive Kylie fan, so it’s no secret I’m Spinning Around with Fever at the thought that I Should Be So Lucky to get the chance to Come Into Kylie’s World. She’s Like a Drug to me. It was Love at First Sight. Ok, I’m done. Promise(s).

Anybody else out there as excited as I am? A little taste of last year’s European tour, below:

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