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Lady Gaga's new album 'ARTPOP' will be a 'multimedia experience'

Ever in a race to outdo herself, Lady Gaga has revealed that her new album ARTPOP will be “a multimedia experience.”

The singer posted the news on her website on Wednesday, promising that fans can expect to “immerse” themselves in the new album more fully than ever before thanks to a downloadable app.

ARTPOP will be released as an iPad, iPhone, mobile and computer compatible application that is completely interactive with chats, films for every song, extra music, content, Gaga-inspired games, fashion updates, magazines, and more still in the works!” she wrote.

She added that the app will be constantly updated as she finds new things to upload.

“You inspired me to create something that communicated with images, because you do, you communicate with me and each other with .gifs and pictures, and artwork, graphics all day 24/7,” she continued.

“I’m hoping you will all continue to grow together and stay connected through your creativity.”

ARTPOP will be released in early 2013.

Readers, what would you like to see on the app?

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Lady Gaga’s bodyguard hits a fan — VIDEO

Lady Gaga's bodyguard hits a fan -- VIDEO

Memo to Lady Gaga fans: don’t approach the ARTPOP diva too quickly.

While walking through her hotel in Bucharest, Romania yesterday, an excited fan holding a pen and paper jumped toward Gaga as she was exiting the lobby. Her bodyguards weren’t happy about the sudden movement. The suits promptly slammed the man against the wall, leaving him prostrate on the floor as Gaga greeted the crowd outside.

So Gaga experts, is there a little big monster in this situation? And if so, was it the overzealous autograph seeker (who did sort of sprint into the middle of Gaga’s hallowed sphere), or the ultra-reactionary bodyguard (who was pretty much doing his job)? READ FULL STORY

Sir Elton John on Madonna: 'She looks like a f-king fairground stripper'

As sure as water is wet and as sure as there will always be an England, Elton John will always hate Madonna.

The two stars’ longtime feud was revived last night when John appeared in an interview with Australia’s Channel 7, where he proceeded to lob a bevy of nasty insults at his rival.

“She’s such a nightmare” John said of Madge. “Her career is over, I can tell you that. Her tour has been a disaster and it couldn’t happen to a bigger c—.”

But you better believe Sir Elton wasn’t done there: “And she looks like a f—ing fairground stripper.” Hey-O! Music Mix has never been to a fairground that had strippers, but we’ll go ahead and assume that that was an insult.

If you’re wondering why John’s letting loose on Madonna, he did drop a big hint: “She’s been so horrible to Gaga,” he said, referring of course to Lady Gaga — his son Zachary’s godmother.


Lady Gaga sued by toymaker for $10 million

Lady Gaga has been slapped with a $10 million lawsuit by a toy manufacturer that claims the pop star and her crew reneged on a Gaga doll that had been in the works, the NYDN reports.

MGA Entertainment had planned on releasing the doll around Christmastime but alleges that at the last minute, Gaga, as well as her management and licensing companies, asked for the toy’s voice-chip to be removed, thus delaying the item’s release date. MGA says that Team Gaga had in bad faith “engaged in intentional and deliberate delays” so that the doll could debut in 2013, which would be timed closer to the release of her upcoming perfume and next album.

The company also cites a $1 million advance given to Gaga’s licensing company, Bravado International, for the rights to produce a doll in the singer’s likeness. It’s apparently the largest advance the company’s ever doled out, “because Lady Gaga is not only an A-list celebrity, but one of the few elite recording artists working today,” MGA says.

Gaga’s spokesperson says that while Gaga’s lawyers have yet to see the suit, they’re confident they’re in the right.

Lady Gaga previewed new music on a car stereo in New York last night: Watch it here

Hey, Little Monsters — want to hear new music from Lady Gaga? Just wander the streets of New York.

The Born This Way star gave fans in Gotham a preview of her dancey new song by playing it on her car stereo last night. Gaga fans flocked to the SUV (and to Twitter), praising the new material.

“Amazing!” one fan at the scene shouted in the video that eventually found its way onto YouTube.


It’s a bit difficult to discern if those assessments are fair based on the grainy video below, but check it out anyway and let us know what you think:


Lady Gaga debuts 'Princess Die' -- VIDEO

Feel like it’s been a while since Lady Gaga did something mildly shocking? Indeed, she’s overdue!

She remedied that last night in Melbourne, Australia, where she debuted her new song “Princess Die,” which she said “may or may not be on her next album.”

With its title and suicide-centric lyrics, it’s a doozy. Take a listen to it below:


Lady Gaga suffers concussion after being hit by a pole in concert: VIDEO

It was a strange weekend for international pop stars.

Not long after Madonna had a “slip” in Istanbul, Lady Gaga had her own headline moment in New Zealand when she was hit in the head by a pole in the middle of a performance there.

The video below show a backup dancer fiddling with the stage props and accidentally striking the singer, who reportedly suffered a concussion but returned to the stage after a brief break to finish the concert.

Gaga’s makeup artist Tara Savelo later reassured fans that Gaga was recovering well via Twitter:

“Gaga has a concussion but she is going to be okay.She wants u to know she loves u. I’m taking care of her.cant believe she finished the show”

So now that you know she’s doing fine, you won’t have to feel (too) guilty about watching footage of the mishap below:


Madonna's 'Born This Way'/'Express Yourself' mashup: Peace offering, or another dig at Gaga?

Elton John. Lady Gaga. Hydrangeas. They’re all eye-catching, colorful… and, famously, the objects of Madonna’s ire. But as of Sunday, one member of that group may have been kicked off of Her Madgesty’s Enemies List.

This weekend, a camera spied Madonna during rehearsals for her upcoming world tour. It was recording as Madge finished a performance of her ’80s hit “Express Yourself” — then seamlessly segued into the chorus of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.” Though Gaga has claimed that she isn’t “dumb enough or moronic enough” to “have stolen a melody,” it’s tough to ignore how similar these songs sound when sung back-to-back. See for yourself:


Lady Gaga cancels Indonesia concert following threats

Lady Gaga canceled her sold-out show in Indonesia after Islamist hard-liners threatened violence, claiming her sexy clothes and provocative dance moves would corrupt the youth. The controversy was a blow to the predominantly Muslim country’s reputation for combining free speech and democracy with a mostly moderate brand of the faith. Fans were devastated, despite the promoter’s offer of full refunds. Some accused police — who refused to issue a permit over concerns about security — of buckling to the will of a small group of thugs.

The planned “Born This Way Ball” concert has been on-again-off-again from the start. But on Sunday, it was final, said Minola Sebayang, a lawyer for Big Daddy, the promoter of the June 3 show. “It’s unfortunate,” he said. “But with threats if the concert goes ahead, Lady Gaga’s side is calling it off. This is not only about Lady Gaga’s security, but extends to those who will be watching her.” READ FULL STORY

Adele dominates Billboard Music Awards with 12 wins: See full list of winners here

The 2012 Billboard Music Awards were doled out last night during a live telecast from the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas that was broadcast on ABC and hosted by the network’s Modern Family stars Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen.

Of course, much like the Grammys, just a fraction of the 46 awards were given out during the show, which — also like the Grammys — played more like a concert. Although she wasn’t in attendance at the show, Adele dominated with 12 awards, followed by LMFAO with six awards and Lil Wayne and Coldplay with four each.

The full list of 2012 Billboard Music Award winners is as follows:


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