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Indigenous activists preview MTV's 'Rebel Music: Native America'

Marginalized peoples and social activists have for generations turned to music to articulate grievances, express identities, revive cultures, start movements and, ultimately, affect real change. From anti-war musicians like Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger, who praised peace with words in the ’60s, to rappers like Run DMC and N.W.A., who verbalized the difficulties of life in the inner city in the ’80s and ’90s, artists have long blurred the line between art and activism.

MTV’s docu-series Rebel Music takes a look at populations around the world who are currently using music to voice messages that the world needs to hear. The premiere episode focuses on young Native North Americans using rap and pop to empower their generation to fight for their people and their land. READ FULL STORY

Against Me! singer gives first interview after coming out as transgender -- VIDEO

The artist formerly known as Tom Gabel is ready to talk.

After going public about his wish to become a woman, the transgender Against Me! singer now known as Laura Jane Grace spoke to MTV for her first interview as a woman.

The “humbled” singer talked about her road to womanhood, beginning with her experiences as a child. “One of my earliest memories is watching on TV a live performance of Madonna and being mesmerized,” she told MTV, “and just thinking that’s me on two levels: both the musician level, the performer level, and then as a female.”

“Watching Rosemary’s Baby and seeing Mia Farrow with a boy’s haircut was another moment I remember when I was probably like 4 or 5 years old,” she continued. “That’s what I’m going to grow up to be, that’s the kind of woman I’m going to be.”

Watch the full interview below:


Transgender rocker Tom Gabel of Against Me! does first show as woman: Watch the video here

Earlier this month, Against Me! frontman Tom Gabel went public with his quest to become Against Me! frontwoman Laura Jane Grace.

The 31-year-old punk singer told Rolling Stone of his decades-long struggle with gender dysmorphia and outlined his plan to become a woman, a decision supported by his wife, with whom he has a two-year-old daughter.

Over the holiday weekend, fans caught their first glimpse of the transformation when an Against Me! concert in San Diego last Friday doubled as Laura Jane Grace’s stage debut. As the video below shows, Grace opted for a punk-standard, gender-neutral outfit — black tank top and tight black jeans — for the set.

“I was worried that some people expected me to come out looking like Little Bo Beep or something,” Grace told Rolling Stone after the show, which included six new songs. One of those newbies was “Transgender Dysphoria Blues,” which is slated to be the title track of the band’s next album.

Until Against Me! rolls into your town, you can check out Laura Jane Grace right now with this clip from Friday’s show:


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