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Laurie Anderson on Lou Reed's last hours: 'I have never seen an expression as full of wonder'

Laurie Anderson already wrote a very touching, sweet tribute to her late husband Lou Reed, who passed away last Sunday, October 27. But in the pages of the current issue of Rolling Stone, she expands upon both her personal and professional life with Reed.

In the piece, she recounts how she first met Reed in Munich in 1992. She was familiar with some of his work — but admits that she had always assumed the Velvet Underground were British and was confused that Reed didn’t have an accent. Once they connected, they rarely looked back.

“Lou and I played music together, became best friends and then soul mates, traveled, listened to and criticized each other’s work, studied things together (butterfly hunting, meditation, kayaking),” Anderson wrote. “We made up ridiculous jokes; stopped smoking 20 times; fought; learned to hold our breath underwater; went to Africa; sang opera in elevators; made friends with unlikely people; followed each other on tour when we could; got a sweet piano-playing dog; shared a house that was separate from our own places; protected and loved each other. We were always seeing a lot of art and music and plays and shows, and I watched as he loved and appreciated other artists and musicians. He was always so generous. He knew how hard it was to do. We loved our life in the West Village and our friends; and in all, we did the best we could do.” READ FULL STORY

Laurie Anderson brings 'joy' to the sad passing of Lou Reed

Since Lou Reed’s death on Sunday, posts on blogs and social networks have been going up 24/7. Many, touching accounts of how the legend’s music changed their lives. (Guilty.) Others, tearful RIP sentiments embedding favorite songs and YouTube clips eulogizing the rock iconoclast. (Guilty again.) For the lucky few, memories of The One Time They Ran Into Lou Reed; sometimes he was a total crank, sometimes he was a prince. (Sadly, none to share.)

But the best (and most anticipated) post about Lou Reed came today, and evokes what has been sorely lacking in the personal remembrances: “incredible joy.”

Writing for the East Hampton Star, Reed’s widow Laurie Anderson reminds us that Lou Reed lived a beautiful life, had one last perfect day, and that because of it, and the memories and songs he’s left us, it is indeed a “beautiful fall!”

Read Laurie Anderson’s full obituary below. Try to fight back that smile—and tear. Or don’t, actually. Just feel, as Anderson intends, the “incredible joy.”

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