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Drug charges dropped against Jon Bon Jovi's daughter

Drug charges against Jon Bon Jovi’s 19-year-old daughter have been dropped, a central New York prosecutor said Thursday.

Stephanie Bongiovi was found unresponsive by medics after she apparently overdosed on heroin in a Hamilton College dorm early Wednesday. Town of Kirkland police charged Bongiovi, of Red Bank, N.J., and fellow student Ian Grant, also of Red Bank, with possession of a small amount of heroin and marijuana.

Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara said he was dismissing the charges against both students. Under state law, someone having a drug overdose or seeking help for an overdose victim can’t be prosecuted for having a small amount of heroin or any amount of marijuana. READ FULL STORY

Ukrainian singer sues over 'Call Me Maybe'

Call me plagiarized?

That’s the claim behind Ukrainian pop star Aza’s lawsuit today. The singer accuses Carly Rae Jepsen of ripping off her tune “Hunky Santa” – which also features a “call me” call out – to create Jepsen’s blockbuster pop smash.

The claim seems to be a stretch at best. Aza told TMZ, who broke the story, “I’m shocked and surprised that these people wanted to sample my lyrics on their song. They didn’t ask me for permission, they just took it. That’s why I filed this lawsuit.”


Court orders Lil Wayne to pay Quincy Jones III more than two 'milli'

Looks like Lil Wayne’s unorthodox deposition didn’t quite do the trick. The rapper has lost his court battle against Quincy Jones III regarding the documentary film The Carter and has been ordered by the judge to fork over a cool $2.2 million to the producer as a result, TMZ reports. The suit accused Wayne of blocking the release of the movie, thus aversely affecting its profit potential. So next time you listen to his 2008 single “A Milli,” make sure to mentally edit out the line, “A million here, a million there”

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Russian P.M. urges Pussy Riot members' release

Russia’s prime minister says the women in the Pussy Riot punk band serving two-year prison sentences should be set free.

Three members of the band were convicted on hooliganism charges in August for performing a “punk prayer” at Moscow’s main cathedral, in which they pleaded with the Virgin Mary for deliverance from President Vladimir Putin.

One of them, Yekaterina Samutsevich, was released on appeal last month, but the other two, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alekhina, were sent to prison camps to serve their sentences.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Friday that he detested the Pussy Riot act, but added the women have been in prison long enough and should be released. He made a similar statement before October’s appeals hearings, fueling speculation about their possible release.

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Britney Spears' former manager claims singer used drugs

Britney Spears’ career is full of highs and lows, and yesterday, some of her lowest moments were on display in a Los Angeles courtroom. Spears’ former manager, Sam Lutfi, is suing various members of Britney’s family, and claims Spears did drugs during her troubled times, People reports.

In opening statements, Lutfi’s attorney talks about the singer’s drug use during 2007 — the time when Lutfi was serving as her manager — saying, “Most of the things that went wrong related to that habit [of amphetamine use]… My client sometimes spent 24 hours a day to prevent Britney from using drugs.” He tried to portray Lutfi as a calming force during her troubled times. The Spears family disagrees: In 2009, a judge gave them a three-year restraining order against Lutfi.

In addition to seeking the 15% of Spears’ earning during the eight months he was her manager, Lutfi is also suing Spears’ parents for defamation and alleges Spears’ father, Jamie, punched him in the chest. He claims that accusations Britney’s mom wrote in her 2008 book, Through the Storm, — including that Lutfi “cut the phone lines in Britney’s home, disabled her cars and ground up medication and put it in her food in an attempt to cause a ‘sleep-induced coma’ at the urging of her doctors,” per People — aren’t true.

Britney herself is not expected to appear in court. An email to her rep was unreturned.

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Flava Flav arrested for assault with a deadly weapon

Looks like Flava Flav might be a public enemy once again.

The rapper was arrested in Las Vegas early this morning, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department announced, with charges of assault with a deadly weapon and battery hanging over his head. But the details get weirder: apparently, he committed these crimes again his own fiancee and her 17-year-old son.

LVMPD spokeswoman Laura Meltzer says that a woman made a disturbance call at around 3:30 a.m. to report that she and her fiance entered into a physical altercation, and that the fiance was threatening her son with a knife. The fiance, it turned out, was William Drayton, Jr. — known to Public Enemy fans and VH1 viewers as Flava Flav.


Wyclef Jean's Yele Haiti charity is kaput, went out in a blaze of impropriety

In the wake of the massive earthquake that tore an already-troubled Haiti apart in 2010, Wyclef Jean—one of the island’s most successful sons—sprang into action to assist via his Yele Haiti charity.

But what we learned later was that the charity was run disastrously, and was the subject of a huge investigation regarding misuse of donated funds.

According to The New York Times, Yele Haiti essentially (and quietly) shut down last month, leaving a parade of upset creditors and angry would-be recipients in its wake.

The numbers reveal some pretty scathing stuff. Yele Haiti collected over $16 million in donations following the series of earthquakes the decimated the island’s capital city of Port-Au-Prince and ripped much of its already-tenuous infrastructure to shreds.

But the money rarely made it into the hands of those who needed it, instead going to salaries, travel, consultants fees, and eventually to the team dealing with the group’s building legal troubles.

It was merely the latest in a string of problematic economic decisions for the foundation. READ FULL STORY

Rick Ross and Young Jeezy involved in brawl at BET Hip-Hop Awards

Saturday night’s taping of the BET Hip-Hop Awards (not to be confused with the BET Awards, which aired two months ago) went from sentimental to chaotic in an instant. A heartfelt tribute to late hip-hop impresario Chris Lighty transitioned into an ugly brawl between entourages representing rappers Rick Ross and Young Jeezy.

Late Saturday night, a conflict erupted between Ross and Jeezy backstage at the Atlanta Civic Center. “Jeezy and Rick Ross just had words backstage!! Pushing and shoving,” tweeted legendary New York DJ Funkmaster Flex following the initial incident.

According to a police report obtained by TMZ, the conflict continued into the parking lot of the Civic Center, and police were called. The Atlanta cops dispersed the crowd using pepper spray, and no arrests were made. READ FULL STORY

Chris Brown back in court, probation under review

A judge has ordered a further review of Chris Brown’s community service and travel to determine whether the R&B singer has violated the terms of his probation for the 2009 beating of then-girlfriend Rihanna.

Brown appeared in court Monday for the first time in more than a year, and Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg tried to sort through Brown’s probation record and the impact of a positive marijuana result during a random drug screening. Schnegg said community service logs from Brown’s home state of Virginia were “somewhat cryptic” and additional review was needed to determine whether he had complied with his probation. READ FULL STORY

Texas sheriff to Fiona Apple after her drug-arrest concert rant: 'Just shut up and sing'

Earlier today, we showed you the mid-show tear that Fiona Apple went on in Texas last weekend, wherein she obliquely accused several of the officers handling her recent arrest of wrongdoing.

Public Information Officer Rusty Fleming, he of the Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Department which handled Apple’s brief incarceration, had something to say about that.

“First, Honey, I’m already more famous than you, I don’t need your help. However, it would appear that you need mine,” he wrote. READ FULL STORY

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