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Mindy McCready missing -- UPDATE

Mindy McCready and her 5-year-old son have gone missing, reports People. The embattled singer has been engaged in a dispute over custody of son Zander, who is currently under the care of her parents. She was last seen in Cape Coral, Fla., where the boy’s father lives. People reported that McCready posted on her Facebook wall, “My son is not missing” and that “police established that this afternoon via Skype” before telling friends and fans, “Please do not worry.”

It’s the latest in a saga of recent personal problems for McCready, including an apparent overdose, suicide attempts, and rehab. EW reached out to McCready’s publicist Linus Entertainment and was told the company had not been in touch with the country singer for some time. UPDATE: Lieutenant Tony Sizemore of the Cape Coral PD confirmed that a police report was filed yesterday morning, though he emphasized, “It is not a Missing Persons report.” He added, “It’s not the Missing Persons case you would imagine. There’s no amber alert, there was no child abducted on a playground.”According to Lt. Sizemore, McCready removed her son from the Cape Coral area and was, thus, in violation of her visitation agreement. “We have contacted her. She is okay, and the child is okay,” said Lt. Sizemore. McCready now has until 5 p.m. Thursday to return her son to his grandparents. If she fails to do so, the judge on her case may issue a bench warrant for her arrest.

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Dr. Conrad Murray given maximum sentence for his role in the death of Michael Jackson

Conrad Murray has been sentenced to the maximum four years in prison for his involvement in the death of Michael Jackson.

Murray was convicted Nov. 7 of involuntary manslaughter after the prosecution “painted him as a reckless caregiver who administered a lethal dose of a powerful anesthetic that killed the pop star,” according to the AP.

CNN reports that presiding judge Michael Pastor, in a lengthy statement delivered before sentencing Murray for involuntary manslaughter, said that he felt a significant responsibility to determine the appropriate sentence, utilizing his “sense of fairness and decency.”

“There are those who feel Dr. Murray is a saint,” Pastor said. “There are those who feel Dr. Murray is the devil. He’s neither. He’s a human being. He stands convicted of the death of another human being.”

According to CBS, several members of Jackson’s family, including mother Katherine and siblings LaToya, Jermaine, Randy and Rebbie, attended the proceedings. Before the sentencing, a representative read a statement on behalf of the Jackson family.

While they didn’t explicitly ask for the maximum penalty for Murray, their statement stated that “the cardiologist should be punished in a way that reminds physicians that they cannot sell their services to the highest bidder.”

Readers: Do you think the maximum sentence was fair? Let us know in the comments below.

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Justin Bieber talks to David Letterman about baby scandal, weasels -- watch the video here

Justin Bieber is ready to put this whole baby-daddy mess behind him, and as the world knows by now, willingly submitted this week to a DNA test to prove he is not the father of 20-year-old Mariah Yeater’s baby.

Although previous reports suggested that Yeater was hesitant to have the baby tested as well, (since a false match would be serious evidence against her if Bieber’s team ever decided to sue) Yeater’s attorney, Jeffery Leving, told TMZ today that  his client was not avoiding the DNA test, and can’t wait to compare the baby’s DNA with Bieber’s.

Bieber, for his part, appears to be moving on and continuing with teen-pinup business as usual. In addition to an out-of-control Today Show concert this morning, Bieber also taped an appearance on David Letterman, where Letterman (no stranger to public scandals) gave Bieber some sympathy, saying he could “smell a weasel.”

Watch Bieber describe the drama to Letterman:  READ FULL STORY

Sugarland sued for negligence by victims of the Indiana State Fair stage collapse

Sugarland has been sued by 44 victims of the stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair, which killed seven and injured many others back in August.

If you remember, on August 13, high wind gusts caused an elaborately rigged outdoor stage to topple onto a sea of terrified patrons in the front rows of a Sugarland concert.

The Grammy-winning duo, who were not injured in the incident (they had yet to take the stage) have apologized profusely for the incident, and performed a free benefit concert in Indianapolis last month to offer their condolences. As recently as the CMA Awards last week, Jennifer Nettles thanked the people of Indiana once again.

But to the victims of the collapse, apologies aren’t enough. The plaintiffs, a group that includes the estates representing four of the deceased concertgoers, claim that Sugarland was negligent for not canceling the concert when inclement weather loomed. Apparently, a clause in Sugarland’s contract stipulates that the group has final say on whether to cancel a show due to hazardous weather. Because they didn’t pull the plug on the show, now they are being held responsible.

“Unfortunately, this tragedy could have been prevented if the responsible parties had been concerned about the concertgoers that night,” plaintiffs’ attorney Mario Massillamany said in a statement.

The plaintiffs are seeking unspecified damages that would “help the victims pay the medical bills and other financial expenses that they have incurred from this incident.”

A rep for Sugarland tells EW they have no comment at this time.

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Justin Bieber's paternity suit withdrawn

It’s been an eventful month for Justin Bieber. He scored a chart-topping album with Under the Mistletoe and got to hang out with a Claymation penguin, but the bulk of his headlines were dominated by the paternity suit filed by a woman named Mariah Yeater. Her claim was that the 17-year-old Canadian pop sensation was the father of her child, and she intended to get the kind of support that can only be bought with proceeds from all those Never Say Never checks.

But we will no longer have to put up with “Baby”-related puns, as TMZ is reporting that Yeater’s lawyers have abandoned ship and that the suit has been withdrawn by the plaintiff. (At press time, Bieber’s representatives had not yet responded to a request for confirmation or comment.) If it’s true, that means that Bieber will not have to subject himself to the paternity test he pledged to take, which lets him keep his dignity but robs him of the chance to do that “I’m Not the Father!” dance on syndicated television.

It’s probably best that the whole scenario ended where it did, since Yeater was probably wading into a whole heap of trouble. Bieber’s camp had already pledged to come back with a suit of their own for defamation, which would have been a slam dunk. And even if we somehow wandered into one of the Fringe multi-verses and it turned out the paternity test was positive, Yeater would have opened herself up to criminal statutory rape charges. It was basically a no-win situation for her, and it’s a good thing she pulled out before anything got ugly.

With the suit behind him, Bieber can get back to the business of being a normal 17-year-old guy — you know, like screening movies in basketball arenas for his pop star girlfriend and singing for the President.

UPDATE: While the lawsuit has been withdrawn, the drama could continue. Yeater has retained new counsel and still believes that Bieber is the father. She will attempt to get a paternity test done outside of the court system. “The case is completely out of control and I don’t want something terrible to happen to my client or her child,” Yeater’s new lawyer Jeffrey Leving told a Chicago radio station. “My goal [is] to try and keep my client and her child out of the media.”

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Patti LaBelle sued for throwing a water bottle at a child

R&B legend Patti LaBelle still has an incredible voice, but apparently she’s a bad neighbor. In a just-filed lawsuit, a Manhattan woman is accusing the diva of verbally accosting her, attempting to attack her, and throwing a water bottle at her 18-month-old child.

The incident is supposed to have occurred in the lobby of the New York building where the plaintiff lives and LaBelle was staying while performing in Fela!, the Broadway musical about the life and music of Fela Kuti. READ FULL STORY

Justin Bieber invited to appear on 'Maury', and other things that are never going to happen

Justin Bieber’s baby-daddy drama has had all of the makings of a perfect scandal: Crazed fans, strongly-worded lawsuits, paternity-denying tweets and, of course, a killer parody. The only thing missing? DNA test results on the Maury show.

Today, after earlier reports that Bieber would be taking a DNA test to prove he is not the father of a 20-year-old California woman’s three-month-old son, the show has issued an open invitation for Bieber to appear on the show to hear the results.

Former Maury producer Amy Rosenblum told the Huffington Post, “This would be a huge TV event. When I brought the DNA test to TV for the first time on Maury, I had no idea it would still be as popular today as it was then. Maury is trusted by millions of viewers and if Maury told Justin ‘You are not the father,’ everyone would believe it.”

Obvious publicity stunt? Absolutely. Bieber has about as much chance of appearing on Maury as he does breaking up with Selena Gomez for one of his Twitter stalkers followers. But still, we can dream — especially if there was any chance of the Biebs (who you know has got some moves) duplicating this dance: READ FULL STORY

Conrad Murray on 'Today': 'Something happened when I was not in that room'

Just two days after Dr. Conrad Murray was declared guilty in Michael Jackson’s June 2009 death, the Today show has released a preview of a sitdown between Murray and correspondent Savannah Guthrie. Guthrie’s chat with Murray — filmed before the verdict was handed down — will air in two parts on Thursday and Friday morning in advance of a two-hour special Michael Jackson and the Doctor, which Murray filmed with U.K. Broadcaster Steve Hewlett in November 2009, before he was charged in Jackson’s death. The documentary features behind-the-scenes footage of Murray’s defense team as well as a particularly unsettling set of photos of Jackson’s disordered home. In his Today interview, the doctor steadfastly maintained his innocence, essentially blaming Jackson’s addiction for the singer’s death. See exactly what Murray had to say and watch the full preview after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Pitbull countersues Lindsay Lohan for that 'Give Me Everything' lyric

Lindsay Lohan just can’t seem to get out of her own way. After doffing her clothes for a Playboy payout and spending a handful of hours in jail, she came out finding that she had been countersued by Pitbull in response to a defamation suit she filed against him.

Back in August, Lohan filed against Pitbull because of a lyric in his hit “Give Me Everything” that went “I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan.” The beleaguered actress felt that it was an unjust knock against her character (even though she had already been in jail once already), saying “the lyrics, by virtue of its wide appeal, condemnation, excoriation, disparaging or defamatory statements by the defendants about the plaintiff are destined to do irreparable harm to the plaintiff.” The suit was filed in New York, which has a civil rights law protecting a person from having his or her name exploited for commercial gain.

Since the suit was filed just prior to the MTV Video Music Awards, Pitbull did the gentlemanly thing and invited Lohan to join him at the show, where he was performing the song in question. He even left her a ticket at will call.

Lohan didn’t show up, and apparently Pitbull is done playing games, as he has filed a suit of his own against Lohan. His claims that he did in fact have just cause to write that lyric (because, of course, she actually spent time in jail) and also noted that she was ineligible to file the suit in the state of New York, as she clearly lives in California (or at least does time there).

What do you think? Will everybody drop their suits and walk away friendly? And do you agree with Pitbull and believe the lyric is fair? Give us everything in the comments.

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Now that Dr. Conrad Murray has been found guilty, what does it mean for Michael Jackson's legacy?

By now, you’ve almost certainly heard that Michael Jackson’s former private physician Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

Over the course of the last few weeks, the court system has given us access to a number of realizations, many of which confirmed suspicions we already had about the King of Pop’s final days. And if nothing else, we learned that Murray is a physician of questionable ethics and skill. But how does this verdict, which finds Murray culpable for Jackson’s death, change the way we think about Jackson? Does it at all?

The portrait of Jackson painted in court was the one whispered about in the days following his passing back in June 2009. He was in constant physical discomfort, which is why he was seeking out the services of physicians like Murray who would give him drugs to help him sleep (most notably Propofol, the agent that ultimately killed Jackson) and to manage his pain (the jury never got to hear the testimony of Dr. Arnold Klein, who the defense claimed got Jackson addicted to Demerol in the final months of his life). It sounds like it was a life of non-stop physical suffering, without even taking into consideration his psychological and financial woes.

In fact, the trial acted as something of a counterpoint to the 2009 film Michael Jackson’s This Is It, which documented the singer’s quest to make a comeback via rehearsals for his planned London residency. READ FULL STORY

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