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Lady Antebellum tops the albums chart again, outselling Lil Wayne

Lady Antebellum are enjoying another week at the top of the Billboard 200 albums chart after selling 209,000 more copies of Need You Now, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Give the country trio a hand: That’s less than half what they sold the previous week, and it’s still more than most artists manage in week 1.

Lady A outsold Lil Wayne, for instance, by a comfortable margin. His rock-ish Rebirth debuts at No. 2 on the chart with 176,000 copies sold. That isn’t a bad number, all things considered, but it’s a tad embarrassing for a guy whose last album shifted a million in a week. Without a hit single on the order of “Lollipop” — and with reviews that ranged from tepid to scathing — it was probably inevitable that Weezy’s Tha Carter III follow-up would be a comparative commercial disappointment. He’ll have a chance to redeem himself on the charts, sooner or (more likely) later, with the long-promised Tha Carter IV, which may or may not come out around the time Wayne finishes the prison sentence he’s expected to start next month.

No. 3 goes to Nick Jonas & the Administration, whose debut Who I Am enters with 82,000 copies sold. There’s no getting around the fact that this represents a dramatic drop from the 247,000 the last proper Jonas Brothers album sold — which, in turn, was a big dip from the 525,000 their previous one managed. Considering that Who I Am is a side project, that 82,000 could be worse. Still, as far as album sales go, it seems Nick Jonas is now substantially less popular than, say, Vampire Weekend.


Lil Wayne's 'On Fire' video: Evil Victoria's Secret angel, questionable 9-11 reference

Acclaimed rapper Lil Wayne has premiered the video for “On Fire,” the second single from his upcoming, long-delayed (it was originally supposed to come out last April) album Rebirth, which finds Mr. Carter dabbling in the kitschy world of ’80s rock.

“On Fire” is heavily sampled (lifting both the synth and guitar riff) from an Amy Holland song (any one remember her? Bueller? Bueller?) from 1983 called “She’s on Fire.” Hip-hop fans may recall the use of that charmingly dated synth-pop tune in Brian De Palma’s Scarface, or if you played Grand Theft Auto III and tuned in to Flashback 95.6, this was one of the songs playing while you mowed down pedestrians.

Lil Wayne does his best to make the tune his own, playing lead guitar and throwing in a credible hip-hop beat, and while he hardly reinvents the song, he does update it for the modern club scene. The video involves Weezy rocking out in an old-fashioned mansion while a woman seduces him clad in black feathery angel wings, looking like a Victoria’s Secret model from the Dark Lord.

Appropriately enough for a song called “On Fire,” the winged-model writhes around in front of explosions and gives off sparks when petted. Lil Wayne informs us this dark angel is, “Hot as hell, let’s call her Helen/Fireman to her rescue like Nine Eleven,” which would probably be offensive if it made more sense.

What do you think? Should Tha Carter stick to the rap game lest he get burned, or does this retro-styled jam make him the prom queen of the synth-hop ball?

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Susan Boyle dominates the albums chart yet again; Mary J. Blige scores a solid debut

Just in case there was any shred of doubt remaining (there wasn’t), the Susan Boyle train is still confidently charging onward as we head into 2010. Her I Dreamed a Dream sold another 510,000 copies in its fifth week, according to Nielsen SoundScan, keeping it comfortably at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 yet again. That brings her up to just shy of three million sold since arriving in stores last month. Depending on how many CDs she ends up selling in the present final half-week of 2009, she has a shot at unseating Taylor Swift’s Fearless as the year’s best seller. Even if that doesn’t happen, she’s already earned another record that might be even more impressive: I Dreamed a Dream is now the first debut album ever to bow at No. 1 and stay there for five weeks in a row since Billboard started keeping score in the 1950s.

Boyle isn’t the only belter in town this week, though. Mary J. Blige secured the No. 2 position with 330,000 copies sold of her new Stronger With Each Tear — a solid number, though it’s quite a drop from the 629,000 and 727,000 that Blige’s previous two albums respectively bowed with. Alicia Keys, meanwhile, took No. 4 by moving 280,000 copies of The Element of Freedom in its second week.

Down at No. 9, Lil Wayne’s Young Money crew debuted with 142,000 units moved of their group album We Are Young Money. Those aren’t exactly Carter III numbers, shall we say, but they’re not too bad for a spin-off project like this.

And that was it for top 20 debuts this week. Any surprises in there? Who, if anyone, do you think will eventually topple Susan Boyle’s chart reign? Sound off in the comments.

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Lil Wayne and Eminem drop new single 'Drop the World': What do you think?

“Drop the World,” a new single from Lil Wayne and Eminem, is available for free downloading on the ‘nets this morning. As the Music Mix told you last week, Lil Wayne’s album Rebirth has yet again been pushed back, this time from Dec. 21 to an undetermined date in 2010, possibly as his label tries to find a hit that’ll help the record sell, sell, sell. Could “Drop the World” be that song?

From a couple of listens, I’m going to say no, unfortunately. Not a resounding no, by any means—there’s some life in this single—but it’s no radio-ready jam that’ll take the masses by storm. Why? “Drop the World” has a mesmerizing sort of intro, where Lil’ Wayne seems like he’s being contemplative: “I’ve got ice in my veins/Blood in my eyes/Hate in my heart/Love in my mind” the rapper intones. And that feels nice, actually. But it’s not long before the song devolves into a slurring mess. Lil Wayne quickly blows out the song, begins a string of f-bombs and n-words, and tells us that he’s gonna “pick the world up and drop it on your f—ing head.” Um, alright then. No thanks. Eminem’s entrance—about 2:15 into the song—is a highlight, although it’s nearly as enraged.

But, what do you think, Music Mix readers? Are you a fan of this new collab? Would it make you buy Lil Wayne’s whole album?

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Lil Wayne’s Rebirth delayed yet again to 2010

Lil Wayne's 'Rebirth' delayed yet again to 2010

So, you thought you might be able to hold Lil Wayne’s Rebirth in your hands before New Year’s? Psych! A Universal Motown rep tells the Music Mix that Weezy’s long-delayed rock-influenced follow-up to 2008’s Tha Carter III has been pushed back yet again from its planned Dec. 21 release to an unspecified date in 2010.

I’ve lost count of how many times Rebirth has been postponed this year; for some insight into what might be going on here, check out the story we ran back in July. An assortment of follow-up singles and leaked tracks have failed to make much noise in the months since then, so it’s safe to assume that Lil Wayne’s label is still waiting for a hit before they unleash Rebirth. As we head into a new calendar year, though, it seems fair to wonder at what point they’ll simply throw up their hands and move on to the next Lil Wayne project instead of trying to make this one work.

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Lil Wayne pleads guilty to gun possession, faces one-year prison sentence

Lil Wayne entered a guilty plea to felony gun possession in an NYC courthouse this morning, MTV News reports. The rapper will likely be sentenced to one year in prison under the terms of his plea deal. He would have faced up to three and a half years behind bars if convicted.

The gun charges stemmed from a July 2007 incident in which police pulled over Wayne’s tour bus after a concert. (I was there in the audience earlier that night — it was an unforgettable show.) They found a loaded .40 caliber semi-automatic pistol. While Wayne initially pleaded not guilty, the situation changed this month when prosecutors said they had DNA evidence linking him to the weapon.

There’s no word yet on how this will affect Lil Wayne’s music plans, but it’s hard to see this as anything but a major roadblock to promoting his next album, Rebirth, which is still awaiting release after months of delays. Share your thoughts on his legal troubles below.

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New Shakira feat. Timbaland and Lil Wayne, 'Give It Up to Me': Stream it here

What a She-Wolf wants, she gets. And this She-Wolf says “Give It to Me, Senor Timbaland!”

Listen to the brand-new single from Shakira, pop music’s reigning pint-sized Colombian, below. The Timba-produced track features both Lil Wayne and Ryan Seacrest’s sexy-voiceover lady (sorry guys, the song debuted on his morning show, so he gets to stamp it):

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Madonna, 'Revolver': hear the new single feat. Lil Wayne here

Stop whatever you’re doing, Madge-aholics! Madonna’s new single from her upcoming Celebration hits collection (featuring Lil Wayne!) debuted online today in full. And it’s incredibly…. underwhelming.

Anyone hoping this collaboration with Wayne would mean a new direction for the 51-year-old superstar will be disappointed. “Revolver” is pretty standard Top 40 background listening—more of the same electro R&B she played around with on Hard Candy.

It’s not bad by any stretch, but it certainly won’t end up on the next greatest-hits collection she releases ten years from now.

The problem with “Revolver” is the droning melody—and chances are, Madonna agrees. If her detached, monotone singing is any indication, even she doesn’t seem terribly interested in the track.

In business terms, though, it’s a good move: “Celebration”—the other new song from her upcoming collection—is the ’80s dance throwback to please longtime fans, and this song should court younger listeners and do fairly well on the charts.

But let’s give praise where it’s due. One thing you have to give Madonna is her unerring knack for writing charmingly frivolous lyrics: “My love’s a revolver/My sex is a killer/Do you wanna die happy?”

I will die happy. But that’s because I’ll be listening to “Into the Groove” on my way out.

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Drake teams with Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Eminem for 'Forever': Hear it here

Chances are you’ve heard a lot about Drake by now if you’ve been paying any attention to developments in the world of hip-hop this year. Even if you haven’t, though, you must know the three guests he lined up for his new tune “Forever”: just some pals named Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and Eminem. This super-power summit — call it this year’s “Swagger Like Us” — came together for the soundtrack to an upcoming LeBron James documentary.

That athletic connection, plus the sheer level of stars involved, means we would feel remiss not to identify a winner here. And while all four rappers come off well enough, one verse clearly stands head and shoulders above the rest, and that’s Eminem’s. His light-speed, acrobatic flow simply makes everything that comes before it irrelevant. I’m talking serious verse-of-the-year contender status. Does it say something about rap in 2009 that the oldest guy on this track steals the show so easily from his more current counterparts? (Wait, don’t answer that question — too depressing.)

But surely I’m not a flawless ref. So give “Forever” a listen for yourself below (some NSFW language), then make your pick. Who delivered the best performance on this song: Weezy, Kanye, Em, or Drake himself?

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Lil Wayne's 'Rebirth': Will it ever come out? Exclusive new details

Whatever happened to Lil Wayne’s Rebirth? The rock-oriented follow-up to last year’s astronomically successful Tha Carter III was originally scheduled to hit shelves in April of this year. It’s since been pushed back repeatedly with little explanation; meanwhile, lead single “Prom Queen” peaked months ago at No. 15 on the Billboard Hot 100. “Prom Queen” co-writer Shanell set tongues wagging anew this week when she told an interviewer that Rebirth‘s release had been shuffled yet again, from August 18 to some time in September, adding, “When it’s perfect, you guys will receive it.”

Well, after talking to Cash Money Records and Universal Motown Records, the two key industry entities that are responsible for releasing Lil Wayne’s music, the Music Mix can reveal that perfection may be farther off than expected. “Cash Money just changes their dates whenever they want to,” says a Universal Motown rep. “It’s definitely not August. I have no idea why it was moved, and I’m not anticipating a September release. Right now I’m looking at closer to October.” A representative for Cash Money tells the Music Mix even that estimated date is likely too early: “It’s not going to be ’til the end of the year. We’re talking about holiday [season].” You read that right: Rebirth might not be on shelves until December 2009.

What’s going on here? Tha Carter III‘s success established Wayne as one of the biggest contemporary artists in any genre. The man sold a million records in a week, and two million more in the months since. We’re not talking about some new artist struggling to make his or her name. And according to Cash Money, Rebirth‘s recording stage is “pretty much done,” though it’s still awaiting the final mixing and mastering process. How is it possible that this project is still on ice at this point?


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