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M.I.A. promises free make-up show after Hard NYC fiasco

m-i-a-hard-nycImage Credit: Roger Kisby/Getty ImagesMuddy sound, messy set list — by most accounts, M.I.A.’s headlining performance at the Hard NYC festival on Governors Island this past Saturday was in trouble even before heavy thunderstorms forced her to end it early. Last night, the controversial singer took to Twitter to try and make it up to her disappointed fans. “f— it!” she wrote. “im gonna do a free show in nyc when i get back, tho i dont have powers over rain! if u still have the hard ticket u free! xxxo.” A few minutes later, she extended the offer further: “if u do me a lil dance , ill let u in too!”

A rep for M.I.A. did not immediately respond to EW’s request for confirmation that the free show is happening. Were you at Hard NYC? What did you think? Would you be interested in seeing M.I.A.’s free make-up show, if and when it happens? Sound off in the comments below.

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Eminem doesn't budge from Billboard 200's No. 1 spot

eminemEminem‘s Recovery remains at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart for a fourth straight week, selling 195,000 copies. He’s the first to own the spot for four straight frames since Susan Boyle’s I Dreamed a Dream spent six consecutive weeks on top last year. This week’s highest debut is Korn’s Korn III – Remember Who You Are at No. 2, selling 63,000 copies. Drake‘s Thank Me Later moves back a spot to No. 3 with 50,000 copies sold.

Newsboys’ Born Again album comes in at No. 4 with 45,000 records sold. Selling 41,000 copies of his My World 2.0, Justin Bieber’s  stays at No. 5. Sting’s reworked classics album, Symphonicities, debuts at No. 6 with 36,000 records sold. This marks Sting’s tenth solo top 10 album. Country’s new man Jerrod Niemann enters the Billboard 200 at No. 7 with Judge Jerrod & the Hung Jury, selling 34,000 in its first week.

Rock group Hellyeah’s second album Stampede stomps to No. 8 with 28,000 records sold. M.I.A.’s Maya debuts with 28,000 albums moved at No. 9. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack plummets six spots to No. 10 with 28,000 records sold, rounding out the top 1o.

Next week Rick Ross’ Teflon Don makes it’s chart debut. Do you think he’ll knock Eminem off the No. 1 spot? Let us know.

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M.I.A. brings 'Born Free' to Letterman: Awesome or irritating?

mia-lettermanImage Credit: CBS/John Paul Filo/LandovLast night, M.I.A. dropped by CBS’ Late Show With David Letterman to promote her new album, /\/\/\Y/\. She announced the performance on Twitter with typical caustic sarcasm: “whoring myself on letterman tonite americca, see u there!” Okay then! The song she chose was thuddingly confrontational single “Born Free.” In place of the hair-color death squads of that song’s video, M.I.A. brought along a troop of backup dancers styled more or less exactly like her.

/\/\/\Y/\ is surely the year’s most divisive major-label release. I happen to be one of those people who love 2005’s Arular and (much of) 2007’s Kala but find this follow-up to be a bit of a disaster. But I tried to approach her Late Show performance with an open mind. Image-wise, I think it was a success. The army of lookalikes was a well-executed nod to the increasingly common critique that she’s some sort of superficial phony, as Stereogum has noted. If she had used this setup for an older song like “Pull Up the People” or “Paper Planes,” I probably would have enjoyed it. Yet “Born Free” felt frankly interminable to me as a piece of live music. M.I.A. remains brilliant at making the audience pay attention to her. When it’s for a half-baked blast of empty aggression like this, I start wondering why I bothered.

But maybe you disagree? Check out M.I.A.’s Letterman performance after the jump (clip via Stereogum) and let us know what you think.


M.I.A. strikes back at journalist with a furious new song

miaTweeting a phone number was just the beginning. M.I.A. took to her blog this weekend for another swing at the author of an unflattering New York Times magazine profile. Two more swings, actually: First, M.I.A. posted audio excerpts of her interview with the Times writer, presumably in order to suggest that her words (and french fry flavor preference) were taken out of context. She also posted a new song addressing the situation.

“So you wanna hear about my politics, yeah?” M.I.A. asks over a muggy electro beat. “I’ll show you things that could make you sick/There’s a satellite above me that’s taking pics.” The song would appear to be titled “I’m a Singer,” a phrase that also opens its chorus: “I’m a singer/Never said anything else/I didn’t lie to you/Thinking of somebody else.” Also: “You’re a racist, I wouldn’t trust you one bit.” As a piece of music, it’s not hugely memorable, but words like that convey her message loud and clear.

Check out the whole post over at M.I.A.’s blog, then let us know what you think.

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Ornery 'agitprop pop' singer M.I.A. tweets reporter's home phone number after unflattering New York Times profile

MIAImage Credit: Jon Kopaloff/ Call a pop star out on the contradictions in her “message,” and pay the price—via Tweet.

Celebrity profiler/muckraker Lynn Hirschberg (she wrote the infamous 1992 Kurt ‘n’ Courtney profile in Vanity Fair, for one) learned that the hard way today when her recent New York Times cover story on M.I.A. displeased the singer enough to make her post Hirschberg’s personal cell number on her official Twitter.

“917.834.—- CALL ME IF YOU WANNA TALK TO ME ABOUT THE N Y T TRUTH ISSUE, ill b taking calls all day bitches ;)” M.I.A., a.k.a. Maya Arulpragasam tweeted late this morning; the number, of course, is not actually hers but Hirschberg’s (we deleted the last four digits here, in the interest of preserving the writer’s privacy, such as it is at this point.)

In the piece, Hirschberg repeatedly targets the disconnect between the “Paper Planes” singer’s strident rebel persona and the rather luxurious lifestyle she leads in L.A.’s tony Brentwood neighborhood with fiance Ben Bronfman, the scion of the Seagrams dynasty (his grandfather Charles Bronfman’s net worth is estimated at $2.8 billion). And she does call her recent ginger-massacre video for “Born Free” both “exploitative and hollow” and “at best, politically naive.” READ FULL STORY

M.I.A. calls Justin Bieber's video 'an assault to my eyes and senses'

mia-vs-beiberImage Credit: Jon Kopaloff/; Robin Wong/PR Photos“I find the new Justin Bieber video more violent and more of an assault to my eyes and senses than what I’ve made,” says  M.I.A. in the latest issue of U.K. weekly magazine NME. Opting not to explain her recent “Born Free” video, in which redheaded citizens of a desert nation are slaughtered, M.I.A. called Bieber’s clips “more offensive” than her controversial offering.

But before fans of the Biebs come for M.I.A.’s head, know that it was all said in jest. That said, I still wonder what video in particular she’s referring to. Is it the distasteful bowling “Baby” clip? Or is it the wild house party he threw at Usher’s house in his “One Time” video?

What do you guys think of M.I.A.’s quip?

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M.I.A.'s new single, 'XXXO': Now this is more like it

m-i-aImage Credit: Jordan Strauss/WireImage.comWhew. Were you as scared as we were?  A few weeks back when M.I.A. released the first offering from her forthcoming third album — the punk bullhorned ruckus that is “Born Free” — we feared her next set would be a bust. But now she’s back with the “official” first single, “XXXO,” and our worries have been eased.  This techno-tinged dance record is what we hoped for from our Sri Lankan anti-pop star. It’s an aggressive but friendly love cut dressed up with playful lyrics. “I can be the actress. You can Tarantino,” she teases in one line. It’s the fun, naughty stuff we like.

Give it a listen after the jump and tell us what you think.


M.I.A. trashes Lady Gaga: 'She's not progressive, but she's a good mimic'

mia-gagaImage Credit: Steve Double/Retna UK/LandovVia New York magazine’s Vulture site comes excerpts from an interview recently given to British music mag NME by everyone’s favorite Sri Lankan pop revolutionary, M.I.A., in which the “Paper Planes” singer more or less bitchslaps Lady Gaga back to her Catholic schoolgirl days. Here’s the juiciest part:

“Do you think those programmes [X-Factor] and the Internet have destroyed the mythology around popstars?
I don’t know. Again, there’s Lady Gaga — people say we’re similar, that we both mix all these things in the pot and spit them out differently, but she spits it out exactly the same! None of her music’s reflective of how weird she wants to be or thinks she is. She models herself on Grace Jones and Madonna, but the music sounds like 20-year-old Ibiza music, you know? She’s not progressive, but she’s a good mimic. She sounds more like me than I f—ing do! That’s a talent and she’s got a great team behind her, but she’s the industry last’s stab at making itself important — saying, ‘You need our money behind you, the endorsements, the stadiums’ Respect to her, she’s keeping a hundred thousand people in work, but my belief is: Do It Yourself.”

Ouch. Obvs, the “Gaga is derivative of literally everything that came before her” argument is not a new one. Positioning Gags as a pawn in the mainstream music industry’s final push for relevancy, on the other hand, is a pretty fresh form of nasty, given the way Our Lady of the Crazytown Lake goes out of her way to represent for all the counterculture art-freak misfits of the world. And to me, this quote smells more like an axe being ground against a neon-colored stone than an actual answer to the question at hand. Although the “20-year-old Ibiza music” bit is hilarious.

What do you think, Mixers? Who’s gonna walk out of this High-Concept Pop Thunderdome alive?

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M.I.A. leaks new track via Twitter video; stream it here

Maternity leave, ovah. Nearly a year after her last high-profile national appearance—nine months pregnant and swaggering at the ’09 Grammys with Jay-Z, Kanye, et al in this demure little number—agit-rock culture-jammer turned ubiquitous movie soundtracker M.I.A. has returned with a new track, posted via TwitVid. Oh, the technology!

Stream the clip, cryptically titled “THERES SPACE FOR OL DAT I SEE,” below:

Kick-off sirens aside, it could very well be a lullaby for little Ikhyd, no? No Clash-samples-and-cash-registers “Paper Planes” banger steez, just a sort of hazy, spooky 2001 fever dream—”My lines are down you can’t call me / as I float around in space all I see.”

It’s the first pin to drop from her upcoming third album, this summer’s still-untitled, Blaqstarr-produced follow-up to Kala. Is it good to see M.I.A. missing in action no more?

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