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Madonna hacker arrested in Israel

A 39-year-old man has been arrested by Israeli police for allegedly hacking into Madonna’s computer and leaking tracks from her upcoming album. Back in December, 27 demos of songs intended for her 13th album made their way online. Madonna responded by releasing six songs early—a clever and increasingly popular tactic for mitigating the effects of a leak—and by calling the hack “a form of terrorism” and the equivalent to “artistic rape.”

While an official gag order has kept the suspect’s name out of the media, according to a statement by the cybercrime division of Lahav 433—the FBI-like organization that made the arrest—he has been identified as a former contestant on an Israeli televised singing competition and is accused of breaking into the computers of several pop stars besides Madonna.

AC/DC, Ariana Grande, Madonna announced as Grammy performers

The Grammys announced the first string of performers set to hit the stage at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards on Tuesday, and they include a little something for everyone.

In addition to Ariana Grande and AC/DC, other just-announced performers include singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran, country crooner Eric Church, and the legendary Madonna who alluded to her performance Monday night on Twitter. Church is nominated for four awards including Best Country Song (for “Give Me Back My Hometown”), while Sheeran is up for Album of the Year.

This will be Grande’s first time performing on the Grammy stage, and she has two nominations including Best Pop Vocal Album for My Everything.

More performers are expected to be announced as the event approaches. The full list of nominations is available here. The Grammy Awards will air Sunday, Feb. 8 at 8 p.m. on CBS.

Madonna offers an apology of sorts over 'Rebel Heart' images

Following a recent social media gaffe in which she posted poorly doctored images of civil rights leaders in an effort to promote her forthcoming album, Rebel Heart, Madonna went online to offer an apology via Facebook. READ FULL STORY

Madonna's social media thirst is reaching dangerous levels

Being a pop-culture icon is tough work. The rare Brando type aside, most of them don’t ever want to give up the spotlight they’ve earned, and that tends to involve keeping up with what the kids think is cool these days. And since that grows logarithmically more difficult with every passing year, it often ends in tragedy.

Madonna’s been struggling to keep up recently, working with producers who seem to McConaughey-ishly stay the same age as she keeps getting older, dropping embarrassingly clumsy drug references to try and appeal to a dance music crowd she shouldn’t even have to court, and basically squandering several decades’ worth of legendary coolness for the sake of a failing personal brand.


Second batch of Madonna tracks leaks online

Fourteen more Madonna tracks have leaked, following the 13 demos that appeared online without the performer’s permission last week.


Madonna releases six tracks from her forthcoming album 'Rebel Heart'


Madonna’s next album isn’t due until March 2015, but you can listen to the first six tracks now. On Saturday morning, the pop icon responded to a recent leak of unfinished demos from her forthcoming album, Rebel Heart, by releasing several tracks ahead of schedule.


Madonna comments on album leak

If you resisted listening to the leak of Madonna’s upcoming album that surfaced online earlier this week, she has something to tell you: “Thank you for not listening!” she wrote on her Instagram Wednesday. “Thank you for your loyalty!”

Although Madonna hasn’t been forthcoming with details about the album, she has confirmed she’s working on one. She further elaborated on the leak in her Instagram caption, where she clarified the songs released were not final cuts.

“Thank you for waiting,” she said, “and if you have heard please know they are unfinished demos stolen long ago and not ready to be presented to the world.” READ FULL STORY

Madonna bought Chance the Rapper a Razor scooter because it's 2001

Chance the Rapper and Madonna are friends, apparently—such good friends that she bought him a Razor scooter.

Chance posted a photo on his Instagram Tuesday night that featured him, Madonna, and a Razor scooter still in the box. “So grateful for this awesome present!” he wrote in the caption. “You are a true friend.” Are all true friends supposed to gift you with toys popular in 2000?

Two purported 'Erotica'-era Madonna demos make their way online

Erotica may have been the first Madonna LP since her debut not to reach the number one spot on the Billboard albums chart, but in retrospect it’s her strongest album — produced at the peak of her power and provocativeness during the same burst of creativity that yielded the Sex book and tour documentary Truth or Dare and helped elevate her from mere pop star to an era-defining icon. Over the years demos for that album, referred to by superfans as “the Rain tapes,” have made their way online, mostly as snippets, along with a lot of fakes.

Yesterday two full tracks purporting to be Erotica outtakes were posted on Soundcloud: READ FULL STORY

MIA's battle with NFL over Super Bowl finger gets uglier

MIA and the NFL are two acronyms that really don’t seem to fit together.

Two years after the singer showed her middle finger during Madonna’s 2012 Super Bowl Halftime Show performance, the NFL is demanding over $16 million in restitution and damages. Today, M.I.A. tweeted an image of an email document that the NFL has also asked her to sign.

As MIA’s lawyer pointed out, the half time show has featured many more risqué performances in the past, most notably Prince’s giant “penis” guitar in 2007 and Michael Jackson who in 1993 “repeatedly grabbed or fondled his genitalia.”

Also not pilloried by the NFL? The young black girls who danced throughout Madonna’s performance. “Madonna got them from a local high school in Indianapolis,” the singer said in a recent interview, according to the NY Daily News.. “They were under 16. If you look at them they’re wearing cheerleader outfits, hips thrusting in the air, legs wide open … in a very sexually provocative position.”

“Now they’re scapegoating me into figuring out what is the goal post of what’s offensive in America …. Like, is my finger offensive? Or is an underage black girl with her legs wide open more offensive to the family audience? It’s a massive waste of time, a massive waste of money. It’s a massive display of powerful corporation d–k shaking.”

“They want me on my knees, to say sorry so they can slap me on my wrist, and basically say it’s okay for me to promote being sexually exploited as a female, but then to display female empowerment through being punk rock.”

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