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Lady Gaga talks Grammy egg, Madonna comparisons on 'Leno' tonight: Watch the video

For the record, it’s a “vessel,” not an egg.

And also? There’s no song-thief beef between Madge and the Lady. “There is really no one that is a more adoring and loving Madonna fan than me,” Gaga tells Jay Leno on tonight’s show. “I am the hugest fan personally and professionally.”

“The good news is that I got an e-mail from her people and her,” she says, “sending me their love and complete support on behalf of the single, and if the queen says it shall be, then it shall be.”

See the interview in its entirety later tonight, and watch an excerpt below in the meantime: READ FULL STORY

Madonna sued over 'Material Girl' clothing line

MadonnaImage Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty ImagesMadonna is being sued by a clothing company that claims she’s ripping off the name of their “Material Girl” juniors line. In papers filed yesterday with a U.S. District Court in California, L.A. Triumph says that it and a previous company have been selling a “Material Girl” line of clothes for young women in department stores around the country since 1997. Madonna and her daughter Lourdes launched their own line, also called “Material Girl,” just this month.

L.A. Triumph is asking the court to stop Madonna from using the “Material Girl” name and make her hand over any profits she’s made with it. My non-legal-expert self feels compelled to note that L.A. Triumph’s line was almost certainly named after a Madonna song in the first place, but that may or may not have anything to do with the legal issue here.

Madonna’s rep has not responded to EW’s request for comment. In a statement provided to EW, L.A. Triumph’s lawyers say the suit “is necessary to protect L.A. Triumph’s valuable intellectual property rights before its brand is irreparably subsumed by Madonna’s new Material Girl line.”

What do you think of this story? The comments section awaits.

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'The Most Hilariously Unsexy Album Covers Ever': Do you agree that Madonna, Prince, and Adam Lambert failed to bring the heat? has just posted a list of “The Most Hilariously Failed Attempts at Sexy Album Covers.” The result is both extremely funny and, at times, utterly grotesque. I temporarily went blind after viewing the phallo-hairiness of Herbie Mann’s Push Push and still can’t quite believe that the fetishistic, and arguably NSFW, offering from Ted Nugent is actually real. Other culprits include Madonna (Hard Candy), Prince (Lovesexy), and Adam Lambert (For Your Entertainment).

The latter’s inclusion seems a tad harsh to me. But that do you think? Are there any other examples of unsexy artwork you believe should have been included? And, for extra credit, which album cover on the list features a current member of Congress?

B.o.B's 'Adventures' tops the 'Billboard' 200 albums chart

bobRiding the success of his smash “Nothin’ On You,” B.o.B’s  The Adventures of Bobby Ray debuts at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart this week. Selling 84,000 copies, it’s a low topper. But I’m sure B.o.B will happily take the crown anyway. The Atlanta native is the first solo male act to have a debut hit No. 1 since Rick Ross’ Port of Miami did so in August of 2006.

Lady Antebellum‘s Need You Now spends its 14th straight week in the top five and second in a row at No. 2, selling 76,000 copies. U.K. rock band Bullet for My Valentine‘s Fever sold 71,000 and debuted at No. 3. Justin Bieber‘s “My World 2.0″ falls one spot to No. 4 with 69,000. AC/DC’s soundtrack to Iron Man 2, which features their greatest hits, dropped one slot to No. 5 with 52,000. And Usher’s inner battle, Raymond v. Raymond, dropped from No. 5 to No. 6 with 48,000. Melissa Etheridge’s Fearless Love debuts at No. 7 with 46,000. Actress and singer Miranda Cosgrove’s debut album Sparks Fly only flew to No. 8 with 36,000. Now 33‘s compilation set comes in at No. 9 with 30,000. Glee‘s The Power of Madonna TV soundtrack fell to No. 10 with 29,000 units sold.

Are you glad B.o.B hit No. 1? Did you think Melissa Etheridge would debut higher? Talk to us in the comments after the jump.

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Christina Aguilera's 'Not Myself Tonight' video: Gone totally (Lady) Gaga, Madonna, or just desperate for relevance?

christina-aguileraImage Credit: RCAThe video for Christina Aguilera’s new single, “Not Myself Tonight,” hit the internets in the wee hours of the morning and immediately had the blogosphere—well, that’d be mostly one Mr. Perez Hilton—buzzing that it was a Lady Gaga rip-off. To be fair, it seems that Hilton thinks everything begins and ends with Gaga. But in this case, if you watch the clip after the jump, you’ll see that such a claim is by no means crazy talk.

In the video, Aguilera mostly prances around in various dominatrix-esque and lingerie-inspired outfits, sans any sort of storyline. You’ll see plenty of slick materials, exposed bras, and a whip. And, yes, there a few moments that are uncannily Gaga-ish. Two stick out in my mind: namely, those shots of Christina in white with a harem of dancers, and the moments where you see the diva, wet, in red lingerie. Just take a look here:


'Glee' creator Ryan Murphy on an all-Britney Spears episode: 'I'm interested'

Good news for Britney Spears and Glee fans: series creator Ryan Murphy tells EW that an all-Britney episode of the hit Fox musical, an idea floated by Spears’ manager via twitter on April 21 after Tuesday’s all-Madonna Glee, is actually being considered. Says Murphy, “I’m interested in the Britney Spears idea. I’ve always loved her. I’m entertaining it. I think young kids would like that.” Murphy also says that he’s contemplating doing similar hour tributes to Billy Joel, Led Zeppelin, and, even, Courtney Love! “I actually ran into Courtney Love the other day and talked to her,” says Murphy. “She’s interested. I would love to have the kids do a Courtney Love episode one day.” But he stresses that with all of these artists it really all comes down to the music and how it fits in the Glee universe. “The key is the songs in the catalogue have to have a certain degree of theatricality,” says Murphy.

With the “Power of Madonna” soundtrack set to debut at #1 next week and dominating the iTunes download charts, Murphy says Madonna has been more than pleased with their treatment of her tunes. “She said how much she loved the episode,” he admits.  “She thought it was brilliant and she’s so pleased. Her daughter got to watch it with her and loved it. [Madonna's] a smart cookie. I mean that introduced her music to an entire new generation.”

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Photo Credit: Carin Baer/Fox; Spears: Mark Liddell

'Glee' cast covers Madonna's 'Like a Prayer': Hear it here!

Next week’s all-Madonna episode of Glee is the most music-packed episode so far—and, in my opinion, their best hour yet. So it makes sense Fox is slowly leaking select tracks from the episode, like Sue Sylvester’s brilliant scene-for-scene remake of “Vogue.” Now, we have the cast’s phenomenal cover of “Like a Prayer.” “Like a Prayer” is definitely one of the highlights of the episode and probably the show’s best shot at another “Don’t Stop Believin'”-type download phenomenon. Plus, it does a nice job of incorporating most of the cast’s vocals. Full track below…

What do you think, Music Mix-ers? Does it live up to Madonna’s version? Is it better?

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Tila Tequila talks to Music Mix about her new single: 'I don't think music is about singing'

Tila-TequilaImage Credit: Keadrick D. Washington/PR PhotosTila Tequila‘s hair is colored platinum blond. It’s a risky, jagged new cut. She dyed it right before jumping on the plane to New York, leaving behind sunny Los Angeles and her long brown locks. And just as she’s dropped her old look, Tila’s trying to drop the image you have of her. You know, the one of her making out with dozens of competing guys and girls on her MTV show, A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila.

Before she got down on camera in hot tubs surrounded by booze, she was an artist. She rapped and sang. And that’s what she wants to get back to. Funny thing is that she’s basically still the same: sweet but so not innocent. She’s out promoting a song called “I F—– the DJ,” for goodness sake. On the 15th floor of a Manhattan skyscraper, Tila sat down to talk about how Fergie stole her style, what songs a DJ should play to get her into bed, and why Madonna can’t sing.

It seems that everything you do, whether it’s your hair color or who you’re dating, becomes someone’s blog post and comes with criticism. Do you pay that stuff any mind?

I do whatever my heart tells me to do. As long as I’m not hurting anybody, I don’t think that anything I do is wrong. Whether they hate me or love me, I am in the entertainment industry. So of course I’m entertaining them. I think I’m doing my job pretty damn well.

I recently saw some pictures of you at a grocery store in a raunchy dress holding watermelons. Just saying that makes me laugh. Was that just you being you?

Yeah. People think that, “Oh, she’s trying to do this and that for attention.” If you’re my friend in real life, I do way crazier things. I’m one of the girls that you would love to have in your group of friends. I’m the spontaneous one that says, “Come on everyone. Let’s get naked and drive off somewhere.”

I want to hear more about that… READ FULL STORY

Justin Bieber jumps over Usher for No. 1 spot

Justin-BieberAfter spending a week behind the R&B star who signed him, Justin Bieber returns to No. 1 on Billboard‘s latest album chart. Riding a successful appearance on NBC’s Saturday Night Live last Saturday, his My World 2.0 sold another 102,000 copies. Bieber’s previous release, My World, is also still in the top 10, at No. 8.  His latest set debuted at No. 1 and remained there for two weeks before his label head Usher knocked him to No. 2. last week selling, 329,000 copies. This week his Raymond v. Raymond drops to No.2, selling 92,000 copies.

The chart’s highest debut comes in at No. 3 from guitar hero Slash. His self-titled album and first as a solo artist sold 30,000. Erykah Badu’s New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh , last weeks No. 4 dropped to five spots to No. 9.

The second and last top 10 debut is Madonna‘s Sticky & Sweet Tour, at No. 10, selling 28,000. The live album from her 2009 tour is Madge’s 19th top 10 set. She’s now tied with Bob Dylan at sixth place for most top 10 albums ever. Getting to the seventh spot proves to be a tough order, though. They’ll have to nearly double their 19 to beat the Rolling Stones, who have 36.

So that is what’s new on the album chart. Bieber fever still has kids hot. Happy with the results? Did you buy a new album that didn’t make the top 10’s cut? Let us know.

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The Madonna-themed 'Glee' EP: Truly Madge-ical?

madonna_gleeImage Credit: Glee: Carin Baer/FOX; Madonna: Sylvain Gaboury/PRThe holy alliance more than five months in the making has finally arrived: Glee‘s Madgesty-themed mini-album, The Power of Madonna will hit stores April 20, like a show-choir meteor (or should we say, lucky star).

The task of cherrypicking seven tracks from La Ciccone’s massive catalog is a bit of a shuffle-button Sophie’s Choice; but did they choose wisely? See the tracklisting after the jump:


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