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Alicia Keys previews 'Girl On Fire' on Google+ -- Watch It Here

Image Credit: Michelangelo Di Battista

It’s not every day that you get to see Alicia Keys banter with Miguel over video chat, but that’s exactly what happened in Keys’ Google+ Hangout.

The R&B queen brought a few fans into her New York City studio yesterday for a live preview of her new album, Girl On Fire. She was joined by several others, including collaborators Miguel, Maxwell, and Emeli Sandé, via webcam. The two-hour session, which is now available in full on YouTube, features Keys taking questions and sharing details about the record as they listen to it song by song. READ FULL STORY

Maxwell and Jill Scott double the loving at New York's Madison Square Garden

maxwell-jill-scottImage Credit: Daniel Locke/PR Photos (2)On Friday night (June 26) true school R&B came to New York’s famed Madison Square Garden. For the latest stop on his Renaissance Hotel-sponsored tour, smooth crooner Maxwell shared the headlining bill with soul star Jill Scott. There was no opening act, but two main events. In a black shirt, skirt, sequined black tights, and a black heels, Scott kicked things off with hits like “The Way” and “I Love You,” a new track from her forthcoming album The Light of The Sun. “This song’s for the people that have loved someone real hard and f—– it all up,” she described before creeping into the funky mid-tempo cut that apologizes to an ex lover.

Songs like that are the reason Scott’s fans love her as much as they do. She’s a wonderful storyteller; her songs, descriptive and emotional, are simple and relateable, content-wise. When she set up “Cross My Mind,” a mostly spoken-word track about a not-so-good man who was great in the sack, she asked the women in the house, “You guys know what I’m talking about?” They did, screaming their “Yeah, girls” and “Uh huhs.”

Scott’s band—two drummers, a brass section, guitarist, and two keyboardists—was hipper than most, all dressed in black Adidas tracksuits. And only visible as silhouettes were two background dancers, sexily grooving to Scott’s music behind screens. As fast as she can sing about a trifling man, Scott can coo about one that treats her right. In an operatic fashion that would impress Pavarotti, she sang “He Loves Me,” and after showing her range in musical scales, she brushed herself off as if to say, “Yeah, I’m that good.”

The Grammy award-winning veteran has accomplished a lot for a person whose look isn’t that of a typical pop star. She’s not Beyoncé Knowles fit. She’s a curvy, full-figured lady. Her hair doesn’t fall to her shoulders and down her back. In fact, it was blown out in Afro fashion. Scott thanked to crowd for accepting her as she is, saying that music executives would prefer she change. “They want you to be skinny, hungry, and mad all the time,” she said. “I eat.”

Scott closed out strong with a trio a funky jams, starting with “Hate on Me,” then her Go-Go smash “A Long Walk,” and finally the uplifting, yet defiant “Golden.” Her half of the evening was an amazing showing of refined skill, making me wonder why she isn’t even more popular. She’s a complete woman, confident in her own skin and excellent at her chosen craft. There were no apologies and no topic was off limits. As she hinted at earlier, Scott’s a whole ‘lotta woman. And talent, too.

Waiting for Maxwell to hit the stage, I was scared Jill Scott’s impressive opening had blown Maxwell out of the building before he got to his dressing room. That was going to be a rough act to follow.

Find out how he did after the jump.


Maxwell keeps it retro in 'Fistful of Tears' video: Watch it here

Maxwell’s new video for “Fistful of Tears,” the latest single from last year’s acclaimed BLACKsummers’night, is a simple thing. Just Maxwell singing his heart out in black and white on what looks like a late ’50s/early ’60s TV stage — very Sam Cooke on The Ed Sullivan Show.

And you know what? A song this elegant doesn’t need flashy visuals. Maxwell’s label probably could have upped his video budget a hundred-fold, and it wouldn’t have worked any better than this. Check out Maxwell’s “Fistful of Tears” video after the jump and let us know if you like it, too.


Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Hudson, Ke$ha and more: On the scene at the annual Clive Davis pre-Grammy bash

It is, historically, the biggest party of Grammy weekend. But Saturday night’s Clive Davis/Recording Academy bash at L.A.’s Beverly Hilton may have also been the night this gala started to move into history, with a new generation of interests taking its place.

The event was studded with the usual stars, each one given the traditional laudatory introduction from Davis himself, who presides from the podium like the industry king he is. Jane Fonda was “matchless.” Jay-Z was “towering.” Les Moonves was a “titan.” For Wyclef Jean, he had “special emotion and pride.” Here and there, small pockets of celebrity glistened: Russell Brand chatted with Adam Lambert and Randy Jackson. Dierks Bentley shared a laugh with Richie Sambora. Katy Perry and Rihanna — whose attendance surprised me, seeing as how her life got really crappy after she left this party last year — bonded in the ladies’ room. Gazing across this savannah of fame from a table in the back, it was possible to believe that, like the Black Eyed Peas keep reminding us, the night was gonna be a good night. READ FULL STORY

Grammy rehearsals, day two: Taylor Swift, Dave Matthews, Maxwell, Green Day, and Black Eyed Peas

Welcome back to the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles—across the street from the L.A. Live complex, which, as one tourist helpfully exclaimed while I was getting my coffee, is “totally like the Times Square of L.A.!”—for day two of Grammy rehearsals. (Read about day one here.) No press releases about new performers came out, but if Friday’s roster of stars doesn’t make you want to watch the show, you are never going to watch the show. After the jump: Dave Matthews Band, Maxwell, Green Day (with the cast of American Idiot), Black Eyed Peas, and Taylor Swift.  READ FULL STORY

Michael Jackson sells a million in a week, but Maxwell tops the albums chart

Michael-Jackson-Maxwell_l Stop me if this sounds familiar: American consumers bought a stunning 1.1 million Michael Jackson albums last week, according to Nielsen SoundScan. One disc alone, the greatest-hits set Number Ones, accounted for 349,000 in sales, far more than any album in the country. Yet since Number Ones is an old release, Billboard rules exclude it from the flagship Billboard 200 albums chart along with all the other Jackson discs that have been selling in large numbers following his tragic passing. This is now the third week in a row that Number Ones' posthumous sales have wreaked havoc by outperforming the Billboard 200's No. 1, something that had previously never happened in the publication's history. For the next few weeks, at least, you'll have to look at Billboard's Top Comprehensive Albums chart — a less commonly referenced index which, true to its name, collates all album sales information regardless of release date — to get an accurate picture of what's selling in the U.S.

Still, we shouldn't let this situation distract us completely from the fantastic numbers put up by Maxwell's BLACKsummers'night, which tops the Billboard 200 with 316,000 copies sold. Looks like the singer's eight-year hiatus built up some serious fan demand for his new one. No complaints from me: It's a great record that deserves that No. 1 spot, even if it got there via a loophole of sorts. Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus' latest project — that'd be Hannah Montana 3, in case you've lost track — moved 137,000 units. That's not quite up there with the mega-sales she saw for her first two TV soundtracks, but it still won her a No. 2 finish on the Billboard 200. Pop-punkers All Time Low, meanwhile, secured themselves an all-time high (see what I did there?) after selling 63,000 copies of their album Nothing Personal, good enough for No. 4.

And that was it for Top 20 debuts this week. Thoughts on those numbers? How much longer do you think Michael Jackson's catalog sales will keep outperforming new releases?

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