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On the scene at Lollapalooza Friday: The Black Keys and Black Sabbath deal in different kinds of darkness

By Kyle Anderson & Nolan Feeney

On the opening day of Lollapalooza 2012 in Chicago, people could only talk about two things: The oppressive heat (which isn’t really news for anyone who has ever spent three days repeatedly crossing Grant Park in August), and whether or not Black Sabbath was going to make everybody sad.

Obviously, the idea of the legendary metal band playing a nearly two-hour set of heavy classics was titillating, and frontman Ozzy Osbourne remains one of the most unpredictable characters in rock. But health problems for both Osbourne and Tony Iommi have called into question whether or not this particular Sabbath reunion was a good idea, and suggested that the band might be better served staying at home (which is exactly what drummer Bill Ward ended up doing anyway).

By the time they left the stage on Friday night, they delivered no definitive answers. The set list was unimpeachable —  hitting on everything you could possibly want to hear from them, including “Iron Man,” “War Pigs,” “Sweet Leaf,” “N.I.B.,” and “Paranoid” (which they wisely saved for the encore). Ozzy still has the will of a manic frontman, but neither his body nor his voice seem to be able to match his intent, and he seemed vaguely off for the better part of the evening.

Iommi’s steady riffing carried the night, though the set ground to an unfortunate halt during an overlong drum solo (though honestly, there’s no such thing as an “appropriate length drum solo”) that saw a lot of people trying to beat the traffic home.

Still, for those who stuck around, the rest provided by the rhythmic interlude might have been just what the other members of the band needed, as the band’s finishing run (which included the awesome and deeply underrated Technical Ecstasy gem “Dirty Women”) was as strong as any modern metal act. Were they good? Sure. Should they keep going? The jury is still out.

On the other end of the park, the Black Keys were offering up no such existential quandaries. READ FULL STORY

Muse, Metric scald faces with giant rock show Friday night at SXSW

museImage Credit: Whitney Pastorek/EW.comOne of SXSW’s newer and more questionable traditions is the giant rock show from the giant rock band that’s supposed to be a “secret” but everyone knows is coming because there’s a big gap in the schedule at Stubb’s. Last year’s big ticket was Metallica, sponsored by Rock Band; this year, the Twilight-inspiring Brits of Muse stepped up for a thunderous performance, sponsored by MySpace. We could argue all week about the value of allowing an established, globe-trotting group to suck audience (and journalists) away from the 2000+ up-and-coming acts performing in tiny clubs all over Austin, but the show Muse put on last night was pretty inarguable. As for opening act Metric: best set I’ve seen all week. So I won’t argue with that, either.

I’m new to the Muse-verse, having recently purchased Black Holes & Revelations under some duress only to discover that I kind of really like it. It brings me back to my keytar-loving 8th grade dance days, in the best possible way. My knowledge of this group being spotty at best, however, I was extremely pleased to walk out of the photo pit and bump square into Ann Powers of the L.A. Times, aka Ann Powers, Knower Of All Things Muse. This was an amazing coincidence — the backyard was so packed that rumors of Kristen Stewart’s presence at Stubb’s were only coming in via texts from people in venues across town. READ FULL STORY

Music Mix Exclusive premiere: Metric's new video, 'Help I'm Alive'

"Help I’m Alive" — the first single off Metric’s upcoming Fantasies (April 14) — gets the old-school treatment, as concert footage of the band is drowned in grainy imagery of hearts and stars and jackhammers and bombs going off. Remember when we used to race home from school to turn on MTV? Enjoy the nostalgia.

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