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See the artwork for Modest Mouse's new album


Last week Modest Mouse began hinting at new music and over the weekend their new single and album title leaked. The band has now shared the artwork (that’s it above) and pre-order options for Strangers to Ourselves, a 15-song double LP slated to drop March 3.

Learn more about the Strangers to Ourselves here and listen to the “Lampshades On Fire”—the fresh track that sounds a lot like the band’s more recent records—below.

Modest Mouse makes Instagram debut, maybe hints at new music

It’s been seven and a half years since Modest Mouse released the excellent We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank—back then, Twitter was less than a year old and Instagram didn’t exist. But now they’ve hinted at fresh tunes via their brand-new Instagram account. Welcome to the Digital Age, Modest Mouse.

The post shows a plain 45, with “Side A: Lampshades on Fire” written on it. Sounds like the name of a Modest Mouse single if there ever was one.


What would Kurt Cobain's music sound like today?

In the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, I ruminate over the anniversary of the death of one of the last great rock stars with a simple question: Had he not died in April 1994, what might Kurt Cobain’s music have sounded like now?

In order to find some possible answers, I talked to Cobain’s friends and collaborators about his potential musical directions; the master playlist craftspeople at Beats Audio took those cues and built a batch of songs that help extrapolate what Cobain might have sounded like had he lived.

“Cobain always seemed like an old soul and I agree that he would have continued to explore more acoustic music, as opposed to electric,” says Beats’ Scott Plagenhoef. “He wrote personal lyrics but they were opaque and non-linear and he never wrote narratives. There is also a temptation to assume major creative forces like Cobain would remain progressive into their older age but the fact of the matter is that was never a quality that he displayed even during his lifetime. There is no indication he would have embraced electronic music, for example.”

The playlist includes a handful of tracks that seem like inevitable Cobain compositions (Elliott Smith’s “Waltz No. 2 (XO),” Wilco’s “How To Fight Loneliness,” The White Stripes’ “We’re Going To Be Friends”), as well as some reasonable stretches (EMA’s “California,” Cat Power’s “He War,” Lambchop’s “My Face Your Ass”). Spin the whole thing here while you consider what might have been.

What do you think Kurt Cobain would have sounded like in 2014? Let us know in the comments.

Heath Ledger: Watch the video he directed for Modest Mouse

Heath-Ledger-Isaac-Brock_lA new video directed by Heath Ledger has been released by Modest Mouse. The animated clip is for the song “King Rat” and shows humans being hunted and killed at sea by whales, reflecting the late actor’s opposition to the commercial whale hunting which takes place off the coast of his native Australia.

Ledger approached Modest Mouse singer Isaac Brock with the idea for the video in January 2007. According to a press release issued by Modest Mouse, “The video was fully conceived down to the last detail but unfinished when Heath passed away in January 2008. In the interest of fully realizing Heath’s final work as a visual artist, THE MASSES (a film and music company which Heath was partner in) finished the video in his honor, with the support and advocacy of Isaac Brock.” The clip will be available for download on iTunes from August 7th.

In my opinion, the result is a weird, well crafted, and compelling piece of polemic reminiscent of the animated work of Ledger’s friend and two-time director Terry Gilliam. Do you agree? And do you think it is appropriate for the video to have been finished after Ledger’s tragic death?

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Photo Credit: Ledger: Laura Cavanaugh/Landov; Brock: David Atlas/Retna Ltd

Saturday video roundup: Phoenix, Modest Mouse and Marilyn Manson

New videos from Phoenix, Modest Mouse and Marilyn Manson have hit the world wide web, and forgive me for being biased, but one of them is ginormously more awesome than the rest: PHOENIX! Those Frenchies really know how to (alt)rock, and their song "1901" is breezy, infectious and just plain great — easily making it one of our picks for a song of the summer. Just 10 days until the Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix album releases, kids. I hear it’s pretty swell. Check out their artsy/shadowy performance-based video below.

Phoenix: "1901"

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your tastes), the Marilyn Manson video is not embeddable, so head here to view it in full. I’ve always said Marilyn Manson is a lot like a fine wine, and would only get better with time. Actually, neither I nor anyone else in the history of time has ever said that. Someone needs to tell the dude to grow the hell up. His song is actually titled "Arma-Goddamn-Motherf*****-Geddon." Really? My soul is the corner crying, so thanks for nothing, Marilyn.

Also terrifying, but not in a so-bad-it-makes-your-ears-bleed kind of way, is Modest Mouse’s video for "Satellite Skin." The song isn’t the greatest, but the imaginative video has aliens, bald children in cloaks, and walking animated mailboxes (or are they birdhouses?) Cool stuff! But not as cool as the Phoenix video, or as cool as I’m sure Marilyn Manson thinks he is. Which is your favorite?

Modest Mouse: "Satellite Skin"

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