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Trent Reznor to score Facebook movie 'The Social Network'

social-networkImage Credit: Rob Sheridan; Albert L. Ortega/PR PhotosLike button? Trent Reznor has announced via the Nine Inch Nails newsfeed that he will be scoring The Social Network—a.k.a. The David Fincher Facebook Movie, starring Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake, and Rashida Jones.

“I was planning on taking some time off after the continual waves of touring that ended last fall,” Reznor writes, “and spend this year experimenting around with what would become How To Destroy Angels and some new NIN. Well, that plan didn’t work out so well. David Fincher started inquiring about my interest in scoring his upcoming film … I’ve always loved David’s work but quite honestly I wondered what would draw him to tell that story. When I actually read the script and realized what he was up to, I said goodbye to that free time I had planned. Atticus Ross and I have been on a creative roll so I asked him if he wanted to work on this with me and we signed on.

“Months later, I’m happy to tell you we’re nearing the completion of this and I couldn’t be happier with how it’s turned out. The level of excellence that David operates on is inspiring and the entire process has been challenging and truly enjoyable.”

“As Atticus and I near the end of the scoring process, we’re looking forward to the next phase – distilling the large amount of music we’ve written for this down to a satisfying record (or two). The film opens Oct 1 in the US with the record likely available a couple of weeks ahead of that.Speaking of the film… it’s really f—ing good. And dark!”

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Jack Johnson, 'Spring Wind': An EW exclusive stream from the upcoming '180 Degrees South' soundtrack

Jack-JohnsonImage Credit: Ben Hider/Getty ImagesWhen Emmett Malloy—one half of the Malloy Brothers, prolific directors of top-line music videos for, among others, Ke$ha, Vampire Weekend, and Avril Lavigne, as well as concert films for Metallica, the White Stripes, and Jack Johnson—began work on the adventure documentary 180 Degrees South three years ago, he hoped to rope in a few of his former subjects for the soundtrack.

James Mercer (the Shins, Broken Bells) and singer-songwriter Mason Jennings did him one better, accompanying Malloy on one of his journeys into the Patagonia wilderness; Jack Johnson didn’t make the trip, but he, along with Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock (performing as his sometime alter ego Ugly Casanova), offered their services from Stateside.

Johnson’s contribution, a cover of Greg Brown‘s reflective, lovely “Spring Wind,” has been known to pop up for years in his live sets, but you can find it for the first time here as a studio recording; stream the song below, and find the soundtrack in full when it’s released June 22.

Liam Gallagher's new band is called Beady Eye. Where on earth did he get the idea for having a name that starts with the letters B, E, and A?

guess-whoImage Credit: Chris Ashford/Camera Press/Retna LtdFormer Oasis singer Liam Gallagher has announced that his new band is to be called Beady Eye. The group features his fellow ex-Oasis members Gem Archer and Andy Bell, but not, of course, his brother Noel whose sudden departure from the group last summer provoked its implosion.

The Oasis-crazy British media has already weighed in on the name “Beady Eye,” with Paul Stokes of the NME declaring it to be “terrible.” One point I’m surprised Stokes doesn’t raise is that Beady Eye will finally allow the Beatles-obsessed Gallagher to get very close to the Beatles—at least alphabetically. That’s right, on CD shelves and in record stores, no one will stand between The Beatles and Beady Eye but those pesky Beastie Boys (and, in Gallagher’s U.K. homeland, the Beat, who are, unsurprisingly, not known as “the English Beat” in England).

Is this a coincidence? Given that Gallagher recently announced plans to actually produce a film about The Beatles, I think not!

What do you think of the name Beady Eye? Of Liam Gallagher? And can you think of any other bands that would, alphabetically, squeeze in between Beady Eye and the Beatles?

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Russell Brand talks about his 'Grey's Anatomy'-name checking, NSFW 'Get Him to the Greek' song

Get-Him-to-the-GreekImage Credit: Glen WilsonFans of Grey’s Anatomy who think they’ve suffered enough of late should probably stay clear of the soundtrack to the new comedy Get Him to the Greek, which hits stores June 1. On the CD, which features material penned by Jarvis Cocker of Pulp and The Libertines’ Carl Barat amongst others, British comedian Russell Brand channels the spirit of his …Greek character Aldous Snow, a debauched rocker with a fondness for songs about having sex while on drugs and stroking furry walls while, uh, also on drugs.

What does all this have to do with Grey’s? Well, one of the tracks—a NSFW  ditty called “Riding Daphne”—finds Brand recalling a particularly lubricious game of doctors and nurses he played with the lady mentioned in the title. At one point, Brand sings about engaging in some very heavy petting while his partner watches a certain medical drama. In fact, the song, which was penned by singer-songwriter Dan Bern, actually manages to rhyme “Grey’s Anatomy” with “she… sat on me.

Yesterday, we called the comedian to see what he had to say for himself. Brand revealed that he doesn’t watch Grey’s Anatomy, and wasn’t sure how he had developed “such a loathing for it.” The comedian did admit, though, that he was curious about what the Grey’s cast would make of the song.

“I await with bated breath,” he said, “as I would were they about to give me a prostate exam.”

Are you an appalled Grey’s nut? An amused Russell Brand fan? I’ve posted the trailer for Get Him to the Greek after the break. Check it out and tell us what you think.


EW Exclusive: 'Twilight: Eclipse' soundtrack artists to be unveiled tomorrow on MySpace, verrry slowly

muse-eclipseImage Credit: Danny Clinch; Kimberley FrenchLast week, we learned that British rock lords Muse will return for a Twilight three-peat on the upcoming third soundtrack installment in as many movies for that obscure little book series (is it about werewolves? vampires? hobbits? We really can’t recall).

Anyhow, MySpace tells EW exclusively that they will unveil the full soundtrack roster for Twilight: Eclipse, beginning Wednesday, May 12, at 11am EST/8am PST … and continuing on for many hours, at the rate of one band reveal every half hour. (We will do our best to update you in real time here; you can also get the updates on Twitter via @MySpaceMusic).

Last chance to place the bets of your Twi-lives and tell us: Who will be keeping musical company with Muse by this time tomorrow?

UPDATE: Find EW’s continuous rollout of the tracklisting (via MySpace) here

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'Sex and the City 2': Listen to the new single from Jennifer Hudson and Leona Lewis

Jennifer Hudson and Leona Lewis declare that “Love is Your Color” on their single from the Sex and the City 2 soundtrack, which has now been released to the Internet. I thought anyone who was anyone was going to be seen in mauve polka dots this summer. But then, I’m more likely to be found reading Fangoria than the fashion mags.

I can say with a tad more authority that “Love is Your Color” is a big ballad that showcases the two stars’ respective talents, even if does at times sound not unlike another, similarly-titled, song by a certain Celebrity Apprentice contestant.

Check out the track after the break and see if you agree.

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'MacGruber' soundtrack: 'SNL' star Kristen Wiig sings

Kristen-wiigImage Credit: Mathew Imaging/WireImageWhen Saturday Night Live-skit-turned-big-screen-fandango MacGruber uncorks in theaters on May 21, it will do so to the soaring synthesizer chords of “Champion,” a triumphantly low-budge theme song from co-star Kristen Wiig (a.k.a. Vicki St. Elmo).

In true MacGruber form, the song—featuring the appropriately monikered U.K. collage-rocker Lightspeed Champion—sounds like it was put together with a Yamaha keytar, a portable mic, a ten-line rhyming dictionary, and a dream. (You can stream it for yourself over at Stereogum.)

The soundtrack’s other entries lean heavily towards velveeta ’80s classics (Toto’s “Rosanna,” Mr. Mister’s “Broken Wings,” Quarterflash’s “Harden My Heart”), with a few burly indie-rock garnishes (the Black Keys’ “Heavy Soul,” the Hives’ “Tick Tick Boom”).

What do you think, summer-movie soundtrack fans—MacGreat or MacBetterLuckNextTime?

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Kenny Chesney premieres his 'Summer in 3-D' movie in Las Vegas: EW is on the scene!

kenny-chesneyImage Credit: Whitney Pastorek/EW.comIt’s the eve of the Academy of Country Music Awards, and Nashville has blanketed Vegas with its twang: Gary Allan played poolside at the Mandalay Bay; Sugarland did a Dr. Pepper-sponsored show at the MGM; Miranda Lambert rocked Fremont Street. But the night’s most anticipated event was the premiere of Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3-D, the concert film shot as Kenny blew up America’s biggest football stadiums last year, opening nationwide April 21.

Celeb friends like Morgan Freeman, Matthew McConaughey, and Dierks Bentley were on hand — as well as Chesney’s fun-loving crew and touring band — and the audience packed two theaters at a local multiplex. Kenny appeared in both to personally introduce the screenings. “Everybody in these two theaters has been a part of our life,” he said. “This film documents our life, and thank you for being a part of it. I’m glad we documented something that shows the relationship with the fans, and I’m really proud of it.” READ FULL STORY

Hanson and Weird Al invoke spirit of 'The Blues Brothers' for new video. How does this not suck?

If you’d told me yesterday that I would like the video for Hanson’s new single, “Thinkin’ Bout Something,” then I would have said, “I’m fairly sure that’s not true, because I don’t particularly care for them.” And if you’d tried to persuade me otherwise by saying that the clip pays homage to the Ray Charles sequence from the Blues Brothers then I would have suggested that that actually makes it less likely I’m going to enjoy it. And if you’d added that the video also features Weird Al Yankovic playing tambourine in a sexually suggestive fashion then I would have testily remarked upon how this whole conversation was a complete, and rather inexplicable, waste of my valuable time.

But I would have been wrong! The video is a delight, partly because the song itself is a delicious, catchy slice of pop-soul, and partly because some considerable effort has clearly gone into recreating the Blues Brothers scene. For a second, I really thought that was the great Steve Cropper on guitar. Weird Al’s gyrations I could do without, but there you go.

Anyway, check out the video—which is from their June 8-released CD Shout it Out—and then take a look at the  relevant movie clip, which you’ll find after the break. Compare, contrast, and tell us what you think!


Roky Erickson: The psychedelic rock legend talks about his first CD in 15 years

Roky-Erickson-and-Okkervil-RiverDon’t be surprised if the opening song on Roky Erickson’s new album True Love Cast Out All Evil sounds somewhat lo-fi. And certainly don’t complain to Will Sheff, singer with much acclaimed rockers Okkervil River, who produced the the 62-year-old singer’s first album in a decade and a half. The track, a haunting lament called “Devotional Number One,” is based on a recording made by Erickson four decades ago, while he was incarcerated at Rusk Maximum Security Prison for the Criminally Insane in East Texas.

Thankfully, while the origin of the song is a reminder that Erickson is one of rock’s more troubled and plain unlucky souls, the album itself—which officially comes out April 20, but which can currently be previewed at —is testament to both his talents and his recovering mental health. The CD features nearly all new performances by the Okkervil River-backed singer of previously unreleased, Erickson-penned tracks. “Roky’s manager sent me 60 songs after we had played a show together at the Austin Music Awards,” says Sheff of the project’s genesis. “When I heard the songs, I just fell in love. I knew I had to do the record.”


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