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Neil Young on music today: 'I don't like it'

Neil Young is not happy.

While at Utah’s Slamdance, where he’s promoting the upcoming concert film Neil Young Journeys, the 66-year-old got to talking about what he believes is the problem with modern music: sound quality.

“I’m finding that I have a little bit of trouble with the quality of the sound of music today,” Young said. “I don’t like it. It just makes me angry. Not the quality of the music, but we’re in the 21st century and we have the worst sound that we’ve ever had. It’s worse than a 78 [rpm record].”

“Where are our geniuses?” he asked. “What happened?”


Neil Young wins his first-ever Grammy!

There had to come a time when Neil Young finally won his first Grammy. And that time was this afternoon, when the legendary Canadian singer-songwriter won a trophy for his Archives Vol. 1 set in the category of best art direction on a boxed or special limited edition package. Young received his award at a pre-telecast ceremony where other winners included Taylor Swift (Best female vocal country performance for “White Horse”) and Lady Gaga (Best dance recording for “Poker Face” and best electronic/dance album for The Fame). You can see a full list of the early winners here.

You can check out he trailer for Archives Vol. 1 below.

Tune in to the 52nd annual Grammy Awards, live on CBS tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT — and don’t forget to sign up for our Grammy live blog!

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Jimmy Fallon does Neil Young doing the 'Fresh Prince' theme song: If you enjoy any of those three things, you must watch this clip

So, Late Night personality Jimmy Fallon does an amazing Neil Young impression. I mean, really uncanny. Dude sounds exactly like north Ontario‘s finest. This is a cool talent to have, if perhaps not a hugely useful one in most situations. Last night, though, Fallon entered transcendent comedic territory by going into character as Neil Young…and covering the theme song from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

No, I don’t know why Neil Young would be covering the Fresh Prince theme song, either. But I am very glad that this completely random idea suggested itself to Fallon. Turns out the old “Innnnn West Philadelphia born and raised…” works pretty well as a haunting falsetto folk song! Watch the clip after the jump. You will not be sorry. Then let us know if there are any other classic sitcom themes you’d like to see Fallon-as-Young cover. (Full House, anyone?)


Neil Young's 'One of These Days': An EW exclusive stream from his new live album

Neil Young has never had a problem treating fans to material that he hasn’t yet released. Mind you, “treating” may not be the right word in some instances. In 1973 he played all of the great, but unarguably bleak and then unreleased, Tonight’s The Night on tour. The idiosyncratic rocker assured restless fans he would eventually get round to playing something they’d heard before—and then proved himself (technically) true to his word by blasting out the album’s title track again at the end. Audience reaction, needless to say, was mixed.

One suspects fans were happier at Young’s solo acoustic shows in 1992 when the singer-songwriter debuted material from his forthcoming Harvest Moon, a collection that found him in acoustically-inclined, country-rock, mood and a much more immediately accessible work than Tonight’s the Night. Young’s new release, Dreamin’ Man Live ’92, essentially offers a live, stripped-back, version of Harvest Moon made up of recordings culled from those shows. The CD, which is part of the Archives Performance Series, is released on December 8, but you can hear an exclusive stream of the mellow, melancholic, “One of These Days” below.

Did you see Neil perform in 1992? Or in 1973? In fact, if you’ve ever seen the man in the flesh and have a tale to tell, let us know!

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Norah Jones reveals her current listening and the identity of her CD cover canine costar

Norah Jones’ new CD, The Fall, (out yesterday) finds the chanteuse heading off in a rockier direction with a collection partly inspired by her break-up with boyfriend and musical collaborator Lee Alexander.

All of which has little to do with the burning question EW wants Ms. Jones to answer: Who is that gorgeous monster-hound with her on the cover? “His name is Ben,” she tells EW. “He’s just somebody’s pet in Brooklyn. The photographer had this idea to have 15 dogs swarming around, but this one was so beautiful we took some solo shots. I didn’t bring my own dog. He’s a poodle, but he’s 20 pounds and looks like Fozzie Bear and he would have incited chaos.”

Jones also revealed what music is currently making her go “Woof!” “I just loved that Santigold record, and MGMT. I love Elvis Perkins, I’ve been listening to that a lot. But I’m, like, obsessed with Neil Young. I’m listening to Zuma and Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere a lot. He seems like someone that just does whatever the hell he wants. And God love him for that!”

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EW Exclusive! Hear previously unreleased Neil Young track from his forthcoming 'Archives Vol. 1' box set

Neilyoung1971_lThe term "long-awaited" gets thrown around quite a lot in discussions of rock-star output. But very few releases have been awaited for quite so long as Neil Young’s retrospective Archives project. I was just reading a contemporary review of the rock legend’s Geffen compilation Lucky Thirteen, which referred to the Archives as "long-awaited." And that was in 1993! Anyway, Young is finally releasing the first of a planned series of box sets, Archives Vol. 1 1963-1972, on June 2, more details of which can be found here. Meanwhile, below you can exclusively hear a never-before-released, nicely shambling recording by Young and Crazy Horse of "Dance Dance Dance," a different version of which appeared on the Horse’s eponymous 1971 debut. And it is actually just one of three versions of the track included on Vol. 1. Young may be slow, but he’s thorough!

Take a listen and tell us whether it was worth the wait.


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Rascal Flatts soars, Neil Young flops on the albums chart

Rascalflattsyoung_lCountry-pop juggernauts Rascal Flatts hit No. 1 yet again on this week’s Billboard 200, debuting with 351,000 copies sold of their aptly titled Unstoppable, according to Nielsen SoundScan. This is their fourth time at the top of the chart, which, as Billboard points out, is more times than any band has gotten there in the past decade. Good for them! I am not personally a fan of Gary LeVox and Co., but clearly there are hundreds of thousands of people out there who are happy to celebrate this milestone.

Meanwhile, a bona fide rock legend, Neil Young, debuted way down at No. 19 after selling a pitiful 28,000 copies of Fork in the Road. That’s a substantial drop from the first-week numbers his last two studio efforts put up — 54,000 for 2007’s Chrome Dreams II and 60,000 for 2006’s Living With War. I’m sure ol’ Neil isn’t losing too much sleep about his Nielsen SoundScan figures at this stage in his career. Especially not for Fork in the Road, a concept album about a fuel-efficient car prototype that’s probably one of the least commercially-oriented entries in his voluminous discography. But what can I say? As a chart-watcher, it’s still depressing to see him humbled that way.

Other chart debuts came from New York rap vet Jadakiss, at No. 3 with a strong 135,000 copies sold of The Last Kiss; Nashville star Jason Aldean, at No. 4 with 109,000 copies of Wide Open; and Christian rockers MercyMe, at No. 18 with 30,000 copies of 10. What do you think about this week’s chart? Any surprises or disappointments?

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Ron Wood collaborates with Eddie Vedder, while Al Jardine taps Neil Young, Flea

Woodvedder_lRolling Stones guitar legend Ron Wood has been collaborating with Eddie Vedder, according to At a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame after-party Saturday night, producer Bob Rock confirmed that he had worked on a track for Wood’s forthcoming solo album More Good News that features the Pearl Jam frontman. Wood himself was quoted as saying that the collection "is gonna be great" (mind you, though my personal admiration for Woodie’s guitar-playing is pretty boundless, I also once recall him saying you could usually tell if a Stones album was bad if it featured an abundance of Wood writing credits). And the guitarist isn’t the only rock star who has sought assistance from a comparative whippersnapper for a solo album. also reports that Beach Boy Al Jardine’s new album Post Card From California will feature Neil Young, Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea, Steve Miller, and Brian Wilson.

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'Neil Young Archives': They're really coming this summer

Neilyoung_l_2Decades of talk have given Neil Young’s Archives the aura of a holy grail for fans. Release dates for the Canadian legend’s hand-picked career-retrospective boxed set series have been floated and withdrawn too many times to count easily. But an announcement at this year’s SXSW music festival has made it official: The first volume of Young’s Archives, covering the years 1963-1972, will go on sale June 2. Really. He swears.

They’ve even set up a pre-order form at Young’s official site, with lots more details on the first volume’s insanely comprehensive contents. Ten discs packed with high-quality recordings of live concerts, studio albums, unreleased demos, and a 1973 film, plus all sorts of gorgeous-looking packaging and literature — if you’re serious about liking Neil Young’s music (and if not, why not?!), you want this.

There is the small matter of the price tag, of course. The cheapest version of the box, with just CDs, will cost you $99.99, while the DVD edition is $199.99, and the recommended Blu-Ray edition is $299.99. Bear in mind that this is just the first of a planned five volumes. So, yeah, not an everyday impulse buy. But hey, how often does something like this come along?

In other Neil news, he’s also just released not one but two new videos from his upcoming album Fork in the Road: "Cough Up the Bucks" and "Light a Candle." Those come from Neil to you absolutely gratis, but something tells me they’re not quite as awesome as what’s on that box set. So you tell us: Are you ready to start saving up for Neil Young Archives, or what?

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