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No Doubt, Nicole Scherzinger Twitter accounts hacked by Ron Paul supporters

Is Kelly Clarkson a trendsetter?

Eyebrows were raised when No Doubt, X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger, and political punks Rise Against all expressed their support for Ron Paul via Twitter yesterday.

But it didn’t take long for said eyebrows to return to their proper positions, as it was revealed that the artists’ feeds had actually been hacked by Ron Paul supporters.

“Today We Officially Endorse Ron Paul 2012,” said a tweet from No Doubt’s verified account early in the day. “If you actually read what Ron Paul is saying, you will discover that for the first time in your life a politician is not lying to you.”

The band later issued a correction, writing, “Our Twitter account was hacked last night. No political endorsements at this time. Love, No Doubt.”

“We were hacked,” echoed Rise Against’s Twitter account, whose apparent endorsement tweet included a link to a Ron Paul donation page. “As you would all assume, We DO NOT support Ron Paul.”

Scherzinger, rather than clarify that she was duped, simply deleted the planted tweet.

Yet it’s time to re-raise those tired eyebrows, because the techno-political plot thickens: All of the hacked artists in question are signed to Interscope.

Could there be something more sinister going on, or does the label just assign the same password (probably “password”) to all of its artists?

Either way, our eyebrows are getting a serious workout today. Readers, what are your conspiracy theories? Leave them in the comments below.

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Coachella festival lineup coming this week

Music fans planning their spring desert pilgrimage to Coachella don’t have much longer to wait to hear if their favorite bands will be performing. The popular Coachella music festival in California will announce the lineup of the two-weekend event this coming week, organizers told fans in a tweet.

Rumors have been swirling about the lineup for months, with speculation of headliners including No Doubt, Foo Fighters, Radiohead, and LMFAO running rampant around the Web.

Only time will tell, but in the mean time it’s always fun to check the rumor mill, converted into the classic Coachella poster format by the Starz Uncut blog.

The event runs April 13-15 and April 20-22 in Coachella, California. The festival’s website has been featuring videos over the past few weeks from some of the bands that are expected to perform, including Jimmy Cliff, Breakbot, and Housse de Racket.

No Doubt says first album in 10 years will now be their first album in 11 years

Earlier this summer, the members of No Doubt met up with Entertainment Weekly and pushed play on a handful of songs the group was working on for its first album in a decade. They said the still-untitled collection would be out before the end of the year.

Unfortunately, fans may have to wait a little longer still. In a statement on their website, they told the world that work on the new songs has been more involved than once predicted.

“Ideally our new record would be coming out this year but it’s just not ready yet,” the statement said. “We don’t want to rush this album just to get it out.  This collection of songs means everything to us and our only priority right now is to make sure that it’s the best album we can possibly make.  There is still more work for us to do.”

They assured fans that they would be kept abreast of the progress, and also noted that despite rumors about collaborations and producers dropping in, none of those should be trusted. “Please don’t believe anything you hear unless it comes from us,” the statement concluded.

Based on the tracks EW heard a few months ago, it sounds like the vibe lends itself more to a warm-weather release anyway, so why not wait to perfect the mix and hold out for a spring release? That would time everything out perfectly for a summer tour, which means that 2012 will be the year of No Doubt. Be prepared!

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Gwen Stefani and No Doubt on their next step - EXCLUSIVE

It has been nearly 10 years since No Doubt dropped their last studio album, Rock Steady; five years since singer Gwen Stefani dropped her last solo album The Sweet Escape; and two years since the group reunited for a big summer tour.

But Job-like No Doubt fans are about to be rewarded: Stefani, guitarist Tom Dumont, bassist Tony Kanal and drummer Adrian Young sat down with Entertainment Weekly in Santa Monica this past weekend to chat about where they’ve been—and where they’re going.

And while we’re keeping the big news a secret for now (you can read the whole interview in this week’s coming issue, which is on newsstands this Friday), Stefani did tell us that the days of her being a solo artist are probably over.

“That was a moment in time,” Stefani said firmly when asked about the future of her solo career. “It went on a little longer than we all thought it would, because it was inspired and you have to go with wherever you’re at in that time in your life … [But] everything works out how it should.”

For the rest of the No Doubt’s revelations—including how life has changed since they now have nine(!) kids onboard between them, and what they think of the current state of the music industry—check out this week’s issue.

And in the meantime, let us know in the comments section below if you’ll miss the solo version of Stefani, and hollaback if you still spell out “B-A-N-A-N-A-S” every time you’re in the produce aisle. (Or maybe that’s just us?)

Gwen Stefani strikes a pose for L’Oreal Paris
No Doubt sues over unapproved ‘Band Hero’ use; say they are ‘bitterly disappointed’
Gwen Stefani possibly confirms her solo music was crap; hopes her kid doesn’t turn out to be a ‘freak’

No Doubt, the Strokes, Vampire Weekend handmake goodies for online Haiti-benefit auction

no-doubt-strokesImage Credit: Mark SquiresA host of actors and musicians—including Drew Barrymore, Daft Punk, Mark Ronson, Natalie Portman, No Doubt, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Grizzly Bear, the Strokes, Cat Power and Aziz Ansari—have signed on to contribute DIY artwork, clothing, signed instruments and more to Craft for a Cause, an online auction to benefit Haiti.

The internet-only event, which began at 8am this morning and continues through March 27, is spearheaded by Binki Shapiro, of sunny Strokes side project Little Joy. Top items on the bid site as of now include a hand-drawn t-shirt designed by Norah Jones, a Fender Squire II Stratocaster electric guitar signed and painted by Conor Oberst, and a hot-pink baby piano autographed by the members of Maroon 5.

Higher-ticket stuff, such as an original song by Mark Ronson, including all studio and production fees (minimum bid $1,000) and a pair of “1000% Kubrick Robots” signed and decorated by Daft Punk ($1,900), are made for bigger bank accounts, though many bits come in at kinder budgets ($30 starting price for Kings of Leon cover-art silk screens or a signed Amy Poehler caricature).

Find out more on CfaC’s official tumbler, and go ahead and get yourself a Jenny Lewis tote-bag poem or a Neil Gaiman fun pack for a good cause and a nice tax write-off.

No Doubt sues over unapproved 'Band Hero' use; say they are 'bitterly disappointed'

Activision, the same gaming company that drew fire in September for its off-brand use of a virtual Kurt Cobain avatar in Guitar Hero, are now drawing equal ire from ska-pop superstars No Doubt—and a real-life lawsuit, per a story on the L.A. Times blog.

According to papers filed today in a Los Angeles court, the brand-new Band Hero has unlawfully “transformed No Doubt band members into a virtual karaoke circus act,” singing some 60 songs neither belonging to the group nor approved by them for use in the game, including the Rolling Stones’ “Honky Tonk Woman.”

“While No Doubt are avid fans of the Rolling Stones and even have performed in concerts with the Rolling Stones,” the complaint states, “the Character Manipulation Feature results in an unauthorized performance by the Gwen Stefani avatar in a male voice boasting about having sex with prostitutes.”

“Activision has deceived and confused the public into believing that No Doubt authorized the use of its name and likeness for the Character Manipulation Feature of Band Hero and that No Doubt approves and endorses the appearance of its members individually performing songs that are wholly inappropriate and out of character for No Doubt,” the complaint continues, and also states that Activision executives deemed disabling the feature “too expensive.”

What do you think, readers—is all this sound and fury misplaced on what is, essentially, just silly entertainment? Or does No Doubt have the right to retain full control over an image they’ve now worked to create for more than two decades?

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Gwen Stefani possibly confirms her solo music was crap; hopes her kid doesn't turn out to be a 'freak'

Gwen-stefani_l Gwen Stefani apparently did not take the advice of her most-famous No Doubt hit when talking to Elle for their July women-in-music cover story (on stands June 15). Quite the opposite, in fact: The platinum-coiffed singer offered some curiously candid soundbites on dynamics within the band, her new life as a mother to two genetically-gifted sons with Gavin Rossdale, and may have also confirmed her two solo albums were totally phony. Check these out:

Gwen on motherhood (via
"It’s one thing when you have an infant, butwhen you have this two-or three-year-old going, ‘Mommy, what’s thedeal?’ it’s harder. Kingston’s whole thing is, ‘I need, I need.’ He isinsane right now. We’re just hoping for the best and that he’s notgoing to turn out to be a freak, but we’ll see.”

Gwen on the band (via the
“I always referred to No Doubt as a marriage, because that’s what it’s like to be together for so long and go through what we’ve been through. I can’t really have that relationship with them anymore. My priorities are always going to be my husband and my family now. That’s a huge, huge thing.”

Gwen on songwriting (via
"I just feel very in between at the moment. Like in my cocoon waiting to blossom…I'm so screwed.I might never be able to write another song…I want so badly towrite a record. I want to make every other songwriter jealous. But it'sjust not happening right now."

Gwen on her solo work (via
"I just did the circuit. You write with all the same people ChristinaAguilera writes with. And the music's very programmed anddone in this very patchwork way. But it was so fun. I felt like I wasplaying a character."

While it's understandable baby-mama-hood has changed her life entirely (though maybe not to the extent of robbing her of her songwriting abilities), it is fascinating to hear her put her solo career in context. To her credit, both albums — Love, Angel, Music, Baby and The Sweet Escape — spawned a plethora of radio hits, and the former, lest we forget, helped launch the phrase "Hollaback Girl" into this generation's lexicon.

Regardless, the full interview is likely to drum up even more publicity for No Doubt's reunion (currently underway), much more so than that blah Adam and Ants cover. One would think not being able to write songs would throw a kink in that new No Doubt album though, right?

What do you think, Mixers? Which Gwen do you prefer — solo Gwen, or No Doubt Gwen? Are you nervous, excited or indifferent about the long-in-the-works next ND record?

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No Doubt begin comeback summer on the 'Today Show': Do we care?

I was getting ready to come into work this morning (to make beautiful magazine magic for you lot), when the wailing strains of Gwen Stefani beckoned me. No Doubt was back together – and in my living room. (Or, more accurately, on the Today Show to kick off their summer tour.)

Seeing Gwen back in her ska gear Gumbying up a storm, I realized I should be experiencing acute nostalgia: I happened to catch No Doubt in concert in 1995 when they were opening for the Foo Fighters opening for Bush (let’s just take a moment to think about the irony of that pecking order), and I’ve been a fan since. So when they pulled out "Don’t Speak" and dusted off "Spiderwebs" this morning, I guess they were playing to…me. But as my office neighbor Rob said, it was like when Madonna trots out the bondage gear: more than a little inauthentic. In the years since No Doubt, Stefani picked up a family, a glossier sound, and a fashion line that sells shoes for $347. And I like glammy Gwen. But is anyone supposed to believe she could pass for punk these days?

Still, the crowd at Rockefeller Plaza went wild for Gwen and co, so maybe I’m just being hard on my old friends. What do you think? Does the band’s performance this morning have you excited for their tour, and upcoming cameo on Gossip Girl? Or would you, too, like to see Stefani make a sweet escape?

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No Doubt: Hear their new single here!

Their cover of Adam and the Ants’ "Stand and Deliver" has just shown up online. Listen below, then let us know what you think!


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No Doubt on 'Gossip Girl' spin-off, album, and tour: An exclusive Q&A

Nodoubtstefani2009_l_2On March 12, inside a damp, musty warehouse in downtown Los Angeles, No Doubt did one of their first gigs in years. Well actually, "Snowed Out" performed. That’s the name of the punk band No Doubt is playing in the Gossip Girl spin-off that’s due to air May 11th. Set in LA in the early ’80s and focusing on young Lily Van Der Woodsen (played by Hairspray‘s Brittany Snow), the special episode features Gwen Stefani, Tony Kanal, Adrian Young, and Tom Dumont rocking a cover of Adam and the Ants’ "Stand and Deliver." EW got an exclusive sit down with band, whose reunion tour kicks off May 2 in Atlantic City, before they took the stage.

EW: Why the Adam and the Ants song?

Adrian: Because that song rules!

Tony: We just went through a bunch of songs and that was one that we all agreed on. We all loved it.

Gwen: It took us like five minutes to pick that.

Tony: Because we’re quick like that now! As you get older, you’re just smarter.

Gwen: We normally just email, but we got on the phone for that one.

Tom: It’s like, should we do "Stairway to Heaven" or" Stand and Deliver"?

Tony: Or "I’m Too Sexy"?

EW: Tell me about your tour. Are you guys in rehearsal right now?

Gwen: We haven’t even gone into rehearsals yet.

Tony: We kind of have.

Gwen: Those guys went to the mountains together!

Tony: Idyllwild [in California]. The three of us. We rented a cabin.Three men. One van. Lots of equipment. One cabin. Five days and Fivecrazy nights!

EW: Did you bring eyeliner?

Tony: We didn’t. But we had a good time up there. And we played some music. We got our calluses ready again.

Tom: And we dusted off the cobwebs.

EW: What about an album? Are you thinking that?

Gwen: We were making an album and I was pregnant for a super longtime. I kept trying to write the record when I was pregnant and itdidn’t work. We did a lot of work, though. We did a lot of talking andhanging out and eating which was really fun. I was like, "You guys,let’s go. Let’s just go tour." I think that’s going to point mepersonally in the right direction for what I need. I mean, these guysare already writing, like, so much music. I take the blame. It’s all myfault! I think the chemistry up there is going to really make us feellike able to make modern music.

Tony: The interesting thing is that as soon as Gwen said, "Let’s goon the road," we were all like, "Let’s go on the road!" Four adultsturned into four giggly children.

EW: Fans who purchase a ticket for the tour are getting your entireback catalog of songs for free. What was the thinking behind doing that?

Gwen: Was that your idea? [Points to Tom]

Tom: Yeah. We have a lot of music and we just wanted everybody tohear it. And technology is such that it’s just very easy to do. Leteverybody download everything we’ve recorded and throw it in with aticket.

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