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Odd Future show shut down by cops in Boston (again)

Sucks to be an Odd Future fan in Boston.

Nearly a year after the Los Angeles rap collective had their Newbury Comics show shut down by police, the Tyler, the Creator-led group has once again seen their show cut short by Boston’s finest.

According to a fan-made video, Odd Future were performing last night at the city’s House of Blues when the lights were turned on by the venue, apparently at the instruction of cops.

“Just so you guys don’t think we’re d—s, I was going to finish the song, because you guys paid money,” Tyler tells the booing crowd. “But the promoter cut us off.” Word has it, one of OFWGKTA’s crew members was arrested outside the venue.

“We wanted to finish,” he continues, “but the owner of the club made us turn it off and the police are right there.” He had more to say, but his mic was quickly cut off. See it go down in the video below:


The 10 top music-video directors of 2011: Watch their best clips here

Looking back at the best music videos of 2011, one thing leaped out: All of the best clips were made by the same six or seven people.

So rather than call out individual entries for their greatness, we’re going to reward the directors who put together the best portfolios this year. Anybody can make one excellent video, but it takes serious jiujitsu to knock out three great ones. That left a lot of awesome videos on the table (all apologies to excellent entries like Foo Fighters’ “Walk,” Beyoncé’s “Countdown,” and Ke$ha’s “Blow”), but this is a pretty good sum-up of the year in music videos.

1) Spike Jonze
Jonze only stood behind the camera for two videos this year, but they were both game-changers. Beastie Boys’ “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win” was a sandbox revelation that was way better than the actual feature film based on GI Joe, while Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Otis” turned that pair’s obsession with commercialism into a bombastic brand of Americana. Pour one out for the fallen Maybach, and raise your glass to Jonze, who proved that no amount of directing polarizing adaptations of beloved books for children can take away his four-minute spark. READ FULL STORY

Odd Future booted from festival over 'homophobic' lyrics

Odd Future doesn’t have a very bright future in New Zealand: Billboard is reporting that the notedly controversial hip-hop crew has been booted from the line-up of the Big Day Out music festival’s stop in Auckland, New Zealand, after local activists complained about the group’s homophobic lyrics.

The traveling festival — which hits several cities in Australia and New Zealand in January — was compelled to remove Odd Future after a local activist, Calum Bennachie, took his complaints to the Auckland City Council, which owns the venue, Mt. Smart Stadium, that Big Day Out uses to stage acts.  READ FULL STORY

Tyler, the Creator: Learn more about the potty-mouthed 2011 VMAs' Best New Artist winner

If you knew of Tyler, the Creator before he nabbed the Best New Artist award at last night’s VMAs, his foul-mouthed acceptance speech wasn’t shocking at all.

“Yo, I’m excited as f— right now, yo,” said the rapper, clad in a tie-dye tee. “I wanted this sh– since I was nine. I’m about to cry. This is for my little brother Earl [Sweatshirt]. He’s not here right now. I really can’t believe I’m here right now. I didn’t write a thank you speech. I don’t know. F—. To all the kids watching, you can do this sh–. Thank you.”

Lovely, right? Well, not really. But what fans of him and his California hip-hop miscreant collective, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All love is just that: his defiant, “I don’t give a f—“ candor. Watch him accepting his prize last night: READ FULL STORY

MTV 2011 VMAs: Beyonce's baby bump, the moving Amy Winehouse tribute, and other memorable moments

The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards were an undeniably strange production. Lady Gaga performed an entire song as her male alter ego, Jo Calderone…and then stayed in character for the entire show. (One EW commenter on our live-blog noted that this was probably the longest time Gaga has ever spent in one outfit.) Comedian Kevin Hart opened with a curiously extended monologue expressing his disappointment that he wasn’t hosting the show, but his frequent appearances thereafter made it seem like he actually was the host. Also, Cloris Leachman was onstage with the Jersey Shore girls, thus opening up a rift in the space/time continuum.

But even without an instantly buzzworthy Kanye-Taylor event, the 28th-annual VMAs had a few high points, too. If you had to pick one defining moment, it would have to be Beyoncé’s baby bump. READ FULL STORY

Odd Future duo Mellowhype get horrorific in church: Watch their '64' video here

For a group that refuses to be boxed into a genre of any sort, Odd Future sure seems to love horrorcore imagery.

In the video for “64,” Odd Future subsidiary Mellowhype’s new single, the duo takes us to church. But not as we know it—making it a haven for zombies, snakes, and talking corpses.

Sure, the clip is straightforward hip hop first. But one viewing reveals some pretty obvious references to the horrorcore genre.

Cat eye contact lenses? Check. Crawling zombie girl in a nightgown? Present. Evil pastor? He’s there. Not to mention the snakes slithering over Hodgy Beats and his biblical references (“My bedroom’s Jerusalem/ And I’m Judas”). Check it out: READ FULL STORY

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