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OK Go dances with umbrellas in 'I Won't Let You Down' video


OK Go’s new video for “I Won’t Let You Down” follows through on the song title’s promise: It will not let you down.

The men of OK Go dance around on UNI-CUBs, personal mobility devices that act similar to Segways but without the standing, and are later joined by a mass of umbrella-toting women. Shot in Japan’s Chiba Prefecture, the video’s dancers open and close their colorful umbrellas as the custom multi-copter camera spins around them, collecting both aerial and street-level shots. The result is a mesmerizing, uninterrupted shot of umbrella-assisted choreography. READ FULL STORY

OK Go's new music video messes with your brain, as you expect from OK Go


You’ll never believe your eyes, again and again and again. And hey! There’s also a song playing.

OK Go has made a name for themselves for their viral music videos, setting their music to everything from a choreographed treadmill routine to the motions of an incredibly detailed Rube Goldberg machine. Their latest video for “The Writing’s on the Wall” is no slouch in the viral department, moving between several sets of optical illusions over the course of one four-minute shot.


OK Go drive dangerously for 'Needing/Getting' Super Bowl video: Watch it here

Last night’s Super Bowl was big on drama, short on entertaining ads (though the one starring Mötley Crüe, featuring a rhino rodeo, sticks out the most to us), and heavy on music-related highlights.

There was Madonna’s halftime show, Kelly Clarkson’s on-point take on “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and even Katy Perry’s Saturday night Tebowing.

For sheer ingenuity, however, you have to tip your hat to OK Go. No stranger to elaborate, complicated music videos, the band took on the challenge of playing through a necessarily remixed version of their song “Needing/Getting” (from their woefully underrated 2010 album Of the Blue Colour of the Sky) using a whole bunch of guitars, dozens of keyboards, and a handful of homemade instruments.

Does that not sound impressive? What if we told you they played said instruments in a speeding car?

The video, which ran in shortened form last night as an ad for Chevrolet (the band used a custom-fitted Chevy Sonic), is below in all its violation-of-the-laws-of-physics glory. READ FULL STORY

Margaret Cho's 'Baby I'm With the Band' video -- spot cameos from Conan O'Brien, Weezer, Wayne Coyne and more

Baby, what band is she not with?

The video for talking comedian turned sometimes-singing comedian Margaret Cho’s latest single from Cho Dependent – her first official foray into music, with assistance from Fiona Apple, Andrew Bird, and Tegan & Sarah — is essentially a backstage pass to last year’s Bonnaroo.

Watch as Cho cuddles with Conan and Wayne Coyne, gets down with Gwar, fans out on Weezer, does ugly yoga with featured guest Brendan Benson, disappears into a dressing room with OK Go, steals Andy Richter’s hat, and sits on Christmas Tree Mom‘s face: READ FULL STORY

The Muppets send OK Go through their old videos for 'Muppet Show Theme': Watch it here!

Yesterday, the Music Mix took you behind the scenes for a preview of OK Go’s video for “Muppet Show Theme Song,” their rendition of the classic opening tune from The Muppet Show.

The full version of the video premiered today, and it finds the men of OK Go taking a magical mystery tour through some of their old videos. There’s the classic “Here It Goes Again” (with cameos by Bunsen and Beaker), the Rube Goldberg-inspired “This Too Shall Pass” (starring Gonzo and Camilla), and even a little jab at the group’s dog-happy clip for “White Knuckles” (with special appearance by a sheep).

The string of fake-out gags at the end might be worth the price of admission alone (which, considering this is a video on the Internet, is zero dollars and zero cents), but the whole thing is a grinning technicolor marvel. Dig it after the jump. READ FULL STORY

The Muppets and OK Go star in 'The Muppet Show Theme Song': Exclusive preview video!

Tomorrow sees the release of The Green Album, a new collection of classic Muppets songs performed by the likes of Weezer, OK Go, Hayley Williams of Paramore, My Morning Jacket, Rachael Yamagata, the Fray, and an eclectic bunch of others.

It’s the first in a number of projects in what should be a pretty Muppet-centric season, as the new Jason Segal-penned film The Muppets hits theater screens in November.

OK Go (who have a bit of history with everybody’s favorite felt-based entertainers) were charged with remaking the theme song from the classic Muppet Show. For the official music video, which premieres tomorrow on Vevo, the band teamed up with a pack of Muppet all-stars—including Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy—to re-create some of OK Go’s classic videos (most of which are modern classics).

Follow the jump for an exclusive behind-the-scenes video starring OK Go and the Muppets. Then let us know your favorite Muppet song in the comments below! READ FULL STORY

OK Go create another amazing video: Watch it here

At this point, OK Go must be pretty comfortable with their reputation as “that band that makes all the crazy videos.” Nobody thought they’d be able to top the treadmill dance, but they answered with Rube Goldberg machines and lots of adorable dogs.

For their next trick, they’ve taken “All Is Not Lost” (one of the best tracks from their fantastically underrated 2010 album Of the Blue Colour of the Sky) and teamed up with critically-acclaimed dance troupe Pilobolous for another eye-popping foray into the limits of video technology. Check out the amazing video (and marvel at the static-filled beauty of the song) after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Death Cab for Cutie delivers the first live-broadcast scripted music video: Get ready to 'meh'

Last night, Death Cab for Cutie made history of some sort when they delivered “You Are the Tourist,” the first scripted music video that aired live as it was being filmed.

Now you might be asking yourself, what does that really mean? Isn’t this just like a live concert broadcast, but instead of actually playing music, the band is just just lip-syncing on a closed set?

Well, that’s where the whole scripted element comes into play—or in this case, where it should have come into play. In a post-OK Go world, you would expect a stunt like this to have some eyebrow-raising choreographed craziness.

Instead, band members wander around while a line of Ziegfeld Follies-styled dancers handle any moves that might be tough to pull off in one take. Watch it here (skip ahead to the blue marker): READ FULL STORY

OK Go do it again: Watch their epic 'Back from Kathmandu" video

DIY video vanguards OK Go—coordinators of canines, Rubers of elaborate Goldbergs, artistes of old bread—have now taken their high-low concept the streets, literally, in a sort of massive, GPS-assisted human Etch-a-Sketch.

Watch as the band, with the assistance of Crayola-colored, instrument-outfitted friends, traces its own name in an 8.4-mile parade route through Los Angeles. OK? Go: READ FULL STORY

OK Go's new 'White Knuckles' video: Dogs, furniture, delight

OK Go videos are pretty much guaranteed to be viral successes, and their latest offering, “White Knuckles,” is no different.

An intricately choreographed dog ballet on sleek modular furniture, all set to a catchy-enough song? Yep, this will have 7 million views by tomorrow: READ FULL STORY

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