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Pussy Riot release Putin-bashing music video shot at Olympics

While the world’s attention is focused on Russia for the Olympics, protest collective/punk band/righteous agitators Pussy Riot are grabbing headlines again — this time for a music video that includes footage of the group being publicly beaten by the Russian militia.

“Putin Will Teach You How To Love” features the members of the group, in their trademark colorful balaclavas, storming through the streets of Sochi, dancing in front of the Olympic rings, interacting with a weird looking mascot, and getting pummeled by Russian militia forces. The protesters include Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina, both of whom were recently released from a Russian prison.

“Under the banner Sochi 2014, to the sound of ‘Putin will teach us to love the homeland,’ Cossacks attacked Pussy Riot, beat us with whips and sprayed a lot of pepper gas at us,” Tolokonnikova tweeted.

Check out their good old-fashioned punk rock anarchy below.  READ FULL STORY

Pussy Riot members detained at the Olympics

A member of the punk group Pussy Riot said she and one of her bandmates were detained Tuesday while walking in downtown Sochi, the host city of the Winter Olympics.

Local activist Semyon Simonov told The Associated Press the Pussy Riot members were accused of theft and nine people were held in all. READ FULL STORY

Blondie says 'Nyet' to Sochi - Debbie Harry and co. reject invitation to perform at the Olympics

Sorry, Olympics visitors, but you will not be able to shout along to a live version of “Rip Her to Shreds” during your stay in Sochi.

Blondie frontwoman Debbie Harry took to Twitter over the weekend to post the offer the group received from Red Rocks Festival Sochi, a free concert event scheduled for this Thursday at Sochi Medals Plaza. According to the document, Blondie would have been paid a five-figure fee for a 45 minute set, but Harry rejected the opportunity by scrawling, “PASS — HUMAN RIGHTS” over it.

Harry and her bandmates have joined ranks with the likes of Madonna, Elton John, and the myriad artists,  who stood up at last week’s Amnesty International concert in Brooklyn to speak out against Russia’s institutional treatment of minorities, specifically those in the LGBT community.

Blondie was last seen ringing in the new year with Ryan Seacrest in Times Square. The 2014 Winter Olympics launched last week and will seemingly continue unabated until the end of time.

Shaun White's iPod: Jay Z, Black Lips, and David Bowie provide Olympic inspiration

He may have just withdrawn from the inaugural Olympic Slope Style event in Sochi, but two-time gold medalist Shaun White will still need musical motivation to drive him to a third gold in the Halfpipe.

For his third and final Olympics, the 27-year-old snowboarder and guitarist for Bad Things has been tapping into Jay Z, the Black Lips, and David Bowie to get him amped for the Games, which kick off tomorrow (though White’s halfpipe competition won’t be until February 10). He opened up his Olympic playlist for EW.

Jay Z, “My First Song”
“I’m going to the Olympics for the third time, and I’m trying to find that motivation to still continue in something like this. Jay talks about treating everything like it’s your first, or like it’s the last time you’re ever gonna do it. I really like that. You gotta treat it like, dig deep and find that reason you really wanted it in the first place. He goes on some funny rant at the end, like ‘S—, I’mma go golfing,’ like, what he’s gonna do after? And I’m like, ‘Cool, that’s my whole deal too’ — just put my head down and work hard like I did when I was younger and good things will come from that. I’m not much of a golfer, but I get the reference.” READ FULL STORY

Best of 2012 (Behind the Scenes): How Phillip Phillips' song 'Home' was chosen for the Olympics

American Idol winner Phillip Phillips’ coronation single “Home” leapt up the charts following multiple TV spots in women’s gymnastics segments in NBC’s coverage of the Summer Olympics. But how did “Home” end up getting involved with the Olympics in the first place? For the answer, originally published last August, we called NBC Sports and talked to senior Olympics producer David Michaels. For more stories behind this year’s top TV and movie moments, click here for’s Best of 2012: Behind the Scenes coverage.


Rihanna, Coldplay, and Jay-Z come together for Paralympics closing ceremony -- VIDEO

Millions tuned in to the Paralympics Closing Ceremony in London last night, and today, three performers from the hours-long finale still have people buzzing.

Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Coldplay all took the stage during the event and filled the stadium with colorful pageantry, stadium-pleasing songs, and tons of pats on each other’s backs. The three artists are all friends as well as collaborators, of course, so there was a lot of plenty of shared love: Chris Martin’s crew backed RiRi for “We Found Love,” Hova helped infuse Coldplay’s “Paradise” with swag, and the whole cadre came together for Jay’s “Run This Town.”

If you missed it last night, you can check out the cooperative performances for yourself with the videos below:


How Phillip Phillips' song 'Home' was chosen for the Olympics

As we noted here already today, American Idol winner Phillip Phillips’ coronation single “Home” has leapt from number 84 to number 9 on Billboard‘s Hot 100 this week following multiple TV spots in women’s gymnastics segments in NBC’s Olympic coverage.

The track was downloaded 228,000 times last week (a whopping 472 percent increase), and even 11 days after its first Fab Five placement, it’s still no. 1 on the iTunes singles chart.

But how did “Home” end up getting involved with the Olympics in the first place? We called NBC Sports and talked to senior Olympics producer David Michaels to find out… READ FULL STORY

Muse will play Olympics closing ceremony

U.K. rockers Muse will play the closing ceremony of the London Olympics, the band’s drummer told music magazine NME Wednesday. Muse, who also wrote the song “Survival” in honor of the Olympics, will perform the song at Saturday’s event.

Phillip Phillips on the success of 'Home' following Olympics Gymnastics: 'It's kind of overwhelming'

American Idol winner Phillip Phillips’ coronation single “Home” is enjoying a second life on the charts thanks to the Olympics.

The song, which was recently certified gold, posted huge sales in its debut week (278,000 downloads, to be exact) following his Idol victory in May, but like most winner’s songs, it fell quickly in the weeks that followed.

Cue NBC and the USA’s women’s gymnastics team, which featured “Home” in pretaped segments on Sunday night, and then peppered it throughout this week’s competitions. Suddenly, the track, which had settled into an 80-something spot on the iTunes chart, began a rapid ascent. By Monday afternoon, it was No. 6. By Tuesday, it was No. 3. On Wednesday morning, “Home” nabbed the No. 1 spot on the all-genre iTunes chart (sorry, Flo-Rida!), and it’s been there ever since.

A rep at Interscope tells EW that the track sold 105,725 copies on iTunes from Monday through Wednesday — a whopping 1,100 percent increase over the same three-day period the previous week, when it moved 8,814 iTunes units.

All told, it’s shifted approximately 155,000 copies on iTunes from Sunday through Thursday this week, and Billboard estimates that “Home” may sell as many as 200,000 editions in seven days, which could launch the song back into the Top 20 of the Hot 100 and give it a huge boost with radio programmers.

We chatted with Phillips, who’s currently touring the country with his fellow Idol alums, about the song’s sudden chart takeover and his plans for his upcoming album. Here’s what the laid-back Georgia native had to say:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Did you know “Home” was going to be used by USA’s gymnastics team?
PHILLIP PHILLIPS: I’d seen a while back when they had used it. I think they were just qualifying—there’s a video on YouTube [embedded below]— and I heard people in my management talking about it, but I didn’t know if it was a sure thing. Then, a couple days ago, I saw a lot of people tweeting, “Oh, it’s so cool ‘Home’ is being used in the Olympics!” We don’t really get to watch much TV, man, with the concerts every night, but I wish I could have seen it. I really just found out through Twitter and my management texting me. I thought it was really awesome. READ FULL STORY

The ultimate Olympian playlist: What the U.S. athletes listen to when they work out

From soccer players jamming to pop anthems and rowers pulling to hip-hop favorites, to gymnasts coming down with Bieber fever, some of our favorite Olympians are also becoming our workout mix DJs during these Games. We asked athletes from a variety of sports what’s on their iPods in London. Below, check out some of their favorites and listen to the whole playlist on Spotify.

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