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One Direction sings about the letter 'U' on Sesame Street

Need a lesson on the letter “U”? One Direction is here to help.

The British group appeared on Sesame Street, where they turned their 2011 hit “What Makes You Beautiful” into “What Makes ‘U’ Useful.” The updated song includes references to unicycles, unicorns dressed as clowns, and, of course Bert’s unibrow. 

One Direction, Charli XCX, Meghan Trainor to play 'New Year's Rockin' Eve'

Taylor Swift is about to have some company from the West Coast when New Year’s Rockin’ Eve comes around.

One Direction, Charli XCX, and Meghan Trainor have been added to the lineup for Dick Clark’s New York’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest, broadcast from the Billboard Hollywood Party. Swift will perform live from Times Square with Ryan Seacrest as host in the bi-coastal event. READ FULL STORY

One Direction announce NBC holiday special

One Direction fans and boy band holiday special-enthusiasts should thrilled: The guys are getting their own holiday special in the U.S. Dec. 23.


One Direction release oh-so-nostalgic '18,' courtesy of Ed Sheeran

One Direction released “18,” a song that takes a nostalgic look back at the loves of youth (which to the members of One Direction, means like, three years ago).


One Direction drops 'Ready to Run' single from 'Four'


The boys of One Direction are ready to make fans all googly-eyed (again) with “Ready to Run,” the new single from their upcoming album, Four.


Lorde, One Direction, and Fergie to perform at American Music Awards

After One Direction drops their latest album Nov. 17, fans will still have something to look forward to: The band is set to perform at this year’s American Music Awards on Nov. 23 along with Lorde and Fergie.

Lorde and One Direction both nabbed multiple nominations for the year’s awards; Fergie’s most recent release was 2006’s The Dutchess. Fergie will debut a new song, titled “L.A. LOVE (la la),” at the AMAs. READ FULL STORY

One Direction show off their human menagerie in 'Steal My Girl' video


One Direction’s “Steal My Girl” video is bound to draw criticism for its use of the hoary “white performers with ‘exotic’ dancers” trope and lyrics that fit snugly in the long tradition of songs that treat women like property—and if you give it a straight reading, it’s perfectly understandable that you’d feel that way.

But things are much more interesting if you imagine that the Maasai dancers, sumo wrestlers, mimes, and assorted other types of people who appear alongside the floppy-haired boy band are actually specimens that the group has assembled into a human menagerie, like a more terrestrial version of what The Collector was up to in Guardians of the Galaxy. Coming from that angle, the possessive lyrics–especially the refrain “she belongs to me”—take on a far more literal, far more sinister meaning that considerably improves the song and video alike, and may inspire visions of One Direction owning a human zoo at an estate in a remote corner of the English countryside where they amuse themselves by arranging pit fights between sumo wrestlers and mimes.


Hear Lorde, Sam Smith, and just about everyone else cover the Beach Boys' 'God Only Knows'


God only knows how this came together…

In celebration of the launch of BBC Music, the BBC released an all-star cover of the Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows.” It is a sort-of sequel to the BBC’s 1997 all-star cover of Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day.”

In its fantastical video, complete with butterflies, diamonds, and a trip into the sky, Brian Wilson, the songwriter, is joined by myriad talent. Participants include: Lorde, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Florence Welch, One Direction, Pharrell, Chris Martin, Dave Grohl, Sam Smith,  and many, many, many more.

Watch, and be amazed, below:


One Direction channels Journey, gets dad-friendly with 'Steal My Girl'

Did One Direction recently spend some time at the School of Rock? It’s possible—if the School of Rock happens to be headed by Journey.

For the boy band’s latest single, “Steal My Girl,” One Direction takes things in a new, ’80s classic rock direction. More specifically, the opening of “Steal My Girl” is enough to give any Journey fan a bit of deja vu, as the song sounds something like One Direction’s version of Journey’s 1983 hit “Faithfully.” One Direction’s mid-song “na na na na na” even recalls Journey’s mid-song “woah oh oh oh.” It feels a lot like One Direction is trying to make a new name for itself—and it’s not terrible.


One Direction releases new track, announces upcoming album

One Direction announced the release date for its fourth album, titled—what else?—Four. (The guys must not listen to much Beyoncé.)

The boys of One Direction announced the album on their website, where fans can also download a new track, “Fireproof.” “We hope you enjoy it and we can’t wait for you to listen to the album in full,” they wrote. “Thank you, you guys mean the world to us.”

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