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On the Charts: 'Everybody Talks' has everybody talking, TobyMac has his 'Eye' on No. 1


Some say rock music is dying.

But no one told that to Neon Trees. The Utah-formed band earned their first Top 10 single on Billboard‘s Hot 100 this week with “Everybody Talks,” which jumped from No. 11 to No. 6 and sold 102,000 downloads.

Neon Trees formerly reached No. 13 with their 2010 Glee-approved hit “Animal,” but “Everybody Talks,” with its fuzzy pop-tinged chorus  and infectious wails, is proving to be more of a chart powerhouse.

In a pop music world dominated by dancy synths, it’s a testament to the continued viability of actual bands that two songs above “Everybody Talks” — fun.’s “Some Nights” (No. 5) and Maroon 5’s “One More Night” (No. 3) — are both doing so well.

“Everybody Talks” (which, for the record, I totally called back in April) has taken 25 weeks to reach the Top 10 (it also just hit No. 1 on Adult Pop Songs), and we’ll see if it climbs even higher in the future. For now, though, let’s check out the week’s other chart winners and losers: READ FULL STORY

On the Charts: Carly Rae has a 'Good Time', Train chugs along, Adele finally drops out of Top 10


Last week, Maroon 5 made waves when they pushed not one but two of their singles into the Top 10 of the Hot 100. This week, current pop princess Carly Rae Jepsen did the same thing.

Not only is Jepsen’s unstoppable hit “Call Me Maybe” still refusing to hang up — though it did drop from No. 4 to No. 6 — her Owl City collaboration “Good Time” also jumped from No. 13 to No. 9 in its ninth week on the chart.

According to Billboard, “Good Time” had a pretty great week; the song was the top Streaming Gainer and rose into the Top 10 of the On-Demand chart. It also increased by 10 percent at radio and by 13 percent on the Digital Songs chart, as the beachy hit sold an additional 144,000 downloads, which lifted its sales total right past the 1 million mark.

We’ll find out if “Good Time” gives Jepsen (who is the first female artist since Ke$ha to take her first two singles to the Top 10) that elusive second No. 1 in the weeks to come, but for now, let’s check the week’s other chart winners and losers: READ FULL STORY

The 10 most Owl City-ish lyrics on the new Owl City album

Don’t be fooled by the beachy vibes of Owl City’s hit single “Good Time” — frontman/mastermind Adam Young is way less interested in the shore than he is in amateur astronomy.

At least that’s how it seems on his brand new album, The Midsummer Station, which was released today and has already hit No. 1 on iTunes.

Owl City, who formerly topped the Hot 100 with “Fireflies,” his trenchant exploration of twinkly lightning bugs, has developed an even stronger penchant for nature-based melodrama on Station, and it seems the celestial themes have completely taken over his writing. Skies burst, rainbows glitter, stars shine, people shine — everything shines, perhaps, but the melodies.

Check out  Young’s most over-the-top lines below: READ FULL STORY

Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City have a grillout and dance in ‘Good Time’ video: WATCH

Warning: Watching this video at work will make you want to jump in the car and hit the lake ASAP.

It’s only Tuesday, but if you need a weekend fix, just check out the new music video for Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City’s collaboration, “Good Time.”

The video for the upbeat track isn’t exactly high concept, but for a tune as mindless and fun as “Good Time,” it works. Jepsen and Co. have a cookout (appreciate the tie-dye!), hang out at the lake, and enjoy some flirty fun in the moonlight. Basically they do all the things you have an itch to do whenever you listen to the “Whoa-oh-oh-oh-ohs.” READ FULL STORY

Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City have a 'Good Time' in new collaboration: Hear it here

Oh, snap. Could we have a late-in-the-game contender for Song of the Summer?

“Fireflies” singer Owl City (a.k.a. Adam Young) has just released a new track with current Hot 100 queen Carly Rae Jepsen called “Good Time,” and it’s already stuck in our heads.

The song (available for digital download June 26) is a synthy, summery pop jam that would sound equally right blaring from a sandy iPod radio or out of monster speakers in a thumping dance club.

Lyrically, the song ain’t all that deep — basically the line “It’s always a good time” is repeated about 300 times, then chanted by some children, then repeated some more — but that’s okay.

With the production-friendly voices of Owl City and Jepsen, the instantly hooky chorus, and the “Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh” refrain, “Good Time” goes down easier than a frozen margarita at a beachfront tiki bar.

Ready to have a good time? Check out the track below: READ FULL STORY

Owl City remixes tourmate Lights' 'Saviour': An EW exclusive stream

lights-owlcityThat Adam Young, he does like shiny, wattage-emitting objects. Fireflies, Meteor Showers, and now, Lights.

The Owl City frontman has remixed his recent tourmate (legal name: Lights Valerie Poxleitner) and apparent synth-pop soulmate on her 2009 single “Saviour.”

The track will go to iTunes April 6; until then, stream it here:

'Alice in Wonderland' soundtrack details revealed: Robert Smith, Pete Wentz, and Franz Ferdinand to contribute tracks

The soundtrack details for Tim Burton’s forthcoming movie Alice in Wonderland have just been revealed on MySpace. The album, which is titled Almost Alice and hits stores March 2, features contributions from Burton hair-a-like Robert Smith, The All-American Rejects, Franz Ferdinand, Wolfmother, Owl City, and a collaboration between Mark Hoppus and Pete Wentz called “In Transit.” The first single from the album will be “Alice (Underground),” by Avril Lavigne.

Disappear down the rabbit hole to MySpace for a look a the full track listing and tell us what you think. Does this news make you more or less excited by the prospect of Burton’s Johnny Depp-starring revamp?

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Owl City: 'Fireflies' singer on sounding like the Postal Service and having a No. 1 single

OWLCITY_lMeet Adam Young. The self-described “shy boy from the middle of nowhere in southern Minnesota,” who records under the name Owl City, just hit No. 1 on Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart with his sweet-natured laptop-pop single “Fireflies.” “It’s pretty surreal!” laughs Young, 23. The Music Mix called him up to find out how he got from Owatonna to the top of the charts — and ask how he feels about being constantly compared to the Postal Service.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Take us through your backstory. You’re from a tiny town in Minnesota?
OWL CITY: Yup. It’s about 15,000 or 16,000 people. It is about an hour south of Minneapolis, so it’s basically in Iowa. I actually still live there. I got my own place a few months ago. It’s a cozy, quiet place. Music really isn’t a big deal there. It was kind of removed from the world. I think it’s been good, because it’s given me an unbiased perspective in terms of writing.

How were you exposed to music when you were growing up? Did you listen to the radio or watch TV?
Probably radio a little bit more than TV. It was sort of just whatever was playing in the room — whatever my parents had on. I grew up an only child, so I never had siblings that played instruments or anything. I had a few friends in high school that dabbled in music. Initially I was inspired by a friend of mine to learn to play guitar so that both of us could jam together and cover old Blink-182 songs and stuff. That’s what got me interested very early on.


Owl City hits No. 1 so the Postal Service don't have to

Minnesota native Adam Young is now a chart-topper! His one man band Owl City hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week with “Fireflies.” Watch it right now.

Young’s story is the kind of phenomenon that gives you faith in what remains of the music business: He literally started out recording songs in his parents’ basement, posted the tracks on MySpace, and now Ocean Eyes is in the Top 10 and we’ve all been entranced by the “Fireflies,” even though it totally rips off the sound of Ben Gibbard/Jimmy Tamborello/Jenny Lewis side project The Postal Service. Then again, only elderly folks like myself are likely to be concerned by such matters, much in the same way that Death Cab for Cutie is now “that Twilight song band.”

Can you put your finger on the delights of this song, Mixers? Do you recommend the rest of the album? And why do you think this track has led fans to purchase all of Ocean Eyes when so many other hot singles never lead to more than ringtone infamy — and so many other “discovered on MySpace” bands turn out to suck? Discuss… and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter: @EWMusicMix.

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