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Happy Fangs wish you a punk-rock Christmas with an exclusive playlist

Behind the grunged-up, Bikini-Kill-via-classic-rock racket of their debut LP Capricorn (due out Jan. 27), the three members of San Francisco’s Happy Fangs have a surprising amount of holiday spirit. Recently they released two songs about Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Halloween, which they’ve handily included in a playlist that highlights the strange relationship between punks and the pretty much least punk holiday of the year.


Hear a new Lemuria track and read a comic about their insane Russian tour


Buffalo trio Lemuria has been releasing pop-infused punk records and touring behind them for a decade now. In 2011, the band played a string of shows in Russia, and the experience was so insane (because, Russia) that they’ve decided to commemorate it with a comic book.

On Tuesday, they’ll release a seven-inch single that comes packaged with a comic that relates some of the crazy things that happened to them in Russia, including having a show swarmed by a mob of Nazis. Get a peek, along with an advance listen of the B-side “Courtesy Mercedes,” after the jump. They’ll be touring with Chicago emo revivalist Into It. Over It. through the end of December (but not in Russia).


How to do punk rock, according to

The argument over whether or not punk is dead has been going on for about as long as punk’s been around, and over the decades as it’s evolved from a revolutionary youth cult to an empty signifier for rebellion and a form of entertainment made to be consumed by tweens, its defenders have devised an obstacle course’s worth of semantic and intellectual gymnastics in order to explain its ongoing validity. But if Sex Pistols-branded diaper bags and multi-thousand-dollar designer crust punk jackets weren’t enough to make them give up, perhaps Martha Stewart’s guide to throwing a punk-rock-themed party for kids will be the last straw.

Written by Martha Stewart Living Assistant Digital Editor Alexandra Churchill–who according to her bio has “a soft spot for tiny terrariums, rose water recipes, and antique bottles”–introduces punk to the Martha Stewart brand tradition of infusing casual events with a panic-inducing level of obsessive perfectionism. Her party suggestions include incredibly fussy garlands of plaid fabric decorated with safety pins, dress-up stations where kids can get temporary tattoos and mohawks, and serving “Spinach Ricotta Skulls,” which in particular seem to mock the very concepts of both punk rock and children’s parties.

Most of Churchill’s tips seem like way more trouble than any sane person would put into a punk-themed kid’s party, aside from the idea of giving little kids mohawks and playing them the Ramones, which sounds like a blast. But there’s something about her feature that’s so antithetical to punk’s core concepts, so disrespectful of its values that have been passed down for generations now, that it’s almost–dare we say it–totally punk.

Moscow court to hear Pussy Riot appeal -- UPDATE

A Russian court is set to hear an appeal filed by three jailed members of the rock band Pussy Riot, who have been sentenced to two years for performing a “punk prayer” against President Vladimir Putin at Moscow’s main cathedral.

A day before Monday’s hearing, the Russian Orthodox Church said the rockers would deserve mercy if they offer repentance for their stunt. The move followed a statement by the Russian premier, who said that keeping them in prison any longer would be “unproductive.”

The calls reflected an apparent desire by both the government and the church to put an end to the case, which has caused international outrage. It remained unclear whether the women would offer penitence sought by the church and how much leniency a court may show. UPDATE: The hearing has been postponed until Oct. 10. Full details below. READ FULL STORY

Billie Joe Armstrong rants at the iHeartRadio festival: 'I'm not f--ing Justin Bieber'


No one tells Green Day when they’re leaving the stage and gets away with it. (At least not without a few smashed guitars and a whole lot of expletives.)

While performing at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas on Friday night, punk rocker Billie Joe Armstrong threw a tantrum when a sign reading “1 minute” suggested that his band should wrap up their set.

Feeling like they were being cut short (it remains up for debate whether the band was, in fact, cut short, but some believe that Green Day’s set was lessened by 20 minutes after Usher’s ran over), Bille Joe launched into an all-out rant that’s all kinds of amazing to watch.

“You’re gonna give me one minute?!” he yelled, distraught, into the mic. “I’ve been around since f–ing nineteen eighty f–king eight, and you’re gonna give me one minute?! You’ve gotta be f–ing kidding me!”

“I’m not f–ing Justin Bieber, you motherf–ers!” he continued. “Let me show you what one f–ing minute f–ing means,” he said before smashing his guitar on the ground, flicking the bird to the powers that be, and storming off the stage.

Check out the whole thing in the video below:


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