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Court orders Lil Wayne to pay Quincy Jones III more than two 'milli'

Looks like Lil Wayne’s unorthodox deposition didn’t quite do the trick. The rapper has lost his court battle against Quincy Jones III regarding the documentary film The Carter and has been ordered by the judge to fork over a cool $2.2 million to the producer as a result, TMZ reports. The suit accused Wayne of blocking the release of the movie, thus aversely affecting its profit potential. So next time you listen to his 2008 single “A Milli,” make sure to mentally edit out the line, “A million here, a million there”

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Lil Wayne’s ridiculous deposition video – Watch it here

Lil Wayne's ridiculous deposition video - Watch it here

First things first: Lil Wayne is a great rapper (at least, he used to be). What Lil Wayne is not, however, is compliant in a court of law.

A little background: In 2009, Wayne sued Quincy Jones III, son of music producer Quincy Jones (Michael Jackson’s Thriller), over a documentary called The Carter, (via Digital Spy). Now he’s filed a second lawsuit against Jones, claiming the film illegally used tunes from Tha Carter IV. Which brings us to the current debacle: Wayne’s deposition.


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