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'Saturday': Rebecca Black releases follow-up song to 'Friday' -- VIDEO


Rebecca Black is back — and she’s brought a friend!

While zombie apocalypses have been in vogue this year, we seem to have forgotten that there still exists an as-yet-unvanquished threat to our sanity: Black, the 16-year-old viral video star who became a buzzy (perhaps a light way of putting it) overnight sensation in 2011 with her so-bad-it’s-bad music video “Friday”, has returned with a follow-up song that picks up, well, exactly where her previous calendar-related musical entry ended. Black is joined by fellow YouTube star Dave Days, who has built a very respectable reputation for himself with his parodies and covers of popular songs.

Saturday” finds Black and her entire partying-partying-yeah! crew picking up the messy pieces of a crazy Friday night fete, replete with discarded solo cups, passed-out teenagers aplenty, and a portable poker set that’s oh so askew. Soon, the kids hit the beach and throw another house party, singing their hearts out about their big weekend plans: “This Saturday we gonna party all night/ one we will remember for the rest of our lives./This Saturday we gonna do it bigger than/ we ever have before, I don’t want this Saturday to end!/ I don’t want this Saturday to end!”


Rebecca Black is the latest to cover Rihanna's 'Stay' -- We round up (and rank) other notable covers

Rihanna’s “Stay” is here to stay … one way or another.

When RiRi performed the slow-burn ballad solo on SNL earlier this year, and then again with Mikky Ekko at the Grammys in February, America got to see a new, more vulnerable side to the perpetually hard-shelled pop diva.

And America has gotten to see a whole lot of “Stay” covers, too; from Vin Diesel’s indescribable basement-karaoke rendition to Rebecca Black’s latest bid for relevancy, we’ve rounded up the most memorable ones thus far:


From the people who brought you 'Friday': 'It's Thanksgiving' -- VIDEO

You want to listen to some holiday music, but Christmas is still just a little too far away? If only there was a pop Thanksgiving song, you’ve probably thought to yourself at some point. I wish I could pretend a turkey leg was a microphone, and give shout-outs to mashed potatoes over a repetitive chorus complete with a random rap breakdown two-thirds of the way through the track.

Be careful what you wish for. Teen Nicole Westbrook’s song, “It’s Thanksgiving,” has all of the above and so, so much more. For those that cherished the easy reminder of the days of the week from Rebecca Black, this song — by the same team that brought you “Friday” — attempts to replace the calendar in your life. Westbrook lists out all the holidays, and subs Black’s “we we we so excited” for “we we we are gonna have a good time.”

I don’t know why I’m going to nitpick this, but I think my favorite part is right at the beginning, when she is counting down the days on a calendar and Nov. 28 is listed as Thanksgiving Day. That’s not even accurate this year! We we we did not fact check this.

Check it out below: READ FULL STORY

Girls in viral 'Hot Problems' video are just like you, minus the self-awareness

What hath Rebecca Black wrought?

About 13 months ago, the auto-tuned middle-schooler’s “Friday” took the Internet by storm, forever changing the way we select car seats and think about partyin’, partyin’ (yeah). But Black’s follow-up songs didn’t have quite the same impact… meaning that for weeks and weeks, there’s been an online talentlessness vacuum. Fun fun fun fun seekers have been forced to turn to clips of celebrities lip-synching, which just don’t evoke the same feelings of delighted schadenfreude.

But that may have changed last Sunday, when a new “music” video hit YouTube. The clip, called “Hot Problems,” is basically Samantha Brick’s “don’t hate me ’cause I’m beautiful” essay delivered in a tuneless monotone and set to a generic beat. Sample lyrics: “Please don’t get me wrong / I know that I’m hot / But textbook perfection really takes a lot.” Check it out for yourself: READ FULL STORY

Rebecca Black's 'Friday' video turns one today. If only there was some sort of helpful reminder of what today is!


If there hasn’t been a Friday over the last year in which, at some point, you didn’t sing “Gettin’ down on Friday” or “We, we, we so excited” to yourself, then celebrating today’s musical milestone should feel bittersweet.

To be fair, Rebecca Black‘s “Friday” didn’t actually take over our lives — and thus forever alter our knowledge of how the week works (“Yesterday it is Thursday, today it is Friday”) and major decisions like where to sit in our friends’ cars — until March 2011. But the video was actually released one year ago today, Feb. 10, 2011, courtesy of ARK Music Factory. That’s right, it took the Internet almost an entire month to stumble upon this gem.

Here’s some fun, fun, fun, fun facts about Rebecca Black’s “Friday” over the past year:

Rebecca Black tops '50 Worst Music Videos Ever' -- Who else made the list?

No surprises here: In a list of the “50 Worst Music Videos Ever,” U.K. music mag NME gives Rebecca Black and her viral assault on music otherwise known as “Friday” the dubious top honor.

Though the list had its share of Brit-tastrophes, there is no shortage of American cheese. Some inclusions make absolute sense (Paris Hilton and Steel Panther, anyone?), though other artists who made the cut (Lady Gaga, Britney Spears) might cause more than a few internet mutinies.

Keep reading to see Black’s video and judge for yourself, then see which other guilty-pleasure highlights made the list: READ FULL STORY

Rebecca Black releases new single 'Person of Interest': Hear it here

Paging Elle Woods: Someone else is comfortable using legal jargon in everyday life.

Rebecca Black, of “Friday” fame, has released her new single, “Person of Interest” (no relation to the CBS show of the same name). It sounds exactly like you’d expect the follow-up to “Friday” and “My Moment” would sound. The lyrics aren’t quite as inane as her first go-round, but unfortunately, it’s mostly just forgettable.

This ode to flirting on the dance floor (keep in mind she’s still only 14) could totally pass as a throwaway Selena Gomez or early Miley Cyrus track, so she’s got that going for her in the teen-pop realm.

Unfortunately, for those who love a good ironic song about car seat debates to fuel a Friday night party, the guilty pleasure vibes coming out of this tune are absent. All we’re left with is a “crime scene on the dance floor” — a topic widely covered with more success by Britney, Rihanna and co.

Take a listen to Ms. Black’s latest below. READ FULL STORY

Are you ready for more Rebecca Black? Because she's ready for you

Rebecca Black just posted a video—on a Friday, no less!—saying that she has a “new video” arriving on her channel soon.

And yes, she used air quotes to describe this “new video,” which can only mean one thing. IT’S. COMING. BACK. (Or, that she “misunderstands” “the purpose” “of air quotes.”)

What do you think, readers? Is today Black Friday? Has our little Rebecca Black emerged victorious from the nasty copyright battle with Ark Music Factory? Will she have mercy on rapper/producer Patrice Wilson and keep his poetic verse in tact?  READ FULL STORY

Friday, round two: Katy Perry and Rebecca Black re-team onstage

Katy Perry and underage crooners: The lovefest continues.

Perry had some onstage “fun fun fun fun” with teen sensation Rebecca Black this weekend in Los Angeles. The “infamous” Black (Perry’s words, not ours!) made a surprise appearance alongside the “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” songstress for a rousing rendition of Black’s meme-tastic hit “Friday” on Aug. 5 — a Friday, conveniently. After the song, Perry gave Black a hug and a big-sisterly pat on the head, and the two proclaimed their mutual affection for one another.

After Black’s exit — to the delight of her fans — Perry shouted, “Dammit! I love the Internet.”

Teenage dream team? We’ll take it. Watch the video below: READ FULL STORY

Rebecca Black's behind-the-scenes footage of My Moment' video: Watch here

Oh, you thought it was over after “Friday“? Jokes on you, haters! Rebecca Black has a real single out, “My Moment.”

“Weren’t you the one who said that I would be nothing?” ask Black on the track. As a matter of fact, many have. But in a preview of the synthy track’s video, she and host of helpers are doing plenty–hopping out of limos, being snapped by the paps, and, of course, dancing their tails off.

“It’s weird,” the ever thankful Black says of her new found fame. “But it’s cool.” Check out the clip after the jump.


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