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Tommy Lee talks about the new Methods of Mayhem CD and why he played a drum kit made of boobs

tommy-lee2Image Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty ImagesMost rock stars are very choosy about which remixers they allow to tinker with their much sweated-over musical meisterworks. One exception to that rule? Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, who last year posted tracks online from the new album by his Methods of Mayhem project and invited fans around the world to, well, do whatever the hell they wanted with them. “Our direction was: Anything goes,” says Lee. “I don’t care if you play butt bongos on your girlfriend’s a–. Go crazy!”

The skinsman admits the submissions were of variable quality—”A lot of people have a hard time realizing what key things are in”—but that the experiment was ultimately a successful one. “There’s this song called ‘Back to Before’ that was a pretty straightforward, midtempo rock song,” Lee explains. “This dude from Paris took all the parts, remixed it, raised the tempo, and sent it back. I was like, ‘F—, that’s awesome.’ I redid the whole thing around his remix. That was the one that took the wildest turn. Essentially, at the end of the day, I made a record with the whole world.”

That CD, A Public Disservice Announcement, is out today and boasts an eclectic mix of riff-driven metal (“Fight Song”), hook-heavy rockers (“Louder,” “Blame”), and even electro-funk (the Deadmau5-assisted “Party Instructions”). What you won’t find on the album is an abundance of guitar solos. “I think it’s a f—ing waste of time,” Lee laughs. “‘Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!’ That’s great. You can play guitar. I get it. But can you remember anything that you just played? Probably not.” Of course, Mr Lee has himself played a few drum solos during Crüe shows—albeit often while strapped into a revolving metal cage. “That’s why I started to take the drum solo to another level,” he says. “There’s no way you’re going to leave the room if I’m f—ing flying upside down playing drums. Yeah, it’s still a drum solo. It’s a wank. But if you make it cool…”

Lee recently took the drum solo up—or, arguably, down—to another level when he played a kit made of people, and their mostly pneumatic breasts, for the Comedy Central show Tosh.0. “I love that guy,” says Lee of host Daniel Tosh. “I’m such a big fan. When he asked me to come do the show I was like, ‘Yes! I don’t even care what we’re doing on the show, the answer’s yes!'”

And where do you go after you’d played boob-percussion? How about playing a drum solo while riding a rollercoaster. “What I would love to do with Methods is set up a concert where I build a stage around a rollercoaster,” Lee explains. “I want to put seats on the f—ing thing and grab a couple of people out of the crowd and take them with me and play the whole way on the rollercoaster. I’ve got some f—ed up things that I want to do!”

Lady Gaga preps 'Remix' album for U.S. release

lady-gagaImage Credit: Hedi SlimaneLittle monsters who are starting to itch for a new fix need only hold on til Aug. 3, when Lady Gaga will release a disc full of remixes in the U.S. This will be the first American release for The Remix, which is already an international hit after arriving overseas earlier this spring. In a press release, Interscope Records says that the U.S. version of the set will include 10 reconfigured tracks from The Fame and The Fame Monster, covering the hits from “Just Dance” to “Paparazzi” to “Bad Romance” to “Telephone” and beyond.

What’s your favorite Lady Gaga remix? Will you be buying this album next month? Sound off in the comments.

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Mariah Carey: 'Angels Advocate' remix album cancelled

Mariah-CareyImage Credit: Bill Davila/startraksphoto.comMariah Carey’s label tells the Music Mix that the rumors are true: Angels Advocate, the remix set that the diva was planning to drop next Tuesday, will no longer be released as an album. Multiple singles (“Up Out My Face” featuring Nicki Minaj, “Angels Cry” featuring Ne-Yo) have already surfaced from the project, which was to have paired Carey with new collaborators on reworked tunes from last fall’s Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. Now Island Def Jam’s plan is to continue putting out that new material as stand-alone singles instead of packaging it together into a full-length CD as originally intended. “We’ve released a few of Mariah’s hot remixes from Memoirs on iTunes and Mariah’s back in the studio working on some new surprises,” says a label rep. Angels Advocate was previously delayed to this month from a late February release date.

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Jack Johnson talks new album, new tour, new (lack of) haircut

Jack-JohnsonImage Credit: Ben Hider/Getty ImagesThe last time I met Jack Johnson, just before the release his platinum-selling 2008 CD Sleep Through the Static, the singer-songwriter’s hair was just a whisker’s width away from being an all out skinhead. But when EW caught up with him yesterday at SIRIUS XM’s New York HQ—where he was recording one of the radio network’s Artist Confidential performance shows— Johnson was sporting a noticeably shaggier ‘do. “Do you want to give me a trim?” he asked, when the subject was raised. “We’ve gotten some scissors around somewhere.  My wife usually tells me when to get my hair cut. She seems to have forgotten recently. I know I’m old enough to remember these things myself, but I’ve gotten out of the habit.”

Johnson’s wife Kim is also one of the main reasons he is currently out and about doing promotion for a new CD, To the Sea, and not actually in the sea surfing, as is the Hawaii-dwelling superstar’s habit. “I wasn’t going to do an album this year,” he explains. “My wife said it might be nice to take the kids on the road.” Nevertheless, the singer could hardly be more enthusiastic about the result, which he recorded at his home studio just this January and is out June 1: “By the time I start talking about my songs I’ve usually had enough time to hear all the mistakes. But this time I’m still excited about them.”

Johnson made his fifth studio CD with his usual musical compadres—drummer Adam Topol, bassist Merlo Podlewski and Animal Liberation Orchestra keyboardist Zach Gill. The latter was also in town yesterday to accompany Johnson on Artist Confidential, which will be broadcast in the spring. In addition to playing older cuts such as “Banana Pancakes” and the ALO tune “Girl I Wanna Lay You Down,” the pair also debuted the new tracks “My Little Girl” and likely single “You And Your Heart.” The latter is an almost Pavement-ish rocker and the first real recorded evidence to back up Johnson’s repeated assertion that, before he became the king of low-key but upbeat acoustic choogling, the singer was a teenage fan of such punk acts as Fugazi and Minor Threat. “Sometimes people say all my stuff sounds the same, and usually that makes me want to make my music even more the same,” he chuckles. “But I got fed up saying that I just liked those bands. I thought it was time to show it in my music a little bit.”

In truth, “You and Your Heart” is only a teensie-weensie bit punk-rock and seems unlikely to scare off Johnson’s army of fans. Those supporters will also be delighted to know that the singer will tour the CD this summer, with profits going to support an array of environmental, art, and music organizations. Wait—isn’t playing shows the only way musicians make money these days? If Johnson gives all his touring profits away, how will he able to afford shoes (not, of course, that Johnson is exactly known for his love of shoes)? “We’re lucky, because we still make money from CDs,” he says. “But I promise that if I ever can’t afford to buy any shoes at all, then I’ll start keeping some of the profits.”

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Erykah Badu teases 'New Amerykah Part Two' with trippy, funky clip

Some rather strange and fairly awesome footage just appeared on Erykah Badu’s official site, right around the 3:33 P.M. Pacific time she’d instructed her Twitter followers to keep their eyes peeled.

You’ll want to click over to ASAP, but for the impatient, a summary: First the number 3 rushes at the screen, three times. Then comes a rush of assorted photos. (I spotted Hitler, Badu’s boyfriend Jay Electronica, and Bill O’Reilly in there.) Next, a quick clip of President Obama’s State of the Union speech from earlier this week transitions into what appears to be Badu, or someone, giving a spirited puppet show with two adorable felt creatures slipped over her hands. Soon a funky drumbeat kicks in, and a psychedelic kaleidoscope/Rorschach test takes up the screen. The funky beat becomes a funky song, featuring the refrain “I know you want to/Jump up in the air and stay there.” (I do, Erykah, I do!)  The kaleidoscope thing reveals itself to be a distorted image of Badu herself. A dizzy rap verse occurs courtesy of Lil Wayne. At last, the clip concludes with a message: “NEW AMERYKAH / PART TWO: RETURN OF THE ANKH / 3.30.2010 AD / (MAYBE).”

Leave it to Badu to promote her new album this way. Consulting the track list that her label recently sent out for the sequel to 2008’s excellent New Amerykah Part One (4th World War), the song in the clip would appear to be a Web-only bonus called “Jump in the Air,” featuring Lil Wayne and Bilal. It’s pretty sweet! Definitely stuck firmly in my head after one listen. Head to Badu’s site, check out the rest of the track list after the jump, then let us know if you’re anticipating New Amerykah Part Two as eagerly as I am.


Joanna Newsom announces triple album, 'Have One on Me'

It’s been a highly entertaining indie-rock parlor game these past few years, wondering how harpist/lyricist Joanna Newsom would follow up 2006’s Ys – arguably one of the most rewarding releases of the decade just concluded, and certainly one of its most unusual. How could she top that strange masterpiece? Now we have our answer: with a triple album. On Feb. 23, her label Drag City will release Newsom’s Have One on Me as a three-CD package, as well as a three-LP vinyl set, if that’s your thing.

This announcement confirms rumors that have been circulating since Drag City posted a mysterious cartoon hinting at the album’s imminent arrival earlier this month, though the triple-album part comes as a surprise. If you can get Drag City’s site to load — it seems to be down at the moment, perhaps due to a deluge of frenzied Joanna Newsom fans — you’ll be able to stream Have One on Me‘s spare, contemplative “’81.” (Opening lyric: “I found a little plot of land in the Garden of Eden/It was dirt, and dirt is all the same.”) (UPDATE: Drag City has removed the stream of “’81” due to technical issues; it should be back soon.) All further details, including the rest of Have One on Me‘s track list, remain under wraps.

Triple albums can be divisive, and this one will surely be no exception. Speaking as someone who loves Ys, though, I’d say that album proved that Newsom does exceedingly well with creative gambles. If there’s any artist from whom I’d like to hear three full discs of new material at once, it’s her.

How about you? Anyone else excited by this news? What do you hope the rest of Have One on Me will sound like?

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Lil Wayne's 'Rebirth' delayed yet again to 2010

So, you thought you might be able to hold Lil Wayne’s Rebirth in your hands before New Year’s? Psych! A Universal Motown rep tells the Music Mix that Weezy’s long-delayed rock-influenced follow-up to 2008’s Tha Carter III has been pushed back yet again from its planned Dec. 21 release to an unspecified date in 2010.

I’ve lost count of how many times Rebirth has been postponed this year; for some insight into what might be going on here, check out the story we ran back in July. An assortment of follow-up singles and leaked tracks have failed to make much noise in the months since then, so it’s safe to assume that Lil Wayne’s label is still waiting for a hit before they unleash Rebirth. As we head into a new calendar year, though, it seems fair to wonder at what point they’ll simply throw up their hands and move on to the next Lil Wayne project instead of trying to make this one work.

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Mariah Carey delays album, 'Today' show appearance: What's going on here?

If you marked down any Mariah Carey-related events on your calendar for this month, you’d better hope you used erasable ink. Not only has the release of her upcoming album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, been repeatedly pushed back — from Aug. 25 to Sept. 15, then again to Sept. 29 — but the diva recently postponed several promotional events, including planned appearances on NBC’s Today show, on VH1’s Storytellers, and at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. What gives?

“Mariah is working tirelessly on finishing up her album, doing promo for her film Precious and launching a new perfume with Elizabeth Arden,” a rep for Carey’s label told the Music Mix. “Release dates change all the time…It’s really nothing unusual.” The label rep also pointed to a post on the singer’s official site announcing that “we have shifted all of our TV and promo appearances to coincide with the new release date.” Fair enough, I suppose, though that strikes me as slightly circular reasoning. (The promo events were postponed because of the album release delay, which happened because…?) “It’s no big deal,” added another Carey publicist when contacted by the Music Mix, echoing comments made in a recent interview with People. “Everyone seems to think that it’s a big deal, but it’s not. She just wants to fine-tune some things [on the album].”

It’s certainly true that release dates often get changed without prior notice in the music industry. And maybe Carey’s label is just waiting for a single that’s bigger than the decent mid-level hit that “Obsessed” is shaping up to be so far. So what do you think? Why does Carey keep postponing things? And, if you’re a Mariah fan, are you content to keep waiting for Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, or will you start to get impatient at some point?

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Michael Jackson: new remix album due this fall

Speculation continues to mount as to whether we’ll ever hear the vast collection of unreleased music that the late Michael Jackson reportedly left behind. In the meantime, fans can look forward to some (more or less) new MJ music sooner than they might think: Universal Motown is preparing to release Michael Jackson: The Remix Suite this fall. Star producers including the Neptunes, Polow Da Don, Stargate, Ryan Leslie, Q-Tip, Salaam Remi, and more are set to rework Jackson’s hits for the album, mostly drawing from his Jackson 5 years. And while the full project won’t be on sale til Oct. 27, many of the remixes will be released digitally in the even nearer future.

Listen to the Neptunes’ recently-leaked take on “Never Can Say Goodbye” below, then let us know: What do you think of this project? Whose remixes are you most looking forward to?

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Lil Wayne's 'Rebirth': Will it ever come out? Exclusive new details

Whatever happened to Lil Wayne’s Rebirth? The rock-oriented follow-up to last year’s astronomically successful Tha Carter III was originally scheduled to hit shelves in April of this year. It’s since been pushed back repeatedly with little explanation; meanwhile, lead single “Prom Queen” peaked months ago at No. 15 on the Billboard Hot 100. “Prom Queen” co-writer Shanell set tongues wagging anew this week when she told an interviewer that Rebirth‘s release had been shuffled yet again, from August 18 to some time in September, adding, “When it’s perfect, you guys will receive it.”

Well, after talking to Cash Money Records and Universal Motown Records, the two key industry entities that are responsible for releasing Lil Wayne’s music, the Music Mix can reveal that perfection may be farther off than expected. “Cash Money just changes their dates whenever they want to,” says a Universal Motown rep. “It’s definitely not August. I have no idea why it was moved, and I’m not anticipating a September release. Right now I’m looking at closer to October.” A representative for Cash Money tells the Music Mix even that estimated date is likely too early: “It’s not going to be ’til the end of the year. We’re talking about holiday [season].” You read that right: Rebirth might not be on shelves until December 2009.

What’s going on here? Tha Carter III‘s success established Wayne as one of the biggest contemporary artists in any genre. The man sold a million records in a week, and two million more in the months since. We’re not talking about some new artist struggling to make his or her name. And according to Cash Money, Rebirth‘s recording stage is “pretty much done,” though it’s still awaiting the final mixing and mastering process. How is it possible that this project is still on ice at this point?


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