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Temple of the Dog reunites for 'Hunger Strike' performance


Over 20 years ago, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell joined together to form rock band Temple of the Dog. Their one and only album was released in 1991, and since then, we haven’t heard too much from them — until a brief reunion Saturday evening.

Cornell was at Neil Young’s Bridge School Benefit Saturday evening to play with Soundgarden, but he later made a second appearance during Pearl Jam’s set for an acoustic performance of “Hunger Strike,” one of three singles from Temple of the Dog’s debut album. Consequence of Sound found a fan-recorded video of the performance so grunge fans can travel back to the ’90s, if only for a short six minutes. READ FULL STORY

Kinks to reunite for new album and tour

You really got them — or you will soon. Brit rock icons the Kinks have reportedly reconciled and are returning with a new album and tour, nearly 20 years after their last split.

Frontman Ray Davies told London’s Sunday Times that he and his bandmate/brother Dave Davies — famously the most volatile sibling duo this side of the Gallaghers – have mended fences enough to begin collaborating again on new material. (The recent marking of the band’s 50th anniversary and the homeland success of biographical musical Sunny Afternoon may have helped.) READ FULL STORY

Lance Bass on rumored NSYNC reunion: 'It's so cute'

Will we be saying “Hi Hi Hi” to an NSYNC reunion at the VMAs this Sunday, as was wildly spread across the internet yesterday?

On his SiriusXM show, “Dirty Pop With Lance Bass,” the man of the hour said this:
 “…I have to address the rumors…this morning I woke up to a lot of rumors flying [around] that the ‘NSYNC reunion is happening after eleven years at the VMAs this Sunday. Well, let me tell you how this all came about. Justin Timberlake is getting the Michael Jackson [Video] Vanguard Award this Sunday at the awards, so of course people are automatically going to think we’re going to be there performing, but this is exactly how it happened and I knew these rumors were going to fly.  We all came down here [to Miami] except for J.C. [Chasez]—J.C. stayed in California, he had to work…Joey [Fatone], Chris [Kirkpatrick] and myself went to go see Justin’s last show with Jay Z at the [Sun Life] Stadium last Friday, and I even took a picture of it, it’s on my Instagram (…%5Bit was] really fun and…I think that’s what started the rumor that there’s going to be this big reunion with ‘NSYNC…it’s amazing to see the reaction out there on Twitter and social media…[and] how many people are supporting ‘NSYNC. It’s so nice to see because when we ended things [over] ten years ago, there was no social media, there was no Twitter [fan base], but it’s so cute to see how many people are supporting [us] and ‘NSYNC was even trending…”

Oh, Lance! So coy. You can also listen to the audio here for secret hints and/or truth-telling vocal inflections: READ FULL STORY

Report: Justin Timberlake and NSYNC will reunite at the VMAs

There was at least one group of people disappointed by Justin Timberlake’s remarkably successful return to music this year: Those hoping for an NSYNC reunion.

Enter the power of MTV. It was already announced that Timberlake would be receiving the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at this Sunday’s ceremony, but now, according to reports from sources within MTV, Timberlake will be joined by his old NSYNC compadres Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick, Lance Bass, and JC Chasez for a performance.

Despite the ongoing showdown between Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, this NSYNC news has now become one of the biggest stories of this weekend’s show. It seemed like an NSYNC reunion was an impossibility, mostly because Timberlake was doing just fine on his own, thank you very much. It’s doubtful that this will lead to any extended work together (Timberlake has two movies to promote, plus an arena tour supporting the entirety of The 20/20 Experience), but it’ll provide some satisfying closure in the great boy-band comeback of 2013 that has included Backstreet Boys, New Kids on the Block, and 98 Degrees.

MTV has yet to comment on these reports directly, though something like this happens just about every year—in 2009, the appearance by Janet Jackson memorializing her recently deceased brother Michael was the worst kept secret in the universe, as was the “surprise” appearance of Jay Z and Kanye West at 2011’s show.

So what do you hope to hear from NSYNC at this Sunday’s Video Music Awards? Do you think everybody still knows those awesome “Bye Bye Bye” moves? And will Timberlake resurrect his terrible hair from the NSYNC era? Pop and lock in the comments.

Neutral Milk Hotel announce first reunion dates in 15 years


Hold on to your flannels, kids: revered indie-rock band Neutral Milk Hotel is reuniting for the first time in fifteen years.

The Athens, GA, group behind 1998’s seminal In the Aeroplane Over the Sea just announced a small string of tour dates this fall on their official web site. And while the band’s elusive leader Jeff Mangum has been trotting out NMH songs during his handful of shows in recent years, this new outing will bring together the full NMH crew, including Jeremy Barnes, Scott Spillane, and Julian Koster, playing together for the first time since the year  Aeroplane was released.

Only a few dates have been set so far, but the band’s site teases that more will be announced soon — hopefully including one in Pawnee, for April Ludgate’s sake. As of now, though, you’ll be able to catch them at the following few dates:


Mark Wahlberg talks potential Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch reunion: 'We might'

If iPhones weren’t everywhere I turned, I’d think it’s actually 1995.

First, all five Backstreet Boys reunite, then Boyz II Men, 98 Degrees, and New Kids on the Block go on tour. Before I can turn around, LL Cool J is rapping at the Grammy’s, and now I hear that it isn’t completely crazy to think Oscar-nominated Mark Wahlberg could once again send around some “Good Vibrations” as the Grammy-nominated Marky Mark.

Robert Plant would be up for a Led Zeppelin reunion in 2014

Back when the surviving members of Led Zeppelin unveiled their concert film Celebration Day a few months ago, they were peppered with so many questions about getting back together that they were pushed to the point of cattiness. But perhaps all those requests to dust those Houses of the Holy tracks off one more time has weakened singer Robert Plant, who intimated that he wouldn’t oppose another run in Led Zeppelin.

“You need to speak to the Capricorns,” Plant told the Australian television show 60 Minutes in reference to his bandmates Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones. “I’ve got nothing to do in 2014.” READ FULL STORY

Kris Kross to reunite for one magical night

Let’s hope you got some backwards clothes for Christmas.

To celebrate the two-decade mark of his So So Def label, Jermaine Dupri held a press conference in Atlanta today, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, to announce his plans to throw an anniversary concert next month — and it looks like Kris Kross scored a spot on the bill. (EW has reached out for confirmation.)

That’s right, the hip-hop duo of Chris Kelly and Chris Smith (or, as you may know them, Mac Daddy and Daddy Mac) will reunite onstage for the So So Def All-Stars Anniversary Concert, which will go down in Atlanta on Feb. 23.

Kris Kross and Dupri go way back, of course: the So So Def leader discovered the twosome at a shopping mall and introduced them to the national stage, where they’d go on to infect the early ’90s with their baggy backwards clothes and the tight hit single “Jump” — all before turning 14. The Chrises have kept pretty quiet since their 1996 album Young, Rich & Dangerous, so their one-night reunion presents a rare opportunity for fans old and new to jump, jump, jump along with the now-thirtysomethings.

Yet there’s plenty more nostalgia to be had; the event will also include performances by Xscape, Da Brat, Bow Wow, and Dupri himself. But none of those people gave us this:


Stevie Nicks talks to EW about 2013 Fleetwood Mac tour, reconnecting with Lindsey Buckingham, and why she's addicted to 'Call Me Maybe'

Some chains are unbreakable, even after nearly four decades: Fleetwood Mac announced today that they will embark on a 34-date tour in 2013,  beginning April 4 in Columbus, Ohio, and wrapping June 12 in Detroit; tickets go on sale Dec. 14.

EW spoke to the legendary, always loquacious Stevie Nicks about heading back out on the road with bandmates Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood, and John McVie — and what she’s been up to since we last talked to her.

EW: You spent most of 2011 promoting and touring behind your most recent solo album, In Your Dreams. How different is that experience from touring with Fleetwood Mac?

Stevie Nicks: My solo career is more like an intimate gathering, an intimate beautiful party at your home, and Fleetwood Mac is like a big, huge Christmas ball at a big huge ballroom somewhere. Fleetwood Mac is just way bigger and way grander. And I think that’s one of the reasons why it’s always been so good for me to be able to go back and forth. Because what I do is very, very different than what Fleetwood Mac does and vice versa. So when I come out of one and go into the other, it’s very new for me. READ FULL STORY

Jonas Brothers reuniting for one-night-only concert

Image credit: Matt Stroshane/Disney via Getty Images

The huge Jonas Brothers-shaped void in our hearts will soon be filled, temporarily, that is. The trio is reuniting on stage for the first time in three years for a one-night-only concert.

Aside from their string of hits, the band will also debut songs from their upcoming album (to be released next year) during their Oct. 11 performance at Radio City Music Hall. This is the only performance slated for the entire year.

“Over the last three years, we’ve all had life changing experiences — both individually and as a group,” Nick said in a press release. “Those experiences allowed us to create new music that we are really proud of and excited to share with our fans.”

Despite the brothers’ respite from the stage, they have kept busy with other ventures — mainly reality TV shows. Joe is a judge on the new CW music competition The Next (which debuted yesterday), while Kevin and his wife Danielle are starring in the aptly-titled E! reality series Married to Jonas (debuting on Sunday). Joe was also one of the bachelors looking for love on this summer’s Fox celebrity dating show The Choice.  Nick and Joe will make appearances on Kevin’s show, but there are no scheduled cameos yet from Kevin and Joe on The Next. That’s too bad, the trio could put their powers together to become Super Coach.

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