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Mariah Carey is 'Triumphant' in her return: Hear a snippet of the new single


So, things had been pretty quiet in Mariah-land recently, with the R&B diva understandably devoting much of her attention to the endless responsibilities thrust upon her as a new mother toridiculously good-looking twins.

But a quiet spring and summer look to be making way for a fall and winter filled with Mimi. On the heels of signing a whopping $18 million deal to join the judges’ panel of American Idol (more toys for #DemBabies–rejoice, everyone!), Carey has announced the release of her first new single in more than two years, “Triumphant (Get ‘Em).”

The track, which will serve as the lead single for her upcoming 14th studio album, is scheduled to hit the radio sometime today and will premiere on her website at  3:45 pm (ET). Tweeted Mariah about the Rick Ross and Meek Mill assisted tune, “I wrote TRIUMPHANT when I was going through a difficult time & it helped me get through it.  When u hear it, pay attention 2 the lyrics #WIN.”

Well, then–perk those ears up, people, as you listen to a 30 second preview of the song below. Any super-skilled listeners out there hear a grunt from you-know-who at the end?!


Rick Ross, 'God Forgives, I Don't': The EW Review


Ever since his 2006 breakout single “Hustlin'” put him on the map as a player in modern rap music, Miami’s Rick Ross has slowly built up an empire. Today marks the release of his fifth album, God Forgives, I Don’t, a hard-hitting companion to the recently released Self Made Vol. 2, from his Maybach Music crew.

The review of Ross’ new album appears in this Friday’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, but you can check out an expanded version of it below:


Maybach Music Group and the return of the compilation album


It’s been a nondescript, if not painful (G-Unit still has me begging for mercy), decade for the hip-hop compilation album, but it looks like Rick Ross and his Maybach Music Group have brought an end to the drought. Self Made Vol. 2, MMG’s critically acclaimed sophomore work, hit stores earlier this week, and all signs point to another conquest for Ross in his ever-so-noble pursuit of eternal wealth.

If you ask Ross about the recent praise, he’ll tell you that the album’s — and by that same token, the group’s — success is rooted in MMG’s organic feel. Now this is no shot at The Boss, but a listening of Self Made 2‘s brighter moments inspires no such feelings of purity.

Take “Power Circle,” MMG’s nine-and-a-half-minute manifesto and one of the album’s best tracks. Ross kicks things off with a head-scratching toast to the King of Pop, offers up an interesting cocaine math lesson, wraps it up with his trademark grunt, and steps out of the spotlight at the one-minute mark. (Well, we do see him walking around shirtless, but that’s beside the point.)

The next eight minutes are devoted to MMG’s young guns taking turns punishing the microphone with verbal blows in a battle royale for center stage. There’s not a catchy hook nor a consistent theme to be found. Rather, the track is carried by the lyrical talents and individual qualities of the artists: Meek Mill’s aggressive Philly flow, Wale’s crazy good rhymes, even Ross’s absurd proclamations. READ FULL STORY

UPDATE: Rapper Rick Ross recovering after suffering TWO seizures on separate airplane flights


UPDATE: Rick Ross is reportedly in stable condition after suffering a second seizure on another flight. The second flight, headed to Memphis from Fort Lauderdale, had to make an emergency landing in Birmingham, Alabama at 5:44 p.m. CT.

5:54 P.M. FRIDAY: Earlier today on a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Memphis, Rick Ross reportedly suffered a seizure so severe that it required the plane to make an emergency landing. EMTs subsequently performed CPR on the rapper, who had lost consciousness.

Apparently though, he really is the Teflon Don; he’s already back on Twitter and recovering safely. Wale, an artist signed to Ross’s label, also took to Twitter to tout his boss’s health, saying “I just talked to Ross…he’s 100 pct ok…@tmz #dontpanic #dontpanic #mmg !!!! #gfid dec 13th!,” he wrote.

Ross’s next album God Forgives, I Don’t, is due this December, and just this week he released “This Is a Tower Heist” with Nas, the theme song to the upcoming Eddie Murphy-Ben Stiller crime comedy Tower Heist.

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Drake talks about making his upcoming album, growing as a rapper, and finding a mentor in Stevie Wonder: An EW Q&A

The summer’s nearly over. But rap wiz Drake is feeling the heat. The deadline to submit the final version of his sophomore album, Take Care, is one month out. To say the least, it’s crunch time. Though, it seems he’s comfy in the clutch.

While holed up in his “quaint” Toronto studio recently, Drake checked in with EW to give us a progress report on the album, due on his birthday, October 24. Creatively, he says he’s “at a great place” and has a tons a recorded material to select from.

In the EW story on stands now, he gave us five recording rules to live by. Here, though, we get into the rest of the conversation—one that includes, among other things, how Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne album impacted his project, how his song with Stevie Wonder might make you shed a tear, and why you won’t hear him crying about his riches this go around.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: In what ways are you challenging yourself this album?
DRAKE: I push myself in a lot of aspects when I write a song. I write a piece and where most people would stop and say “Oh, that’s the hook right there,” I’ll move that to the first four bars of the verse and do a new hook. That makes the song easy to learn and catchy. That’s how I like to challenge myself. I’ll write something and everyone that’s around might be like “Oh that’s that hook right there.” And then I’ll write something better than that.

How many tracks are you shooting for here?
Obviously, I can only fit so many songs on a CD. So what I’m doing is there will be a Take Care physical edition in stores that’ll hopefully have 15 to 17 songs on it. Then I know a lot of people do deluxe editions. But since October 24 is a special day for me, I got, like, a Take Care birthday edition that I’m going to put on iTunes that will have extra songs. I really want to encourage people to be excited about the album releasing. I remember how excited a lot of artists used to make me. I used to want to buy the physical copy to see the artwork. And if there were any bonus tracks, I’d go find them. I’m definitely trying to cause some of that excitement. I hope people go get the songs off the birthday edition. It’s going to be great, man. I’ve got a wide array of music this time. I’m very excited.

Talk to me about your team. Who are the people who are helping guide you through the album?
There are about three or four major opinions that I respect. Obviously, the main one would be [engineer and producer] 40 (Noah Shebib). He’s worked with me every single night I’ve set foot in the studio since Comeback Season. He knows what I’m capable of and he’s not afraid to say “You can do that better” or “That’s it” or “I know you can write a better verse than that.” And Oliver El-Khatib, who has progressed from my friend who just used to advise me on how to dress to a guy who came up with the artwork for So Far Gone to, since he’s such a creative brain, that he’s become one of my managers. Then my DJ Future the Prince has a great ear for music. And probably the most important person in the equation is Hush, who is a friend of mine who grew up rapping in Toronto and he’s present every night. If anyone knows what I’m capable of, it’s Hush. We love rap the same way and we have the same exact ear. So I know he’s hearing what I’m hearing. I never take criticism personally from anyone. I love feedback, but especially when it comes to Hush. He understands rap probably better than anyone else I mentioned. And he’s a close friend of mine.

Rap has become like fast food. Fans want it quickly and a lot of it. It’s only been a year since Thank Me Later and your fans seem to be starving for Take Care. Do you think they’ve forgotten that artists need life experiences to craft their art? READ FULL STORY

MTV 2011 VMAs: Beyonce's baby bump, the moving Amy Winehouse tribute, and other memorable moments

The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards were an undeniably strange production. Lady Gaga performed an entire song as her male alter ego, Jo Calderone…and then stayed in character for the entire show. (One EW commenter on our live-blog noted that this was probably the longest time Gaga has ever spent in one outfit.) Comedian Kevin Hart opened with a curiously extended monologue expressing his disappointment that he wasn’t hosting the show, but his frequent appearances thereafter made it seem like he actually was the host. Also, Cloris Leachman was onstage with the Jersey Shore girls, thus opening up a rift in the space/time continuum.

But even without an instantly buzzworthy Kanye-Taylor event, the 28th-annual VMAs had a few high points, too. If you had to pick one defining moment, it would have to be Beyoncé’s baby bump. READ FULL STORY

Estelle drops new Rick Ross-assisted single 'Break My Heart'


British R&B songstress Estelle first charmed the music world with “American Boy,” her Grammy-winning 2008 collaboration with Kanye West.

Three years later, she’s back with a new single that finds her sharing time with another American Boy: The guest star this time out is Rick Ross, and the song is called “Break My Heart,” which you can hear after the jump.


Lil Wayne announces 'I Am Music II' tour

Lil-WayneImage Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty ImagesLil Wayne has announced his first major tour since leaving prison last November. His “I Am Music II” tour will hit arenas in 25 North American cities between March 18 and April 29.

Weezy’s opening acts will include his Young Money protégée Nicki Minaj, Miami star Rick Ross, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, and Beastie Boys DJ Mixmaster Mike.

A press release announcing the tour confirms that Wayne’s Tha Carter IV is expected to drop some time this spring.

Check out Lil Wayne’s full tour itinerary after the jump. Will you be buying tickets to any of these dates? READ FULL STORY

Rihanna gets love on Rick Ross and Drake's 'Made Men'

Rick-Ross-rihanna-drakeImage Credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos; Bob Charlotte/PR Photos (2)This morning, Miami rhymer Rick Ross debuted the Drake-featuring “Made Men,” a track he held off of his new Ashes to Ashes holiday mixtape. (Ross explained to Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club that he “just wanted to put some finishing touches on it.”)

Over a menacing beat and a thumping bass fit for a hip-hop mafioso, Ross raps about the usual: coke, “bad” (meaning good-looking) women, stacks of cash, and the luxury cars he’s purchased with them. To that end, the Boss—being the lyrical wizard he is—likened his vintage automobile to a certain Island Def Jam label mate, one of pop’s biggest acts. READ FULL STORY

Kanye West's gory 'Monster' video leaks, full of half-naked corpses: Amazing or appalling?

kanye-vid1The version of Kanye West‘s “Monster” video that you may have seen today is an unfinished, unsanctioned leak. The video quality is fuzzy, some of the images appear to be watermarked placeholders, and the clip is currently available only as a YouTube stream that will no doubt soon be yanked by West’s label. Even as a rough cut, though, the “Monster” clip already has the entire Internet talking and debating. After all, “Monster” is an all-star selection from the year’s best album, and fans have been eagerly awaiting the video treatment for this incredible song since August.

Does the leaked video live up to the hype? That depends on your tolerance for arty shots of dead women in various states of undress. The clip as it stands now is full of half-naked female corpses — hanging from the ceiling by their necks as Rick Ross reclines, slumping over in bed next to West, sprawled face-down on a couch behind an uncomfortable-looking Jay-Z. At one point, West stands casually holding a woman’s blood-dripping severed head in one hand.

These are intentionally ghastly images, meant to disturb. In addition to being a fantastic posse cut, “Monster” is all about ugliness. West’s chorus proclaims that “Everybody knows I’m a motherf—ing monster.” Now you can see that metaphor played out quite literally. But to what end? Images of models who look like they’ve been murdered are nothing new in the fashion world. America’s Next Top Model centered a whole episode around this morbid theme in 2007, drawing deserved criticism from feminist commentators. elaborated on “The Problem With Fashion’s Obsession With Death” (link contains NSFW images) over a year ago. Glamorizing violence against women this way as we enter 2011 isn’t just potentially pretty offensive to a lot of people — it’s played out and boring. I expect better from an artist as boundlessly creative as Kanye West.

It’s no coincidence that the leaked “Monster” video’s best sequence, wherein Nicki Minaj diabolically interrogates herself, doesn’t rely on the stale dead-model motif. I only wish the rest of the video were more like Minaj’s part — unsettling and edgy, dangerous and sexy, but also original. In fairness, the video does include several other non-corpse-strewn scenes, and again, this is only an unfinished leak, so it’s possible that West’s final version will be substantially different from what’s out there now.

In the meantime, have you seen the leaked “Monster” video? What do you think of its controversial imagery?

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