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Album Sales: Michael Buble tops the chart (again), and Adele logs her best sales week yet


Michael Bublé’s Christmas has only been in stores for nine weeks, but it’s had no trouble becoming the 2nd highest-selling album of 2011, behind Adele’s 21.

This week, Bublé topped the Billboard 200 for a fifth straight week, selling 467,000 copies and lifting his holiday collection’s total to a very merry 2.43 million (all five of Michael Bublé’s albums have topped the 2 million mark). Expect a hefty drop next week, though, now that Christmas Day has passed.

In second place, Adele’s 21 notched its best-ever sales week (in its 45th week of release!), moving 399,000 units. The album’s previous best week came with its debut in February, when 21 sold 352,000. This year, 21 has sold an astonishing 5.68 million Stateside, and on top of reclaiming the No. 1 spot next week, the album should pass the 6 million mark early in the new year. READ FULL STORY

Rihanna's sexy, arty 'You Da One' video: Watch it here!

Even while “We Found Love” continues to dominate the top of the Billboard Hot 100 (it’s going into its ninth week at the chart’s pinnacle, with no signs of slowing and no sturdy challengers nipping at its heels), Rihanna refuses to let the train slow down.

On Friday, she released the video for her latest album Talk That Talk‘s new single “You Da One.” Though it didn’t seem like a standout track on the album, it does make perfect sense as a single, as its down-tempo dub rhythms contrast nicely with the four-on-the-floor strobe light pump of “We Found Love.” Of course, it still has an impeccable pop sheen (provided by co-producer Dr. Luke) and a sweetly rolling melody (likely care of co-writer Ester Dean).

The video also takes a left hand turn, veering away from the ultra-intense narrative of “We Found Love” in favor of a more experimental, head-trippy vibe. Rihanna appears in a handful of set-ups by herself, blows smoke that occasionally forms words, and uses her (deceptively not nude) body as a canvas for various black-and-white projections. Check it out below, but be warned: There is a lot of crotch grabbing. READ FULL STORY

Dutch editor fired over racial slur to describe Rihanna

The editor of a Dutch fashion magazine has been fired after using a racial slur referring to Barbados-born Rihanna that set off a social media furor and prompted an outraged response from the singer. Eva Hoeke, editor of Jackie, and the magazine’s publisher said in a joint statement on Facebook that Hoeke’s use of a racial slur — “although without malicious intentions” — was cause for her departure after eight years on the job.

Hoeke said she was unaware the word was so loaded because “you hear it all the time on radio and TV.” It was used in an article on how to dress your daughter like a pop star. By Wednesday, the Facebook apology had attracted hundreds of comments, many condemning Hoeke but some saying the reaction was overblown.

Michael Buble just barely beats Nickelback on the Billboard 200; Rihanna debuts at No. 3


In its fifth week on the chart, Michael Bublé’s Christmas climbed into the top spot on the Billboard 200, shifting just over 227,000 copies.

Thanks to a Black Friday sales boost, the album increased 37 percent from last week, thereby giving Bublé the best sales week of his career and lifting total sales to 745,000. It should pass 1 million by year’s end. READ FULL STORY

Rihanna drops new single 'You Da One': Hear it here

You’ve heard Rihanna give in to her Eurodisco urges on “We Found Love,” the synth-pounding first single off her upcoming album Talk That Talk.

Now RiRi’s releasing second single “You Da One,” an island-breezy tribute to some guy who’s got her “dreaming all the time”: READ FULL STORY

Did Chris Brown knock Drake out in a fight over Rihanna? His rep says the story is 'completely fabricated'

Verbal battles are nothing new in hip-hop and R&B — but this one may have gotten physical.

During an interview with British radio host Tim Westwood, Artist and on-air personality DJ Whoo Kid mentioned offhand that he had witnessed an altercation between Drake and Chris Brown over the former’s relationship with Rihanna.

“Thank God there’s Drake right now,” Whoo Kid said. “He has at least eight records on the radio that’s killing it. Him and Rihanna supposedly fooled around. I think he got elbowed by Chris Brown, too, but that never came out.”

Whoo Kid didn’t mention a time or a place when this incident happened, but when asked for more details, he says he knows exactly where the blow was delivered.

“In the chin, like in the corner. Left part,” he explained to Westwood, who then asked what happened after that. “Man down. Simple as that.”

UPDATE: DJ Whoo Kid tweeted that he and Westwood were joking on the radio, and that “Chris Brown did not knock out Drake!” Brown’s publicist responded to the statement, noting “the Whoo Kid story is completely fabricated and not true.”

You can listen to the audio of the interview below. READ FULL STORY

Rihanna scores eleventh No. 1 single with 'We Found Love,' becomes fastest solo artist to chart 20 Top 10 hits

Andrew Evans/PR Photos

Somewhere, Stevie Wonder’s hanging his head in defeat: Rihanna just earned her eleventh No. 1 hit with “We Found Love,” breaking the three-way tie on 10 career no. 1s that the pair had shared with Janet Jackson.

Rihanna now ties Whitney Houston for Hot 100 Diva-dom, but still trails behind quite a few icons, including the Beatles (20), Mariah Carey (18), and Elvis Presley (17).

But what’s perhaps even more noteworthy is how quickly RiRi has racked up those hits: With “We Found Love,” Rihanna made Billboard history by collecting 20 Hot 100 Top 10 singles faster than any solo artist, in just six years and four months. That beats Madonna’s record by five months and ranks Rihanna second only to the Beatles in her short run to 20 Top 10s.


Rihanna cancels Sweden show, blames exhaustion

Organizers say Rihanna was forced to cancel a show in the Swedish city Malmo at the last minute after falling ill. Live Nation spokesman Kristofer Akesson says Rihanna didn’t feel well Monday and tour organizers contacted a doctor who concluded the singer was suffering from severe exhaustion and “was not capable of carrying out the concert.”

The singer apologized to fans on Twitter and posted a picture of her arm attached to an intravenous drip. Akesson says Rihanna is now in Stockholm and said he expects her to perform there as scheduled Tuesday evening. Organizers are trying to find a new date for the show in Malmo.

Rihanna falls in love, goes off the rails in her new 'We Found Love' video: Watch it here

Leaked pictures from the set of Rihanna’s “We Found Love” video last month made it seem like some the-wheat-fields-are-alive Sound of Music romp, but there is a distinct lack of raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens in the final product. Instead, it’s a Trainspotting-meets-Drugstore-Cowboy portrait of wasted youth and finding love in an apparently very pharmaceutical place.

Watch below: READ FULL STORY

Coldplay's Chris Martin on 'Princess of China' guest Rihanna: 'She's a much, much better singer than me'

There is still a week to go before the release of Coldplay’s fifth album, Mylo Xyloto, and earlier today the tune that will undoubtedly be the disc’s most talked-about made its way onto the Internet — though the band’s label, EMI, is consistently pulling the song down where they find it.

Back when the track listing was first announced, “Princess of China” immediately stood out, mostly because it contained the note “featuring Rihanna” right after it.

It isn’t the first time a voice that isn’t Martin’s has shown up on a Coldplay song (remember that version of “Lost!” that captured one of Jay-Z’s best freestyles over the piano solo?), but “Princess of China” is a pretty powerful departure for the band, as it not only invites RiRi along for the ride but also locks into something like an R&B groove (or at least the British swoop-rock interpretation of an R&B groove).

“She’s one of the top five singers in the world,” Martin told EW during a recent conversation about the new album (the results of which you can read in the current issue, on newsstands now). “While we were working on it, I was thinking, ‘I wish Rihanna was singing this.’ That was around the time of Rated R, when she was singing dark stuff like ‘Russian Roulette.’ I got nervous to ask [drummer] Will [Champion], because I knew he would say, ‘Well, we don’t really have guests on the records,’ but then I asked him and it was accepted as an idea. But the song itself was always asking for her. The process of getting her to sing on it took ages, but in my head I would have been very disappointed if anyone else had done it.” READ FULL STORY

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